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Spurgeon's Maxims for Living
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SIGNS read more quotes relating to charismata

Dear friends, if you begin to seek signs, and if you were to see them, do you know
what would happen? Why, you would want more; and when you had these, you would
demand still more. 2061.715

It is ingrained in human nature thus to seek a sign; but what is that but idolatry? 2224.512

SIN* read more quotes relating to sin

The sins of our holy things—how grievous they are! It is only because our consciences
are so blind that we do not shudder at the sight of them. Do you ever think you have
done well, in that very thinking you have done ill. 1181.375

Let me tell you sinners are very rare things: you cannot find them dead or alive. If
you go into a cemetery with an intelligent child, the first question it will ask will be,
“Papa, where do they bury the sinners? These are all good people who are buried
here.” Living sinners are equally scarce. We are all surprisingly good, and though we
say we are sinners, that is a part of our goodness, for it shows how very humble we
are. 1416.311

Sin virtually committed suicide when it slew the Saviour, for his death became its
death. 1681.533

All sorts of sins may hide away in one sin. 1923.545

A sinner is like a man possessed with a devil who cries, “My name is Legion: for we
are many.” 1923.545

Sin has been pardoned at such a price that we cannot henceforth trifle with it. 1923.551

The heaviest thing in the universe is sin, the earth has been known to open beneath
the unbearable load of it. Neither angels nor men can stand under the load of sin, it
sinks them lower than the lowest hell. 1987.572

The text speaks of the works of darkness, and calls them “unfruitful.” So they are;
for sin is sterile. It produces its like, and multiplies itself; but as for any fruit that is
good, any fruit that can elevate and benefit men, any fruit which God can accept, and
which you and I ought to desire, sin is barren as the desert sand. 2401.86

“A sinner” means one who cares nothing for God, one who breaks God’s laws,
despises God’s mercy, and who will, if he continues as he is, have to endure God’s
wrath as a punishment for his sin. 2889.311

Sins are everywhere; they sit down with you at your board, and they go with you to
your bed. Snares are set for you in your home and in the street,—in your business
and in your recreations. Snares are not absent from your pains, and they are
abundant in your pleasures. 2912.581

As for the drops of dew twinkling in the morning light, as for the drops of the ocean
making that vast flood, as for the stars of heaven, and the sand of the sea shore,—the
incalculable number of all these sinks into insignificance when compared with the
infinite host of our transgressions against thee, O God of heaven and earth! This very
day, have there not been more sins than moments, more transgressions than heart-
beats, more offences than pulses? God only knows the total of the sins of man. 2988.245

-ABSTAINING FROM read more quotes relating to sin

It may have been impossible for some of us to have sinned as others have done; let us
not take credit to ourselves on that account. The dog is not to be praised for not
straying if it has been chained up. If we have not done evil as we could, we need not
glory that we have not done that which was impossible to us. PM58

To abstain from sin for any reason is, so far, good; but yet, you may abstain from sin
with a motive which will lend no virtue to your abstinence. Some abstain from sin
from fear of men, or from hope of gain: as the thief is honest when he sees the
policeman, and the beggar becomes pious when a dole is to be had at church. 1874.665

Sin is often restrained by circumstances, and yet it is in the heart. We ought not to
take credit to ourselves because of our freedom from evils into which we had no
chance of falling. We have not been so bad as others because we could not be. A
certain boy has run away from home. Another boy remained at home. Is he,
therefore, a better child? Listen! he had broken his leg, and could not get out of bed.
That takes away all the credit of his staying at home. Some men cannot sin in a
certain direction, and then they say to themselves, “What excellent fellows we are to
abstain from this wickedness!” Sirs, you would have done it if you could, and
therefore your self-praise is mere flattery. 2042.497

-ADAM’S read more quotes relating to sin

The serpent said thou shouldst be a god. Thou thoughtest to be made exceeding
glorious. Is it so, Adam? is it so? Where is thy boasted knowledge? Where the
honours? Where the vast attainments that rebellion would bring to thee? Instead of
the clothing of angels, thou art naked; instead of glory, thou hast shame; instead of
preferment, thou hast disgrace. TN17

Our first parents were utter bankrupts. They left us nothing but a heritage of old
debts, and a propensity to accumulate yet more personal obligations. 3040.243

-BESETTING read more quotes relating to sin

“You know that we all have our besetments,” says one. What do you mean by that?
Some sin that you often fall into? Do you call that a besetting sin? If I were to walk
to-night across Clapham Common, and half-a-dozen men stopped me, I should say
that I was beset; but if at an appointed place a party met me regularly, I should not
say that I was beset. And so, the sin which a man often indulges in is not his
besetting sin: it is his favourite sin, a sin that will be his ruin. 1690.647

We are so differently constituted, that the sin which might bewitch you, might not
fascinate me, and the sin into which I should be likely to fall might not be that to
which you would be so liable. We all have some besetting sins. We may fall into all
sins, but some men are more disposed to certain offences than others. 3415.339

-BONDAGE OF read more quotes relating to sin

Men will sooner wear the iron yoke of Satan than carry the pleasant burden of the
Lord; does not this prove to a demonstration the deep depravity of their hearts? TD106:38

I tell you, and I defy the world to doubt the statement, that the service of sin is the
most horrible of slaveries; and that, when men give themselves to it, and their
passions become dominant, the worst serfdom that there ever was upon the face of
the earth is freedom compared with the bondage of a man’s own passions. 2306.207

