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SACRIFICE read more quotes relating to spiritual disciplines

I will not talk to you longer; for what, after all, brethren, can religion cost us
compared with what our salvation cost our Lord? What is it to go forward if we
compare it with the glory that is beyond? A pin’s prick, that is all; and then you will
be in heaven. Oh, to stand amongst the glorified!—to hear the Master say, “Well
done!” One might die a thousand deaths to get those two syllables, if there were
nothing else—“Well done!” 1341.132

That religion which costs a man nothing is usually worth nothing. 1808.605

Sacrifice-making constitutes a large part of any high character. He who never makes
a sacrifice in his religion, may shrewdly suspect that it is not worth more than his
own practical valuation of it. 3014.559

SAINTHOOD read more quotes relating to religions and cults

Since death does not change character, we must be made saints here below if we are
to be saints above. 1219.112

Faith is the bulb, and saintship is the delightfully fragrant flower which cometh of it
when planted in the soil of a renewed heart. 1477.315

True saintship must spring from confidence in the Saviour of sinners, and if it doth
not it is lacking in the first elements of truth. How can that be a perfect character
which finds its basis in self-esteem? 1477.315

Does death, which came in through sin, bring sainthood with it? Assuredly not. If
men are not saints before death, they certainly cannot be made saints after death. Do
the coffin and the grave bring you this canonization? Does corruption in the tomb
create an odour of sanctity? I am sure that it is not so, for it is written, “He that is
unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he
that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.”
Where death leaves us judgment will find us. You cannot make a sinner into a saint
by killing him. He who does not live as a saint here, will never live as a saint
hereafter. 1796.459

SALT read more miscellaneous quotes

This world would have been consumed by fire long ago, if it had not been for the
righteous. God bids the flames tarry till he has taken all his children home; he only
keeps the world in existence for the sake of his elect. 2589.460

SALVATION read more quotes relating to salvation

Which is first, the new birth, or faith, or repentance? Nobody can tell which spoke of
a wheel moves first; it moves as a whole. The moment the divine life comes into the
heart, we believe: the moment we believe, the eternal life is there. We repent because
we believe, and believe while we repent. BA72

The first link between my soul and Christ is, not my goodness, but my badness; not
my merit, but my misery; not my standing, but my falling; not my riches, but my
need. He comes to visit His people, yet not to admire their beauties, but to remove
their deformities; not to reward their virtues, but to forgive their sins. CI20

God never clothes men until He has first stripped them, nor does He quicken them by
the gospel till first they are slain by the law. SW28

What a great word that word “salvation” is! It includes the cleansing of our
conscience from all past guilt, the delivery of our soul from all those propensities to
evil which now so strongly predominate in us; it takes in, in fact, the undoing of all
that Adam did. Salvation is the total restoration of man from his fallen estate; and
yet it is something more than that, for God’s salvation fixes our standing more secure
than it was before we fell. It finds us broken in pieces by the sin of our first parent,
defiled, stained, accursed: it first heals our wounds, it removes our diseases, it takes
away our curse, it puts our feet upon the rock Christ Jesus, and having thus done, at
last it lifts our heads far above all principalities and powers, to be crowned for ever
with Jesus Christ, the king of heaven. WWa19

Nothing will last to eternity, but that which came from eternity. WWa76

There must be a great end in so great a plan, carried out at so great an expense,
guaranteed with such great promises, and intended to bring such great glory to God.
The plan of salvation has in it all the wisdom of God: the purchase of salvation has in
it the fulness of the grace of God: the application of salvation is an exhibition of the
exceeding greatness of the power of God; and all these three attributes in their
greatness could not have conspired together for any but a great and marvellous
purpose. 366.145

Whereas every other salesman finds that he cannot get his customers up to his price,
my difficulty is that I cannot get my customers down to mine; they will still higgle
and haggle to do something, be something, or promise something, whereas here are
the terms, and the only terms upon which gospel grace is to be had, “without money
and without price.” Ye shall have it freely, but God will have none of your bargaining.

