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Spurgeon's Maxims for Living
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MAN read more quotes relating to self issues

Man is a strange mixture. He is next akin to Deity, and yet he is brother to the worm. 1466.189

Such a creature God is now perfecting. A being in whom dust and Deity each own a
kindred. Such a being, purified from taint of evil, shall greatly glorify God. 1466.189

What strange creatures we are! I suppose every man is a trinity, certainly every
Christian man is,—spirit, soul, and body,—and we may be in three states at once,
and we may not know which of the three is our real state. The whole three may be so
mixed up that we become a puzzle to ourselves. 3253.266

MARIOLATRY read more quotes relating to religions and cults

Our Divine Saviour, with all the love of his manhood towards his mother, acted
towards her in such a way as for ever to forbid any degree of religious worship being
rendered to her. 1920.506

Why, for every prayer offered to Jesus Christ, I believe there are fifty, at the present
moment, offered to the Virgin Mary. At all events, in the Romanist’s rosary, there are
nine beads for the “Hail Mary” to every one for “Our Father.” 3018.602

She does stand in a very high position; but, still, in no respect is she to be an object of
worship; by no means is she to be lifted up and extolled as though she were
immaculately conceived, and afterwards lived without sin, and were taken up, as the
Papists declare, by a marvellous assumption into heaven,—an assumption, indeed,
on their part, and nothing better than an assumption, without any foundation
whatever in fact. 3018.602

MARRIAGE read more quotes relating to family issues

You expect that you will be married, and then your troubles will be over; some say
that then they begin. I do not endorse that statement; but I am sure that they are not
over, for there is another set of trials that begin then. GS57

Papists and other sectaries may decry marriage, but true Christianity and household
life agree well together. ME492

It is wise to marry when we can marry wisely, and then the sooner the better. PP87

Married life is not all sugar, but grace in the heart will keep away most of the sours. PT92

When husbands and wives are well yoked, how light their load becomes! PT92

A well-matched couple carry a joyful life between them, as the two spies carried the
cluster of Eshcol. They are a brace of birds of Paradise. They multiply their joys by
sharing them, and lessen their troubles by dividing them: this is fine arithmetic. PT121

When a couple fall out there are always faults on both sides, and generally there is a
pound on one and sixteen ounces on the other. PT121

I have no doubt that where there is much love there will be much to love, and where
love is scant faults will be plentiful. PT127

Marriage was the last relic of paradise left among men, and Jesus hasted to honour
it with his first miracle. 2155.400

-ARRANGED read more quotes relating to family issues

I am grieved to say that it is not altogether an unusual thing to find fathers who will
not forgive a daughter, or a son. They did not happen to marry the person you would
like to choose for them; and, of course, you have a perfect right, have you not, to
make the selection for them? You thought you had a right to pick for yourself, but you
will not give that right to your children; so you have an enmity against them on that
account; and then you go whining to God to forgive you, and yet you will not forgive
your daughter. 2322.403

-MIXED read more quotes relating to family issues

A life of misery is usually the lot of those who are united in marriage, or in any other
way of their own choosing, with the men of the world. ME26

But a very fruitful source of ruin to Church members is that of a young man or a
young woman choosing an ungodly partner in life. They never can expect God’s
blessing upon it. They tell you sometimes they hope to be the means of their friends’
conversion. They have no right to hope such a thing; it so seldom occurs. 540.643

Those ill-assorted unions between believers and unbelievers rob our churches of
more members than any other popular delinquency that I know of. Seldom—I might
say almost never—do I meet with a woman professing godliness who becomes joined
in wedlock to a man of the world but what she goes away. She ceases to follow Jesus,
and we hear no more of her. Absorbed in the pursuits, the passions, and the
pleasures of the life that now is, she is sucked under the stream and drawn into the
vortex. In the romance of her courtship, she glibly said, “I shall win him;” but, in the
reality of their conjugal bonds, he could coolly say, “I have won you.” 2914.606

If you want to wither your happiness for ever, you have only to go and be yoked with
an unbeliever. I have known some Christian women who have forgotten the divine
precept, and have been married to ungodly men; and I have seen godly men married
to ungodly women; and mark this,—my experience has not been very long, but it has
been very wide,—I never knew any good come of it. 3103.368

It can never conduce to the comfort of any Christian man or woman to be unequally
yoked together with an unbeliever; you had far better remain in the cold of your
bachelor or spinster life than warm your hands at the fire of an unhallowed
marriage. 3181.42

You do, in fact, give Christ up when you take that ungodly man, and you, young man,
when you seek after that Christless woman; you deny your Lord and Master; so far
as you can do it, you deny him, and give him up for the sake of earthly pleasures. 3398.138

-PREPARATION FOR read more quotes relating to family issues

How careful ought young people to be in the choosing of their partners in life! When
two horses pull together how smoothly the chariot runs; but if one horse draws one
way and the other pulls in the opposite direction, what trouble there is sure to be. 1340.113

When men and women are about to be married how much of life then trembles in the
balances! Upon the choice of a partner in life the fashion of that life may depend.
Whether self or Christ, the world or God, shall be the master-motive of the
household, may be decided by the finger which wears the plain gold ring. 2104.494