At first, when sin catches us in its net, it is with the tiniest spider’s cobwebs, that can
scarce be seen; and they seem as though you could break from them in a moment.
Then they become silken bonds: then firmer still, until a man seems to be enveloped
in a tangle of cables, and every cable hardens and becomes as iron or triple steel until
at last there is no escaping, for sin gathers daily force until it getteth a monstrous
power over men. 3366.380

-CONFESSION OF read more quotes relating to sin

There is a wide distinction between confessing sin as a culprit, and confessing sin as
a child. ME99

Learn in confession to be honest with God. Do not give fair names to foul sins; call
them what you will, they will smell no sweeter. ME197

It is easy to commit sin, but hard to confess it. Man will transgress without a
tempter; but even when urged by the most earnest pleader, he will not acknowledge
his guilt. 437.121

Perhaps the sins which you and I confess are not the tithe of what we really do
commit. Our eyes are not sufficiently opened to know of the heinousness of our own
sin, and it is possible that if we could fully know the extent of our sinfulness it would
drive us mad. It is possible that God in mercy suffers us to be somewhat blind to the
abominable accursedness of sin. He gives us enough of it to make us hate it, but not
enough to drive us absolutely to despair. 673.65

Tell him all your faults, as far as you can remember them; do not attempt to hide
anything from God; you cannot do so, for he knows all; therefore, hesitate not to tell
him everything, the darkest secret, the sin you would not wish even to whisper to the
evening’s gale. 2282.543

It is marvellous how people who indulge in general confessions of sin attempt to
exculpate themselves of each and every particular offence. 3455.187

-CONSEQUENCES OF read more quotes relating to sin

The sins of to-day are the sorrows of ages. AM234

The pilgrim will sorely wound his feet among the briers of the wood of life if he does
not pick his steps with the utmost caution. ME253

The mouse wins little by nibbling the cheese if he gets caught in the trap. PT144

Astonishing evils bring with them astonishing results. The grapes of the vineyard of
sin produce a wine which fills the most hardened with anguish when justice compels
them to quaff the cup. TD60:3

When men invent sins God will not be slow to invent punishments. TD106:29

There is no part of man which does not yield him its thorns. TN40

Many are stung by nettles, but few are taught by them. TN85

Sin carries an infant misery in its bowels, and sooner or later it must be delivered of
its terrible child. WWi30

Be sure your sin will find you out, and it will generally find you out here. WWi43

I have marked, and marked carefully, those brethren who have backslidden and
fallen into sin, and have afterwards been restored, and though I have rejoiced in
their restoration, yet I never can help noticing how different they are from what they
used to be. 509.275

The velvet paw of the tiger of sin conceals a lacerating claw. 861.159

I will defy David to dance before the ark of God with all his might after the sin with
Bath-sheba had crippled him; ay, and there is no giant killing, there is no slaying his
ten thousands, there is very little of high and mighty exploit in Israel’s cause after
the sin, although succeeded by a gracious recovery. 861.162

You may, in order to help yourself, do in five minutes what you cannot undo in fifty
years; and you may bring upon yourself a lifelong series of trial by one single
unbelieving action. 1152.30

If men were not sinners, neither would they be sufferers. 1226.183

Brothers and sisters, look at what sin has done for us and all of our race. It made that
beautiful Eden, which was our garden of delight, to be a wilderness, and made us to
be the children of toil and sorrow. What has sin done for us? It has stripped us of our
beauty, it has put us away from God, it has set the flaming cherubim with the drawn
sword to keep us back from coming near to God, as long as we live in sin. Sin has
wounded us, spoiled us, killed us, corrupted us. Sin has brought disease into the
world, and digged the grave, and bred the worm. O sin, thou art the mother of all the
griefs and groans and sighs and tears that ever befell men and women in this world.

A few minutes’ folly may ruin years of character. 1657.250

It has a purifying effect upon men to let them bathe in the bitter waters which flow
from the foul fountain of their iniquity. 1766.100

The more God loves you, and the more you love God, the more expensive will you find
it to sin. An ordinary sinner sins cheaply: the child of God sins very dearly. 2035.416

Never let a child of God think that his Heavenly Father will overlook his wilful
misdeeds. There is no special providence to shield you from eating the fruit of your
own ways. 2854.513

There is no opiate like the commission of an evil deed. A man, who has done wrong,
is so much less able to repent of the wrong, so much the less likely to do so. 2903.477

Living in sin is the germ of living for ever in perdition. 3346.137

-CONTAMINATION OF read more quotes relating to sin

When a man is known to suffer from a sadly contagious disease, none of his friends
will come near the house. There is little need to warn them off, they are all too
alarmed to come near. Why is it men are not as much afraid of the contagion of vice?
How dare they run risks for themselves and children by allowing evil companions to
frequent their house? Sin is as infectious and far more deadly than the small-pox or
fever. Flee, then, from every one who might lead you into it. FA229

There is nothing in this world to foster a Christian’s piety, but everything to destroy
it. ME149

It is not possible to look upon another man’s sin, even to look upon it with
abhorrence, without receiving some degree of contamination, because the thought
of evil is sin. Our hatred of evil always lacks in intensity—we do not detest it as we
ought, and a failure here is a sin of omission which pollutes. You may say, you can go
into evil company and get no defilement—my brother, I doubt it. 527.483