I will tell thee one thing,—if thou believest in Jesus Christ and thou art damned, I
will be damned with thee. 1315.537

To us it is a word of great meaning. It does not signify alone salvation from the
punishment of sin, though it comprehends that blessing, and we are glad that it does
so; but it means complete and immediate salvation from the love of sin, conscious
salvation from the power of sin, growing salvation from the propensity to sin, and
ultimate salvation from all tendency to sin. 1953.157

Think, brethren, you were blind: he has made you see. You were lame: he has made
you leap. Worse than that, you were dead: he has made you live. You were in prison:
and he has made you free. 2219.451

The only salvation for you is salvation from your sins; and that is the salvation which
we preach. How many would like to be saved from the punishment due to sin, and yet
to be suffered to go on in the sin; but there is nothing of that kind of teaching in the
Scripture. 2400.74

There is no real salvation except salvation from sinning, so your sin must be quitted.

This is a miracle; it is as much a work of God to make us children of light as it was to
make light at the first. 2413.234

I believe that many people who go into the enquiry-room to seek the Saviour, if they
knew what they were seeking, would run away sooner than get it, but they do not
know what it is. “I want to be saved from going to hell,” says one. Now, mark you,
that is not salvation. Every murderer wants to be saved from the gallows; every thief
wants to avoid the policeman; and if that is all you want, I have little comfort to give
you. 2458.147

I have seen a book entitled “Every man’s own lawyer,” and we might in time have
another book upon the subject, “Every man his own saviour.” That is what it would
practically come to at last if there was more than one way of salvation. 2687.379

Now, what is salvation? Some people think that it means being saved from going
down to hell. That is the result of salvation; but salvation means being saved from
the power of sin, and being saved from the tendency to sin, as well as being saved
from the punishment of sin. 2691.429

Christ will not blot out your sins in the past, unless you are willing to be cured of the
love of sin in the present, and the pursuit of sin in the future. 2787.333

I know that emotion does not save the soul, but I believe that those who are saved
are usually filled with emotion. 2844.388

“Oh, what amazing mercy,” each saved soul may well say, “and all this for me!”
Everlasting love ordained it, immutable love has accomplished it, and unchanging
love will perfect it. 3049.359

Why did God send a Saviour if you need no saving? 3289.80

Salvation is, in short, deliverance from sin, deliverance from the guilt of it, from the
punishment of it, from the power of it. 3415.337

None are excluded hence but those who do themselves exclude. 3497.53

Ten thousand things are convenient; thousands of things are desirable; hundreds of
things are to be sought for; but there is one thing, only one thing, the one thing we
have described to you, of which our Saviour speaks as the “one thing needful.” 3536.519

-BY WORKS read more quotes relating to salvation

Worldly-wise men despise faith, and set it in contrast with virtuous action; but this
contrast is not fair: one might as well contrast a fountain with its stream, or the sun
with its own heat. If true faith be the mother of holiness, let the mother grace have
praise because of its off-spring, and let it not be contrasted therewith. Such unfair
reasoning comes of wanton malice: if men loved good works as much as they pretend
to do, they would love the faith which produces them. AP37

It is a very singular thing that no one has risen up to preach a present salvation by
works. I suppose it would be too absurd. The works being unfinished, the salvation
would be incomplete; or, the salvation being complete, the main motive of the legalist
would be gone. MS129

The way up to heaven by Mount Sinai is very steep and narrow, and by one wrong
step a man is dashed to pieces. WA7

I have seen many of those who hope to be saved by ceremonies, by prayers, and by
holy services, as they think them to be, but I am sure, when I have come to talk with
them, I have never met with one of them that possessed perfect peace. WA9

It is a universal rule of the entire family of man, in every place and at every time,
that man wants to do some great thing by which to restore himself to the favour of
God. WA27

The way of salvation by works, if it were possible, would be a very wearisome way.
How many good works would carry a man to heaven, would be a question which it
were very hard to answer. 684.197

It is a universal rule of the entire family of man, in every place and at every time,
that man wants to do some great thing by which to restore himself to the favour of
God. 892.530

Other ways of salvation have been tried, but they have soon proved to be failures; the
worm of human depravity has eaten into the choicest wood that was ever felled in the
forests of human merit; decay has seized upon all the goodly oaks of unaided human
endeavours; and rottenness has devoured all carnal boastings, but the cedar-wood of
our hope in Jesus has shown no sign of crumbling to decay, and it never will. 1134.543

There are differences about what is to be done, but the great universal principle of
unregenerate man is that he is, somehow or other, to save himself. 1145.674