MARTYRDOM read more quotes relating to trials and suffering

Never did the Church so much prosper and so truly thrive as when she was baptized
in blood. The ship of the Church never sails so gloriously along as when the bloody
spray of her martyrs falls upon her deck. 305.154

The young people in the old city of London, over the water there, went down to
Smithfield in the early morning to see their pastor burned; and when they came
home and their mother said, “What went you for?” the boys replied, “We went to
learn the way.” They wanted to know how to burn when their turn should come!
Brave sons of brave sires! God’s servants always have known how to burn, but they
have not known how to turn. 1341.127

Ah me, this is a miserable age! Go with a lancet throughout these Isles, and you
could not get enough martyr-blood to fill a thimble. Backbones are scarce, and grit
is a rare article. 2030.355

When Patrick Hamilton had been burned in Scotland, one said to his persecutors, “If
you are going to burn any more, you had better do it in a cellar, for the smoke of
Hamilton’s burning has opened the eyes of hundreds.” It was always so. Suffering
saints are living seed. 2055.658

Remember that our Bible is a blood-stained book; the blood of martyrs is on the
Bible, the blood of translators and confessors. The pool of holy baptism, in which
many of you have been baptized, is a blood-stained pool: full many have had to die
for the vindication of that baptism which is “the answer of a good conscience toward
God.” The doctrines which we preach to you are doctrines that have been baptized in
blood,—swords have been drawn to slay the confessors of them; and there is not a
truth which has not been sealed by them at the stake, or the block, or far way on the
lofty mountains, where they have been slain by hundreds. It is but a little duty we
have to discharge compared with theirs. They were called to maintain the truth when
they had to die for it; you have only to maintain the truth when taunt and jeer,
ignominious names and contemptuous epithets are all you have to endure for it.
What! do you expect easy lives? While some have sailed through seas of blood, and
have fought to win the prize, are you wearied with a slight skirmish on dry land?
What would you do if God should suffer persecuting days to overtake you? O craven
spirits, ye would flee away, and disown your profession! Be ye the pillar and ground
of the truth. Let the blood of martyrs, let the voices of confessors, speak to you.
Remember how they held fast the truth, how they preserved it, and handed it down
to us from generation to generation; and by their noble example, I beseech you, be
steadfast and faithful, tread valiantly and firmly in their steps, acquit yourselves like
men,—like men of God, I implore you! 3093.248

MASS, THE read more quotes relating to religions and cults

Masses for the repose of the soul indicate the incompleteness of the salvation which
Rome has to offer. Well may it be so, since Papal salvation is by works; and even if
salvation by good works were possible, no man can ever be sure that he has
performed enough of them to secure his salvation. MS129

MAXIMS* read more miscellaneous quotes

Our motto is, “With God, anywhere: without God, nowhere.” BA182

When the Lord Jesus loves a man very much, He gives him much to do or much to
suffer. CC55

In the case of every errant course there is always a first wrong step. DG13

Do not be satisfied with the practice without the principles of piety. GS167

Life is made up of little incidents, and success in it often depends upon attention to
minor details. 2LS96

The more spiritual the exercise, the sooner we tire in it. ME49

Whatever thou art, and wherever thou art, remember God is just what thou wantest,
and just where thou wantest, and that He can do all thou wantest. ME236

Even now he (the Christian) grows rich by his losses, he rises by his falls, he lives by
dying, and becomes full by being emptied; if, then, his grievous afflictions yield him
so much peaceable fruit in this life, what shall be the full vintage of joy “afterwards”
in heaven? ME279

Vain pursuits are dangerous to unrenewed souls. ME331

Jesus, be mine for ever, my God, my heaven, my all. ME335

May your convictions be deep, your love real, your desires earnest. ME386

Nothing teaches us so much the preciousness of the Creator, as when we learn the
emptiness of all besides. ME649

Pangs go with birth, and anguish precedes success. PM41

Happy is that man who shall reach Heaven unharmed and harmless, having neither
gotten nor given a wound. PM263

Better one yard of wall built with gold, silver, and precious stones, than a mile of
wood, hay, and stubble. PM261

That is a wise old saying, “Spend not all that you have; believe not all that you hear;
tell not all you know, and do not all you can.” PT69

Slow and sure is better than fast and flimsy. PT138

Earn all you can, save all you can, and then give all you can. PT147

Men will allow God to be everywhere except on his throne. 77.185

No man hath anything of his own, except his sins. 175.81

Human nature does not mind what you tell it to do, so long as you do not tell it to
believe. 186.175

Most men would be very religious if religion did not entail obligations. 196.253

Now, it is not likely that the God who made a happy world would send a miserable
salvation. 199.273

Has there not been, sometimes, this temptation to do a great deal for Christ, but not
to live a great deal with Christ? 217.422

Time, how short—eternity, how long! Death, how brief—immortality, how endless! 240.121

The men that escape without abuse in this world, are the men who do nothing at all. 247.181

When men have no faith, God invites them to reason, but when they have faith,
reasoning with God becomes a sin. 261.291

Man is always altering what God has ordained. Although God’s order is ever the best,
yet man will never agree therewith. 272.377

Devils are not to be reasoned with, but to be cast out. 350.20

Never stain one duty with the blood of another. 354.51

I would never believe that we were on the Lord’s side if all men were on our side. 358.78

Begin at the bottom, and grow up; but do not begin at the top, and come down. 374.215

If the great enemy, Sin, has been conquered, we shall not fear the little enemy, Death.