The sins of others leave some kind of stain upon the conscience. I question whether
you can read a newspaper and scan the story of a murder or a robbery, or survey
with more distant glance in any book of history the sin of your fellow men, without
being in a degree injured therewith. 1350.231

We cannot communicate holiness, but we can communicate unholiness. 2495.590

Sin is contagious, and we have caught it from our fellow-men. Many sins, which,
perhaps, we might not otherwise have fallen into, we have acquired through our
association with other sinners. 2835.279

-CONTINUATION IN read more quotes relating to sin

If any of you are sinning, and find pleasure without penalty in the self-indulgence, do
not congratulate yourself upon the apparent immunity with which you violate the
laws of virtue, for that is the badge of the reprobate. To sin and never smart, is the
mark of those who will be damned; their smart, like their doom, being in reserve and
stored up for sorer judgment. 741.158

Do you think so badly of my Lord as to dream that he will pander to your passions by
giving you liberty to live in sin and yet go to heaven? For shame! Has Christ come to
play the lackey to your lusts and let you do the work of Satan and then receive the
wages of the godly? 1375.536

The purpose is one and indivisible: there is no ordination to salvation apart from
sanctification. The Lord has not ordained any man to eternal life with the proviso
that he may continue in sin. 1829.153

-CONVICTION OF read more quotes relating to sin

Man can commit iniquity, but even to know that it is iniquity so as to feel the guilt of
it, is the gift of the grace of God. TN11

Others wallow in transgressions, and make their shame their glory, but if the
believer falleth he is very quiet, mournful, and vexed. Sinners go to their sins as
children to their own father’s orchard, but believers slink away like thieves when
they have been stealing forbidden fruit. Shame and sin are always in close company
in a Christian. 515.339

So is it ever with unregenerate humanity; though cognizant of sin, we only
acknowledge before the Lord that which is too glaring to be denied. 641.412

If you can sin and not weep over it, you are an heir of hell. If you can go into sin, and
afterwards feel satisfied to have done so, you are on the road to destruction. If there
are no prickings of conscience, no inward torments, no bleeding wounds; if you have
no throbs and heavings of a bosom that cannot rest; if your soul never feels filled with
wormwood and gall when you know you have done evil, you are no child of God. 780.634

Men love to hide in crowds, but grace brings them to be units; men are satisfied to
condemn sin in the gross, but true conviction makes each man condemn sin in
himself. 1109.243

If you are sweet to God he will make sin bitter to you. He will not let you transgress
as other men do: the goats may wander with impunity, but the sheep may not. 1840.268

If a criminal must needs die, we do not put him through a rehearsal of the pains of
death. No, no, there would be no use in such a course—it would be sheer cruelty; and
depend upon it, the Lord will not show you his own greatness merely to make you
miserable, nor reveal to you your own ruin merely to drive you to despair. He does
not afflict willingly. Infinite love dictates the apparent severity with which he afflicts
your conscience. You are being judged here, that you might not be judged hereafter
with the ungodly. 2097.416

-DANGERS OF read more quotes relating to sin

Sin, like the deadly frost of the northern regions, benumbs its victim ere it slays him.
Man is so diseased that he fancies his disease to be health, and judges healthy men
to be under wild delusions. He loves the enemy which destroys him, he warms at his
bosom the viper whose fangs cause his death. 1095.75

Every sin hates us, and we hate every sin. There is no sin, dear friends, that can help
you, in any case whatever; but it must seriously harm and hinder you. Sin is that ill
wind which blows nobody any good. There is no beauty in sin. There is no comfort in
sin. There is no strength in sin. There is nothing whatsoever good in sin. 2049.579

-DECEITFULNESS OF read more quotes relating to sin

Oh, is it hard to make a sinner see that sin is his own property. It is the only thing
we have. There is only one thing we created, and that is sin, and that is our own. If I
permit anything that is evil, I must confess it is a child that has sprung from my own
bowels, it hath its origin in myself. TN18

Sin causes a madness which makes sick souls dream that they are in sound health.

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked”—hence it invents a
thousand falsehoods. As the deceivableness of sin is very great, so that it adorns itself
with the colours of righteousness, and makes men believe that they are pleasing God,
when they are offending him, so is man himself an eager self-deceiver, and, like the
fool in Solomon’s Proverbs, he readily follows the flatterer. 1095.74

Do you think one ungodly man in his senses would remain what he is and where he
is while there is a hope of being renewed, if it were not for some strange enchantment
which is exercised upon him by sin? 1577.28

If sin were not so deceitful it would not be half so destructive as it is. 1908.363

If man in his perfectness was so readily deceived by sin, what think you of yourself,
fallen and inclined to evil as you are? 2130.98

Almost every sin, nowadays, has a pretty name to be called by on Sundays, and silver
slippers to wear in fine society. The paint-brush and the powder-box are much used
upon the wrinkled countenance of sin, to make it look fair and beautiful. The fig-leaf is
not only worn on the man’s body; but sin itself puts on the apron. To hide the
nakedness of sin is the great desire of Satan; for thus he hopes that even the better
sort may fall in love with a decent evil, though they might have shunned an odious
transgression. Alas, how sadly prone are men to call things by false names! 2130.100

What others have done, however base and mean, we too are capable of doing. If we
think we are not, it is our pride, and our pride alone, that makes us think so. 2271.410

The disease of sin is everywhere in the realm of manhood, and it is all the more
certainly proved to be everywhere because so many people can see it nowhere. 2835.280