They try to save themselves, and they pull down God to their standard; and every
man who is a self-saver, even if he be a Protestant, lowers God in some manner. He
fancies that God will accept something short of perfection. 1145.682

Spiritual life is not the result of working; how can the dead work for life? Must they
not be quickened first, and then will they not rather work from life than for life? 1150.2

Is not that good reasoning that God must give eternal life for nothing, because you
have nothing which you could offer as a price? 1161.139

Salvation is not by what you bring to Christ, but by what you take from him. 1169.230

Thou needest to be saved from thyself, not by thyself. 1309.461

If you were to be saved by the law you should have begun without sin, continued
without sin, and then it would be needful to end without sin. 1700.28

There cannot be any purchasing, however much the buyer desires to buy and the
seller to sell, till they agree to terms. Now, our difficulty with God’s goods is this:
whereas ordinarily the buyer cannot be brought up to the sellers price, in our case we
cannot get men down to God’s price. They will persist in offering something or other
as a price. 1726.345

While you feel that you can save yourselves, you will attempt it; but when you can do
no more, then you will fall into the arms of your Saviour; and a blessed fall that will
be. 1903.307

Calvary is a blot upon the character of Deity if salvation by self be possible. 1933.665

The way of works might have taken us to heaven if we had not fallen in Adam, and
had never sinned on our own account; but having been once defiled by iniquity, we
cannot be saved by future innocence. 2152.368

If you are to be saved by works, you must begin very early: you must begin before you
sin, since one sin decides the matter. 2210.340

We were about as good as we could be; and we did not know that we were even then
perpetrating the highest insult upon Christ; for, if we were not sinners, why did
Christ die; and, if we had a righteousness of our own which was good enough, why
did Christ come here to work out a righteousness for us? 2263.315

Those fig leaves that Adam wove together to cover his nakedness are still in favour
with his descendants. 2938.268

If you are to be saved by your own works, you must be absolutely perfect, in thought,
and word, and deed, from the moment of your birth to the hour of your death. 3015.569

If you cannot be perfect, God will not save you by works. 3133.107

Your best works are bad since you do them with the motive that you may be saved by
them; selfishness, therefore, is at the bottom of them all. 3288.66

You may work your fingers to the bone, but you can never weave a righteousness
that shall cover your nakedness before God. 3293.127

-EVIDENCES OF read more quotes relating to salvation

“Oh!” says one, “I am not without fault.” No, but there is the outline of that character
in you if you are, indeed, one of the Lord’s people; you have already got rid of many
faults, and you are getting rid of more; you grieve over what remains, and you will
never rest till every sin is conquered. 2324.425

I once told you the story of the servant girl who said that she hoped she was
converted. Her minister asked her this question, “What evidence can you give of your
conversion?” She gave this among a great many other proofs, but it was not a bad
one; she said, “Now, sir, I always sweep under the mats.” 2406.151

-INFANT read more quotes relating to salvation

We know that infants enter the kingdom, for we are convinced that all of our race
who die in infancy are included in the election of grace, and partake in the
redemption wrought out by our Lord Jesus. CC37

Do they not people heaven? Is it not your conviction? it is mine—that they make up
a very considerable part of the population of the skies. Multitudes of infant feet are
treading the streets of the New Jerusalem. Snatched from the breast ere they had
committed actual sin, delivered from the toilsome pilgrimage of life, they always
behold the face of our Father which is in heaven. CC44

Our dear babes that died in infancy we believe to be all washed in the blood of Jesus,
and all saved; but for the rest of mankind who have lived to years of responsibility,
there will be only one of two things—they must either be saved, because they had
faith in Christ, or else the full weight of divine wrath must fall upon them. Either the
mark of Christ’s pen, or of Christ’s sword, must be upon every one. 3377.510

We are in the minority now, but when I think of the countless hosts of little children,
elect of God, who have gone from their mother’s breasts to glory, not having passed
through actual sin, but being bought with precious blood, I can see a vast multitude
that belongs to Christ. 3412.308

-POST-MORTEM read more quotes relating to salvation

Equally a child of darkness is this New Purgatory. It is taught that men can escape
if they neglect the great salvation. No longer is the call, “To-day, if ye will hear his
voice”; for the to-morrow of the next state will answer quite as well. DG50