God saith it shall be bitterness; the sinner denies the bitterness, and affirms that it
shall be sweetness. 3070.603

Do you believe that men would go on to sin as they do, if it were not that sin stultifies
them, prevents their using their reason, drowns their conscience, and will not permit
them really to judge accurately concerning things that differ? Why, can you imagine
that a man would run the risk of everlasting misery for the sake of a few days of
carnal delight, if he were not, by some means or other, besotted, and made a fool of,
by sin? 3366.375

-DEFILEMENT OF read more quotes relating to sin

The bloom of the Hawthorn or White May looks like snow in Richmond Park, but
nearer London or by the road side its virgin whiteness is sadly stained. Too often
contact with the world has just such an effect upon our piety; we must away to the
far off garden of Paradise to see holiness in its unsullied purity, and meanwhile we
must be much alone with God if we would maintain a gracious life below. FA163

-DEFINITION OF read more quotes relating to sin

Sin is a want of conformity to the will of God; sin is disobedience to God’s command;
sin is a forgetfulness of the obligations of the relation which exist between the
creature and the Creator. 812.290

-DELIVERANCE FROM read more quotes relating to sin

Christ never came to be the minister of sin. He came to save us, not in our sins, but
from our sins. 3311.345

-FEAR OF read more quotes relating to sin

Fear is a notably good housekeeper: she may not keep a luxurious table, but she
always locks the doors at night, and takes care of all under her charge. Holy caution
begets prudence; and prudence, by fostering vigour, and crying for heavenly aid,
becomes strength. 2050.599

O brothers, I have heard men say that a broken leg, when it is mended, is sometimes
stronger than it was before. It may be so; but I am not going to break my leg to try
the experiment. 2552.32

Be ever afraid of not being afraid, and be always in fear when you feel that you are
perfectly safe. 3074.17

I remember a miner who had been a sad, drunken man, and a great blasphemer, but
he was converted among the Methodists, and a right earnest man he was, but he
seemed to have been a man of strong passions, and on one occasion he was praying,
and he prayed that sooner than that he might ever go back to his old sins, if God
foresaw that he would not be able to bear up under temptation, he would take him to
heaven at once, and while he was praying the prayer in the prayer-meeting, he fell
dead. God had answered him. 3362.331

-FORGIVENESS OF read more quotes relating to sin

Either He bore all our sins, or none; and He either saves us once for all, or not at all.

Fly as far as the wing of imagination can bear you, and if you journey through space
east-ward, you are further from the west at every beat of your wing. If sin be
removed so far, then we may be sure that the scent, the trace, the very memory of it
must be entirely gone. TD103:12

God’s people can never by any possibility be punished for their sins. WC66

A priest once said that if we did not recollect all our sins, and confess them, they
would never be forgiven. Well, then, certainly they will never be forgiven, for no man
can ever recollect one thousandth part of his transgressions; but blessed be God, the
pardon does not rest with our knowledge of the sin, but with God’s knowledge of the
sin; and, therefore, that pardon is complete which comes from the all-seeing God.

By his grace, forgiven men are made to do better; but it is not the foresight of any
betterness on their part which leads God to the forgiveness. 1142.642

As far as God is concerned your sin has ceased to be. 1289.219

Forgiveness is a present blessing. This is very apparent in the text, which is in the
present tense:—“Who forgiveth all thine iniquities.” Not, “who will, perhaps, forgive
you on your death bed;” not “who did forgive you years ago, and now condemns you,”
but “who forgiveth”—is now forgiving daily, hourly momentarily,—is continually
forgiving your iniquity. 1492.497

For when God once forgives he forgives for ever; he never plays fast and loose, and he
never brings to mind again that of which he hath said, “I will remember it no more.”
O my brother, if thou art pardoned once thou art forgiven once for all, irreversible
acquittals God bestows; “for the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.”
Immutability is stamped upon the patent of our pardon. Until God can change or lie,
he never will bring to mind again the sin of that man whom he hath pardoned.

There is a theology that teaches that when a man believes in Jesus Christ he is
pardoned up to a point, but in the future he may get into arrears again, and if he does
not see to it he may again be accused, and summoned before the judgment-seat. This
is not our theology. 1555.489

It is a wonderful thing when omnipotence overcomes omniscience, when omnipotent
love will not allow omniscience to recollect: “I will remember their sins no more.” 2316.329

Shall I tell you where all your sins are? Christ purged them, and God said, “I will cast
all their sins behind my back.” Where is that? All things are before God. I do not
know where behind God’s back can be. It is nowhere, for God is everywhere present,
seeing everything. 2635.391

He may see it to reprove it, or to chastise it; but, judicially to avenge it, he seeth
none. 2789.353

When God pardons a man’s sins, he pardons them all; he makes a clean sweep of the
whole. God never pardons half a man’s sins, and leaves the rest in his book. He has
pardon for all sin at once. I believe that, virtually, before God, all the sins of the
believer were so laid to the account of Christ that no sins ever can be laid to the
believer’s door. The apostle does not say, “Who does lay anything to the charge of
God’s elect?” but “Who shall?” as though nobody ever could. 3191.160

Luther tells us of the devil appearing to him in a dream, and bringing before him the
long rolls of his sins, and when he brought them, Luther said, “Now write at the
bottom, ‘the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, cleanseth us from all sin:’” oh! that
blessed word “all”—“from all sin,”—great sins and little sins; sins of our youth, and
sins of our grey hairs; sins by night, and sins by day; sins of action, and sins of
thought,—all gone! Blessed Saviour! Precious blood! Omnipotent Redeemer! Mighty
Red Sea that thus drowns every Egyptian! 3191.161