Shall Christ die again, and in another state be offered to you once more? O sirs, you
would reject him then as you reject him now. 1012.539

SANCTIFICATION read more quotes relating to doctrine

The truth is the sanctifier, and if we do not hear or read the truth, we shall not grow
in sanctification. We only progress in sound living as we progress in sound
understanding. ME372

The most golden faith or the purest degree of sanctification to which a Christian ever
attained on earth, has still so much alloy in it as to be only worthy of the flames, in
itself considered. ME603

He has come to deliver us, not from thee, O death, alone! nor from thee, O hell, alone!
but from thee, O sin, the mother of death, the progenitor of hell! 1239.341

Ours is but a child’s sorrow, sharp and shallow, of which the greatest source is our
own ignorance of the great designs of the Perfecter of men. The Lord pities our
childish sorrow, but he does not so regard it as to stay his hand from his cleansing
work. 1575.5

Fire does not merely go about the metal, but it penetrates, and passes right through
into it. The metal is hot; it is melted; it flows; the fire has dissolved the mass. We say
in the hymn, “Refining fire, go through my heart;” and that is the nearest
approximation of language: but fire does something more than go through the metal.
It seems to get into the very essence and nature and character of the metal, and fuse
it all, making it all feel its supreme force. The Lord’s purification of his people in
order to make them fit to be with him in heaven is a fire process, mysterious, inward,
penetrating, consuming, transforming. 1575.9

He that is saved continues to be saved, and goes on to be saved from day to day, from
every sin and from every form of evil. 1806.583

Our degenerate nature can rot into a still direr putrefaction, but it can never return
to purity or sweeten itself into perfection; this is of God and God alone. Sanctification
is as much the work of God as the making of the heavens and the earth. 1890.153

Every truth leads towards holiness; every error of doctrine, directly or indirectly,
leads to sin. 1890.154

Christ’s prayer is, “Sanctify them through thy truth.” The more truth you believe, the
more sanctified you will be. The operation of truth upon the mind is to separate a
man from the world unto the service of God. Just in proportion as truth is given up,
worldliness and frivolity are sure to prevail. 2144.266

What is meant by the expression, being sanctified? The essential part of
sanctification means being set apart for holy uses. That which was meant to be used
for God alone was sanctified, set apart, regarded as holy. The vessels of the
sanctuary were sanctified when they were used only by the priests in the service of
God. Of course; there arose out of this fact, which is the essence of sanctification, the
further quality of purity, for that which is dedicated to God must be pure, that which
is reserved for his service must not be defiled, it must be clean. We cannot imagine
the holy God using unholy vessels in his sanctuary; so that sanctification comes to
mean purification, the making of that to be holy which was first of all set apart for
holy uses. Holiness of character follows upon holiness of design. First are we set
apart for God’s use, and then afterwards we are made pure that we may be fit for
God’s use. 2418.289

And he does not forgive us because he thinks that, in the future, we shall improve
upon the past. Oh no; we are his workmanship when we do improve, and it is he who
must have the credit of our improvement. 2873.111

Albeit sanctification is the work of the Holy Spirit, yet it is equally true, and this we
must ever bear in mind, that the Holy Spirit makes us active agents in our own
sanctification. 3245.173

I can imagine a room in your house being perfectly clean, but I cannot imagine its
being kept perfectly clean unless the process by which it was first cleansed be
frequently repeated. 3245.176

Had it been possible for you to have had salvation without sanctification, it would
have been a curse to you instead of a blessing. If such a thing were possible, I cannot
conceive of a more lamentable condition than for a man to have the happiness of
salvation without the holiness of it; happily, it is not possible. 3300.210

SATAN* read more quotes relating to angels

He wriggles about like a serpent, but he cannot rule like a sovereign. BF211

A friend writes to me to enquire whether Satan knows our thoughts. Of course he
does not, as God does. Satan pretty shrewdly guesses at them from our actions and
our words, and perhaps even from manifestations upon our countenances; but it is
the Lord alone who knows the thoughts of men immediately and by themselves. GS112

The devil as a serpent does more mischief than as a roaring lion. If we had to meet
the devil, and knew him to be what he is, we might far more easily conquer him; but
we have to deal with him disguised as an angel of light, and here is the need of an
hundred eyes, each one of them opened by God, that we may see. GS247