-GUILT OF read more quotes relating to sin

Have you ever thought how greatly you have sinned against Jesus, the ever-blessed
Son of God? No; you have thought of your sin as committed against yourself, or
against your neighbour, but not as against Jesus; yet this has been the greatest of
all your sins, that you have been the cause of his death. 3096.281

-HATRED OF read more quotes relating to sin

If yonder knife had killed your friend, would you hoard it up and think a great deal of
the deadly instrument? You hurl it out of your sight as an accursed thing. Yet sin
slew Jesus! Sin slew Jesus! Away with it, then! Away with it! Away with it! My
precious Christ was murdered by sin! Henceforth I am dead to sin! 1142.647

“He was made sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness
of God in him;” and this it was which caused him such an agony. Sin to Jesus was
horror, torment, death. Jesus abhors sin with all the force of his holy nature. Saved
by Jesus, will you not hate sin as he did? Would any person here lay up in his drawer
as a treasure the knife with which his father was murdered? Our sins were the
daggers that slew the Saviour. Can we bear to think of them? Oh, that our tears
might flow at the very thought of our horrible conduct towards our Lord, whom we
slew by our sins; and may we never, never, never indulge any one of all our
iniquities, for no one of them is innocent of the murder of our best Beloved. 2049.580

Thou art like him in thy hatred of evil—like, not in degree, but yet still in substance.

-HORRORS OF read more quotes relating to sin

God hides from all eyes but his own the blackness of sin. 353.42

Every sin in the essence of it is a killing of God. Do you comprehend me? Every time
you do what God would not have you do, you do in effect, as far as you can, put God
out of his throne, and disown the authority which belongs to his God-head; you do in
intent, so far as you can, kill God. That is the drift of sin—sin is a God-killing thing.

Sin reached its finis, its ultimatum, its climax, in the murder of the Son of God. 1681.533

Oh, if men could but see the slime of the serpent upon their pleasurable sins, the
venom of asps upon their dainty lusts, and the smoke of hell upon their proud and
boastful thoughts, surely they would loathe that which they now delight in! 1728.363

We may yet do horrible deeds which we think ourselves incapable of doing. 1820.54

There is nothing in hell that is worse than sin; even the devil is only a devil because
sin made him a devil: so that sin is the most horrible and intolerable evil that can fall
upon the spirit of man. 1937.705

-LITTLE read more quotes relating to sin

Sin cannot be the little thing that my pride has helped me to imagine it to be. It must
be an awful thing if but one sin could ruin my soul for ever. 223.468

Little stones in the shoe make a traveller’s walk very uncomfortable, and some of
these little practices, and little sins as some call them, will make your path to heaven
very unhappy; you will very seldom be able to run in God’s ways, you will be a mere
creeper. 359.95

Remember how drops wear stones, and little strokes fell great oaks. Do not play with
a cobra, even if it be but a foot long. Keep from the edge of the precipice. Fly from the
lion ere he springs upon you. 1821.67

If sin becomes a trifle, virtue will be a toy. 1859.498

Light thoughts of sin breed light thoughts of the Saviour. 3049.352

Thou sayest that thy sin is little; then, if it be but little, how little trouble it might
have taken thee to have avoided it! If thy transgression be but small, at how small an
expense thou mightest have refrained from it! 3254.279

-LOVE OF read more quotes relating to sin

Men always like the religion of ceremonies, because it does not need the giving up of
their favourite sins. 186.174

Then I do again put this question, and I put it very pointedly to you—“If you do not
prefer your sins to Christ, how is it that you are not a Christian?” I believe this is the
main stumbling-stone, that “Men love darkness rather than light, because their
deeds are evil.” 495.108

The reason why sinners are not persuaded is, in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred,
their sin—their love of sin! They see, but they will not see; for if they did see, they
would have to tear out that right-eye sin or cut off that right-arm lust, and they
cannot consent to that. Most of the arguments against the gospel are bred in the filth
of a corrupt life. 871.285

He who loves vice will not hear of repentance; the lover of pleasure detests holy
mourning; the licentious think holiness to be another name for slavery. 1101.149

You would be glad to be saved from going to hell; ay, that is not it; do you desire to be
saved from that which created hell, from that which is the fuel of the unquenchable
fire and the tooth of the undying worm—namely, the love of iniquity, the love of sin?

I never heard of men reckoning a cancer to be a jewel, but there are many men who
look upon their sins as if they were gems, which they keep as hid treasure, so that
they will sooner lose heaven than part with their lustful pleasures. 1315.534

A mouse was caught in a trap, the other day, by its tail, and the poor creature went
on eating the cheese. Many men are doing the same; they know they are guilty, and
they dread their punishment, but they go on nibbling at their beloved sins. 1917.480

His salvation is cleansing from sin, and if we love sin we are not saved from it. We
cannot have justification without sanctification. 2008.92

Remember you will thus be saved from the power of sin, and from the practice of sin
by being saved from the love of sin. We do not preach to you the hope of going to
heaven, and yet keeping your sins: indeed, till sin is quitted, there can be no heaven.

You will always know whether you are delivered from the guilt of sin by answering
this question—Am I delivered from the love of sin? 2190.96

You love sin,—that is the fact of the matter,—and you suppose that sin is no more
offensive to God than it is to yourself. Fool that thou art, thou art fascinated by the
serpent that has filled thy veins with the venom which shall burn in thee for ever and
ever unless thou shalt look by faith to him who was lifted up upon the cross even as
Moses lifted up the brazen serpent in the wilderness that all who looked upon it
might live. 3288.65

Tens of thousands would like to escape from hell, but they have no wish to escape
from sin. Are there not multitudes who are very anxious to get rid of the punishment,
but are not at all concerned to be delivered from the habit of iniquity? 3311.345

-MADNESS OF read more quotes relating to sin

Alas! alas! if we had to deal with sane men, our preaching would be easy; but sin is a
madness, such a madness that, when men are bitten by it, they would not be
persuaded even though one should rise from the dead. 2902.467

-MORTIFYING read more quotes relating to sin

Hatred of sin is a good sentinel for the door of virtue. TD101:3

We make alliances of peace where we ought to proclaim war to the knife; we plead
our constitutional temperament, our previous habits, the necessity of our
circumstances, or some other evil excuse as an apology for being content with a very
partial sanctification, if indeed it be a sanctification at all. We are slow also to rebuke
sin in others, and are ready to spare respectable sins, which like Agag walk with
mincing steps. The measure of our destruction of sin is not to be our inclination, or
the habit of others, but the Lord’s command. We have no warrant for dealing
leniently with any sin, be it what it may. TD106:34

Nay, we are not merely willing, that is a poor cold term, we are vehemently desirous,
insomuch that we would be content to give up our eyes and live in lifelong blindness
if we could but be wholly delivered from our sins. 882.413

There is no alternative, if you do not die to sin you shall die for sin; and if you do not
slay sin, sin will slay you. 882.419

The old man is not sent to the hospital to be healed, but to the cross to be crucified.

Right arms must be cut off, and right eyes must be plucked out; there are costs to be
counted, and reckonings to be made, as to whether the future will repay for the
labours of the present. 1132.520

You have not to stop the mouths of lions, but you have the equally difficult task of
stopping your own mouth when you are in an angry temper; you are not called to
quench the violence of fire, except as it burns in your own wrath; you have to smite
no Philistine but your own sins, and cast down no walls but your own prejudices.

There must be a divorce between you and sin, or there can be no marriage between
you and Christ. 1768.128

When a traveller is walking, a very small stone in his shoe will lame him; and a very
small offence against the integrity that God requires of his servants may do us great
mischief. Did you ever notice, in Gideon’s life, that he had seventy sons, his own
legitimate sons, and that he had one son who was the child of a harlot, and that one,
Abimelech, killed his father’s seventy sons? So it may be that a good man has seventy
virtues, but if he tolerates one wrong thing, it will be enough to rob him of the
comfort of all the good things of this life, so that, when he comes to die, he may go
limping and lame. 2285.583

There is no time for killing weeds in the garden of the soul like to-day. There is no
time for throwing salt upon the field which is fruitful with noxious poison like now.
Never imagine that you will get rid of sin by degrees. I know some people have been
cured of a taste for strong drink by degrees, and such things may be possible, but the
Christian will find it easier to wean himself at once by a sacred total abstinence from
everything that is sinful; for as long as you parley with the enemy the enemy will still
have power over you, and blessed is that man who does not begin to take off one
finger of his right hand and then another and then another, but takes the axe and
chops it off as one whole thing at once. “If thy right hand offend thee cut it off.” Some
think this enough—“If thy right hand offend thee pare the nails.” It is not so. 3160.424

If you and your sins part, Christ and you shall never part. 3191.163

-NATURE read more quotes relating to sin

In our shaping we were put out of shape, and when we were conceived our nature
conceived sin. TD51:5

Sin poisons the well-head. Sin is in our brain; we think wrongly. Sin is in our heart;
we love that which is evil. Sin bribes the judgment, intoxicates the will, and perverts
the memory. We recollect a bad word when we forget a holy sentence. Like a sea
which comes up and floods a continent, penetrating every valley, deluging every
plain, and invading every mountain, so has sin penetrated our entire nature. 1577.26

Sin is not a splash of mud upon man’s exterior, it is a filth generated within himself.

-NUMBER OF read more quotes relating to sin

Our sins may rightly be called legion; oh, how many they are! I cannot count them,
they are more in number than the sands of the sea or the stars of the sky. Yet, while
they are so many, I may also say of them that they are one, for there is a dreadful
unity about our sin. One sin very seldom checks another; it sometimes does, but more
frequently one sin incites another. 3306.282

-OMISSION read more quotes relating to sin

If it came to acts of positive commission of sin, I could possibly compare notes with
such brethren; for I endeavour to be blameless, and I trust I am: but when I
remember that sins of omission are really and truly sins, I bid “good-bye” to all
notions of perfection, for my many shortcomings overwhelm me. No man has done all
the good he could have done, and ought to have done. 1996.671

If a man does nothing wrong, yet if he fails to do that which is right, he is guilty.
Mission is as truly a defect as commission. He misses the mark who shoots beyond it
or falls short of it. 2093.365

Brethren, I need not enlarge upon our omissions: how we omit to pray; how we forget
to study the Word with diligent care; how we are remiss in keeping up daily
fellowship with God; how slow we are in serving; how impatient in suffering; how
backward in almsgiving; how apt to compromise with the world! If the Lord should
mark iniquity, who among us could stand? When you think of what you have not
done, who among you can talk about perfection? It is not so much sins of commission
that trouble some of us—for by God’s grace we are for the most part kept from such
transgressions—but sins of omission bear terrible witness against us. Who can
number them? 2153.376