Satan has cunning servants about him, that hunt for the precious life with double
diligence. GS259

He can never be content till he sees the believer utterly devoured. He would rend him
in pieces, and break his bones, and utterly destroy him, if he could. Do not, therefore,
indulge the thought, that the main purpose of Satan is to make you miserable. 419.574

I do not know whether he is worse than the flesh or not, but I think I may put him
down as being about on a par with it; for when the devil meets our flesh, the two
shake hands, and say, “How dost thou do, brother?” Truly the two are brethren—for
our flesh was originally in the family of wrath. Ah, that arch-traitor Satan! little do
we know what temptations he is plotting and planning for us even now. He is so
crafty, that he understands human nature better than human nature understands
itself. 580.409

There is something, however, very comforting in the thought that he is an adversary:
I would sooner have him for an adversary than for a friend. O my soul, it were dread
work with thee if Satan were a friend of thine, for then with him thou must for ever
dwell in darkness and in the deeps, shut out from the friendship of God; but to have
Satan for an adversary is a comfortable omen, for it looks as if God were our friend,
and so far let us be comforted in this matter. 611.53

Sin is worse than the devil, since it made the devil what he is. Satan as an existence
is God’s creature, and sin never was; its origin and nature are altogether apart from
God. 1095.77

I question whether anyone is more orthodox than the devil; for the devils believe and
tremble. Satan is no sceptic; he has too much knowledge for that. 1826.117

Angels are subject to him upon whom abjects spat,—to him whom they nailed to the
cross, and at whom they wagged their heads. This is one of the wonders of heaven. Is
it possible that the conjecture of the old writers was true, that Satan rebelled against
God because he heard a whisper that a man would one day be head over all
principalities and powers? 1928.608

The trail of the old serpent is everywhere. 2451.62

We had better go a thousand miles, over hedge and ditch, than have to stand foot to
foot with that dread adversary of our souls for an hour. 2854.508

SATANIC DECEPTION read more quotes relating to angels

Satan’s house has a front chamber full of everything that is enticing to the eye and
bewitching to the sensual taste; but there is a back chamber, and no one knoweth, no
one hath seen the whole of its horrors. WWi30

He has a way of making the worse appear the better reason; he can put bitter for
sweet and sweet for bitter—make men believe that it is to their own advantage to do
that which is causing their everlasting ruin. He can make men carry coals of fire in
their bosoms, and dream that they shall not be burned; he can make them dance
upon the brink of hell as though they were on the verge of heaven. Alas! fools that we
are how readily do his lies prevail against us! 613.75

Satan will be glad if you begin to blame the preacher when you ought to have blamed
yourself. 709.501

Satan does not care whether he drags you down to hell as a Calvinist or as an
Arminian, so long as he can get you there. 709.501

There are devil’s providences as well as God’s providences. 1519.78

Did not the devil lead our first parents astray by the suggestion that great benefit
would arise out of their transgression? 1552.453

Certain theologians, nowadays, do not believe in the existence of Satan. It is singular
when children do not believe in the existence of their own father: but it is so, that
those who are most deluded by him are the loudest in repudiating all faith in his
existence. 2135.160

He is more cunning than the wisest: how soon he entangled Solomon! He is stronger
than the strongest: how fatally he overthrew Samson! Ay, and men after God’s own
heart, like David, have been led into most grievous sins by his seductions. 2165.520

Why, the devil never puts an “if” to anything that is not true; whenever he says “if”
to a thing, we may be sure that it is true. 2613.129

Only Satan himself could have put it into a man’s heart to become a salaried
preacher of the gospel in order to deny its fundamental truths. 3336.16

SATANIC METHODS read more quotes relating to angels

Now there are a thousand razors with which the devil can shave off the locks of a
consecrated man without his knowing it. 224.477

“What,” says Satan, “do you hold to these denominational creeds? Sensible men are
getting more liberal, they are giving away what does not belong to them—God’s
truth; they are removing the old landmarks. Acts of uniformity are to be repealed,
articles and creeds are to be laid aside as useless lumber, not necessary for this very
enlightened age; fall in with this, and be an Anythingarian” 554.95

Satan knows right well that one devil in the church can do far more than a thousand
devils outside her bounds. 797.112