I do not know any subject that so much depresses me, humbles me, and lays me in
the dust, as the thought of my omissions. It is not what I have done, about which I
think so much as what I have not done. “You have been very useful,” says one. Yes,
but might I not have been ten times more useful. 2551.20

-PAST read more quotes relating to sin

What is to become of the sins already committed? How are you to get rid of these? Do
you suppose that the payment of future debts will discharge old liabilities? Go to your
trades-man, and tell him that you owe him a very great sum of money, and you
cannot pay him a farthing of it, but you do not expect he will sue you in the court, for
you never intend to get into his debt any more. I think he will tell you that is not a
method of business he understands. Certainly this is not the way in which God will
deal with you. Your old sins! your old sins! your old sins! What about those? Those
debts unpaid! those crimes as yet unburied! 510.279

-POWER OF read more quotes relating to sin

The very easiest way to give resurrection to old corruptions is to erect a trophy over
their graves; they will at once lift up their heads and howl out, “We are alive still.” It
is a great thing to overcome any sinful habit, but it is needful to guard against it still,
for you have not conquered it so long as you congratulate yourself upon the conquest.

A cat once sprang at my lips while I was talking, and bit me savagely. My friend in
whose house it occurred, decreed that the poor creature should die. The sentence he
executed personally, to the best of his ability, and threw the carcase away. To his
surprise, the cat walked into the house the next day. Often and often have I vowed
death to some evil propensity, and have fondly dreamed that the sentence was
fulfilled, but alas! in weaker moments I have had sad cause to know that the sinful
tendency still survived. FA47

The reigning power of sin falls dead the moment a man is converted, but the
struggling power of sin does not die until the man dies. 593.567

The deeper a man goes in sin, the less does he allow that it is sin. 2000.711

If sin overcame angels, can we fight with it? 2130.98

-PROGRESSION OF read more quotes relating to sin

He who yields a point or two to the world is in fearful peril; he who eats the grapes of
Sodom will soon drink the wine of Gomorrah. ME485

So it is ofttimes with Satan. It is but a thought that he would shoot across the mind.
That thought shall carry a desire; that desire a look; that look a touch; that touch a
deed; that deed a habit; and that habit something worse, until the man, from little
beginnings, shall be swamped and drowned in iniquity. 248.186

Even so, when Satan cannot overthrow a believer with the gross sins of the flesh, he
is certain to find some lesser evil which he introduces through an unguarded place,
and then the lesser sin opens the door for the next. 830.510

Microscopic holiness is the perfection of excellence: if a life will bear examination in
each hour of it, it is pure indeed. Those who are not careful about their words, and
even their thoughts, will soon grow careless concerning their more notable actions.
Those who tolerate sin in what they think to be little things, will soon indulge in it in
greater matters. 878.362

They (regenerate men) judge themselves and their thoughts severely, and cannot be
induced to imagine that they are mere trifles. In this they are fully justified, for
thought is the foundation and formation of character. “As a man thinketh in his
heart so is he.” If thou hadst not thought of evil thou hadst never spoken it; if thy
thought had never conceived, thy hand had never executed. Thoughts lie upon the
anvil like rough iron, and time hammers them into actions. 1116.326
We begin with thinking of sin, and then we somewhat desire the sin: next we enter
into communion with the sin, and then we get into the sin, and the sin gets into us,
and we lie asoak in it. So David did. 1366.425

He that carelessly offends in trifles shall fall by little and little. The greatest
catastrophes in moral life come not usually upon a sudden, but by slow degrees. 1884.77

Sin frequently comes as a bare suggestion, or an imagination; an airy thing, spun of
such stuff as dreams are made of. You do not think of committing the fault, nor of
even talking of it; but you think of it pleasantly, and view it as a thing bright and
lustrous to the imagination. The thought fascinates, and then the spell of evil begins
its deadly work: thought condenses into desire, and desire grows to purpose, and
purpose ripens into act. So slyly doth sin come into the soul, that it is there before we
are aware of it. 2130.99

-PUNISHMENT OF read more quotes relating to sin

Yea, we sound it forth as with a trumpet, that wherever there is an iniquity there
must be a penalty, for sin must be punished. The good order of the universe requires
it; the justice of God demands it; the Book of God threatens it; the hand of God
continually executes it. 3477.447

-SECRET read more quotes relating to sin

Coals of fire cannot be concealed beneath the most sumptuous apparel, they will
betray themselves with smoke and flame; nor can darling sins be long hidden
beneath the most ostentatious profession, they will sooner or later discover
themselves, and burn sad holes in the man’s reputation. Sin needs quenching in the
Saviour’s blood, not concealing under the garb of religion. FA115

To cover up the sun would be easy work compared with the covering up of sin.

Where sin is the underclothing, shame will soon be the outer vesture. TD109:29

I doubt not it is true of all of us who are here, that in every hour of our existence in
which we are active, we commit tens of thousands of unholinesses for which
conscience has never reproved us, because we have never seen them to be wrong,
seeing we have not studied God’s laws as we ought to have done. 116.73

Thy sin is photographed in high heaven; the deed when it was done was
photographed upon the sky, and there it shall remain, and thou shalt see thyself one
day revealed to the gazing eyes of all men, a hypocrite, a pretender, who didst sin in
fancied secret, observed in all thine acts by the all-seeing Jehovah.