We may be idle, but the powers of darkness and their agents are busy—busy in
working mischief, leading men into one form of error or another, or casting one or
other of the nets of infidelity around them. Hell from beneath is stirred at this
moment. If there be no revival in the church of God, there is certainly a revival
amongst her enemies. 1130.493

While you are sleeping, Satan will be sowing. 2027.319

A more artful plan still was that by which the devil’s servants, the demons that were
cast out of possessed persons, called Jesus the Son of God. He rebuked them because
he did not want any testimony from them. No doubt the devil thought it a very
cunning thing to praise the Saviour, because then the Saviour’s friends would begin
to be suspicious of him, if he was praised by the devil. 2326.452

Master Latimer used to say that the most diligent bishop in England was the devil,
for whoever did not visit his diocese the devil was always visiting his people. 2401.85

A great many of the devil’s servants are so disrespectful to their lord that they even
deny his existence; and the devil himself is so self-denying in this respect that he
denies his own existence, and sets other people to do the same. 2560.123

He is always watching to see where you are not looking; he is always on the alert
when you are slumbering. 2707.616

That “to-morrow” plea is a false one. Satan has invented it in order that he may
enable men to reject Christ, and yet flatter their souls with the notion that they are
not doing so. 2899.428

Take heed, dear friends, lest ye be carried away by the deceitfulness of the pleasures,
the profits, the honours which Satan puts in your way. When we are likely to be
gainers by any proposal, we ought always to look well at it before deciding. 3208.363

SATANIC SERVICE read more quotes relating to angels

The curse is an awful one, but it is most natural that it should come to pass: those
who serve Satan may expect to have his company, his assistance, his temptations,
and at last his doom. TD109:6

Oh! that God had such willing servants, such joyful martyrs as those who obey the
devil! You may see the devil’s martyrs in every gin palace, ragged, haggard, and
diseased; you may see them in early morning shivering till the time shall come when
they shall drink another dram of hell-draught; you may see them in every moon-lit
street, waiting in the cold, damp mists of night, to be offered up upon his altar to
prostitute both body and soul to his unhallowed worship; you may see them in every
hospital, rotting into their graves, their bones full of disease, and their very blood
polluted with a filthy taint of loathsomeness; you may see them, I say, all emulous to
sacrifice soul and body as a whole burnt offering to be wholly consumed by the
infernal fire, that they may serve Satan with their whole heart. Oh! that we were
half as faithful to God as the devil’s servants are to him. 613.78

Though people call sin pleasure, who does not know that it often jades and fags the
man worse than the hardest toil! How the proud man toils for honour! How the miser
pinches himself for gold! How the thief exhausts his ingenuity to get at another
man’s wealth! How hard is the harlot’s drudgery! How heavy is the yoke of Satan! 622.184

The wage sweetens the toil; but when the wages is death, the toil is horrible. 2081.218

Let those who are servants of Satan know assuredly that, as they are living in sin,
they will have to eat at their father’s table, and learn the emptiness of all the
pleasures of sin, and the worthlessness of all the treasures of evil. 2165.524

SATANIC UNITY read more quotes relating to angels

It is a sickening thought that, while Christians frequently quarrel, we never hear of
the devils doing so. The Church of God is divided, but the kingdom of darkness
appears to be one. Whatever intestine strife there may be between evil spirits, we
have no hint of it here; they all seem to act in complete unison. Whether hate is a
more compacting principle than love, I will not venture to say; but certainly these
haters of God and of his truth appear to be knit together as though they were one
devil rather than a multitude of evil spirits, yet the lovers of the Lord Jesus Christ
are not knit together as one man under his blessed rule. 3306.278

SATISFACTION read more quotes relating to emotional issues

The fact is, that neither wealth, nor honour, nor anything that is of mortal birth can
ever fill the insatiable, immortal soul of man. 513.319

Man was made in the image of God, and nothing will satisfy man but God, in whose
image he was made. 1372.497

Now, remember, you will never know the fulness of Christ until you know the
emptiness of everything else but Christ. 3073.2

God has so made man’s heart that nothing can ever fill it but God himself. 3157.391

Do you think God would make us so dissatisfied with this world if he did not mean to
satisfy us with another and a better one? 3234.44

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