Perhaps the sins we do not know are more numerous than the sins we are conscious
of. 1195.545

And beware, I pray you, of any secret sin, of any evil habits such as you would only
tolerate when screened from observation; for, as sure as you live, if you are a child of
God, it will come out one of these days, to your shame. 2854.513

If all men knew all about us that might be known, we should hardly be able to look
them in the face. 3074.15

Perhaps, under your beloved Rachel, your most favoured delight, some evil is hidden,
some idol concealed. 3416.351

-SENSITIVITY TO read more quotes relating to sin

May we never take a dry-eyed look at sin, lest ere long we have a tongue parched in
the flames of hell. ME424

There does not live beneath the copes of heaven any man whose sense of sin is as
deep as the sin really is. 1289.221

We ought in our daily life to walk as one who has to tread among eggs or delicate
china. Heedless and Too-bold soon rush into sin; but the genuine believer feareth
always. “You are very jealous of how you act,” said one to a saint of God. “Yes,” he
replied, “I serve a jealous God.” “You are too precise said another.” “That is a crime,”
said he, “that God will never charge any of his children with.” 1657.249

The more God makes you holy the more unholy you will judge yourself to be. No man
groans so deeply, “O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of
this death?” as the man who is nearest to complete deliverance from all evil. The last
relics of sin are more horrible to the godly man than the full empire of sin to the
newly awakened. 1659.274

I believe that, in many Christians, the sense of sin is much stronger ten years after
they have been saved than it is at the time of their conversion. There is not any
despair mixed with it, and the fear of punishment is gone; but a sense of horror at the
terrible guilt of sin will sometimes come over a Christian who is far advanced in the
divine life; nay, the further he is advanced in the divine life, the more will horror take
hold of him whenever he sees sin, even in others, and still more in himself. 2873.114
I charge you, Christian people, if you want your piety to be increased, never to blunt
your sensibility of sin. 2873.114

I suppose that, the nearer we get to heaven, the more conscious we shall be of our
imperfections. The more light we get, the more we discover our own darkness. That
which is scarcely accounted sin by some men, will be a grievous defilement to a
tender conscience. It is not that we are greater sinners as we grow older, but that we
have a finer sensibility of sin, and see that to be sin which we winked at in the days
of our ignorance. 3245.172

The holier the Christian becomes, the more readily he perceives his imperfections
and the wickedness of his sins, and sin, instead of becoming more bearable to a
Christian, becomes growingly more and more intolerable. 3347.149

-UNPARDONABLE read more quotes relating to sin

The greatest divines who have written on this subject have never been able to prove
anything about it, except that all the other divines are wrong. WA15

Whatever the unpardonable sin may be, and perhaps it is different in every person—
perhaps it is a point of sin in each one, a filling up of his measure, beyond which there
is no more hope of mercy—whatever it is, there is one thing that is sure, that no man
who feels his need of Christ, and sincerely desires to be saved, can have committed
that sin at all. WA15

If you have committed the unpardonable sin, I should really like to know what it is;
for, after reading, I think, as much of sound divinity as anybody, I have never yet
been able to discover what it is; nor have I ever met with any divine who has even
seemed to me to approximate to any sure and certain description of what the
unpardonable sin may be. This much I do know about it; it is called a sin that is unto
death, and as soon as ever a man commits it, a spiritual death steals over him, so
that he never desires mercy, never is conscious of his guilt, and never wishes to find
salvation by Jesus Christ. He becomes dead, so dead that it is not merely the sin
which is itself unpardonable, but the condition of heart into which it throws the man,
so that he never seeks pardon, or even wishes for it. 2408.172

-UNRECOGNIZED read more quotes relating to sin

When you understand that the commandments of God not only forbid wrong actions,
but also the desires, and imaginations, and thoughts of the heart, and that,
consequently, a man may commit murder while he lies on his bed,—may rob his
neighbour without touching a penny of his money or any of his goods,—may
blaspheme God though he never uttered an oath, and may break all the commands
of the law, from the first to the last, before he has put on his garments in the
morning;—when you come to examine your life in that light, you see that you are in
a very different condition than you thought you were in. 2870.75

-VICTORY OVER read more quotes relating to sin

Do believe it, Christian, that thy sin is a condemned thing. It may kick and struggle,
but it is doomed to die. ME419

And if to be overcome of evil were not occasional but were continuous, if it could be
said of our whole life that we were overcome of evil, it would prove that we were none
of Christ’s; for he that is born of God overcometh the world. 1317.554

Why, the Lord has said that he will bruise Satan under our feet shortly! Surely, if
you are to have the devil under your foot, you can get all sin under your feet by God’s
help; and you must do it. 2432.463

Do not tell me that there is anything in human nature too obdurate for the Lord to
overcome, for there is not. Whatever may be your temptation, you need not account
it an effectual hindrance to your being a Christian. What though it be beyond your
own power to grapple with it! When the Eternal arm comes to the rescue; when the
right hand of Jehovah is made bare; when the Holy Spirit puts forth his irresistible
power, he can smite through the loins of our kingly sins, and cut the Rahabs and
dragons of our iniquities in pieces. 3511.226

There is no sin which a Christian cannot overcome if he will only rely upon his God to
enable him to do so. 3009.498

-WAGES OF read more quotes relating to sin

Not even in this world does sin pay its servants good wages. 1933.662

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