I believe the perfection of the Wesleyan is nothing more than the justification of a Calvinist.

“Difficult,” said Napoleon, “is not a French word.” “Doubtful,” is not a Christian word. 383.285

Do what you believe to be right, and ever hold it for a maxim, that if the skies fall
through your doing right, honest men will survive the ruin. 392.355

Thy first birth gave thee life and death together. 398.405

Men hate hell for the reason that murderers hate the gallows. 410.501

It is human to err, it is divine to repent. 412.513

One of the greatest mercies God bestows upon us is his not permitting our
inclinations and opportunities to meet. 419.571

It is only serving God that is doing immortal work; it is only living for Christ that is
living at all. 433.82

The rending of the veil of death is the removal of much of our ignorance. 441.171

The more holy, the more humble. 441.177

It would be infinitely better to bury you in the earth than see you buried in sin. 554.96

There is an orthodox as well as a heterodox road to hell, and the devil knows how to
handle Calvinists quite as well as Arminians. 555.99

You cannot have Christ in eternity if you do not have him in time. 558.144

Prevention is better than a cure, and sometimes a timely heart-searching may save
us many a heart-smarting. 563.201

Very well, Christian, be content to be behind the times, for the times are getting
nearer to judgment and the last plagues. 577.373

Death is a great revealer of secrets. 594.580

It were infinitely better that the Christian should pay too much than too little. He
had better be blamed for an excess of generosity, than take credit to himself for a
rigid parsimony. 600.648

Shake the foundations upon which the eternity of hell rests, and you have shaken
heaven’s eternity too. 602.671

I live in Jesus, on Jesus, with Jesus, and soon hope to be perfectly conformed to his
likeness. 603.684

Be not like those who dream of a God who is all love, and nothing else. 609.28
The best of men are still men at the best. 688.251

He judges his Judge, and misjudges. 730.30

A Christian’s experience is like a rainbow, made up of drops of the grief of earth, and
beams of the bliss of heaven. 788.10

Where persons love little, do little, and give little, we may shrewdly suspect that they
have never had much affliction of heart for their sins and that they think they owe
but very little to divine grace. 792.57

We are not what we might be, we are not what we should be, we are not what we
shall be, we are not what we wish to be. 793.61

We commonly say that “there is no rule without an exception,” and certainly the rule
that there is no rule without an exception has an exception to itself, for the rules of
God are without exception. 823.421

To be just alive as a Christian is horrid work. 945.453

I would be nothing but what he makes me, I would have nothing but what he gives
me, I would ask nothing but what he promises me, I would trust in nothing but what
he has done for me, and I would desire nothing but what he has prepared for me. 1015.574

Beloved, our crusty tempers and sour faces will never be evangelists. 1094.71

I suppose we may judge of a man more by that wherein he finds his pleasure than by
almost anything else. 1106.213

The moment a man says, “I have it,” he will no longer try to obtain it; the moment he
cries, “It is enough,” he will not labour after more. 1114.303

When we mix with dwarfs we think ourselves giants, but in the presence of giants we
become dwarfs. 1114.308

We live too fast by half, we do too much and accomplish, therefore, too little. 1116.330

We have left the miry clay for the solid rock. 1134.545

Madness has been prevented by the soul’s finding vent. 1146.693

Consequences and usefulness are nothing to us: duty and right—these are to be
our guides. 1154.56

The man who does not forgive has never been forgiven, but the man who has been
freely forgiven at once forgives others. 1161.143

What a man is at home, that he is, and though he be a saint abroad, if he be a devil
at home, you may depend upon it that the last is his real character. 1165.189

What would you do if you might be indulged? because whatever you would do if you
had your own way, is the test of your heart. 1165.190

A people are in an evil case when all their heroism is historical. 1169.233

Expecting great things, let us attempt great things. 1169.239

I know of nothing which makes a man so grossly vicious as to be persuaded that
virtue is impossible to him. 1181.378

Hell has many gates, though heaven has but one. 1181.381

While carnal men say “seeing is believing,” we assure them that to us “believing is
seeing.” 1182.387

A convert once said, “Either the world is altered or else I am.” 1183.407

Nothing seems to be too foolish, nothing too wicked, nothing too insane, for mankind.

We gain nothing by the love of those that love not God. 1188.464

You are as ready at forgetting as you are at resolving. 1189.470

If you want a thing well done, you must go to the man who has a great deal to do, for
he is the man to do it for you. 1192.508

They say of some that they are as easy as an old shoe, and they are generally worth
no more than that article. 1192.512

You cannot trust God too much, nor trust yourself too little. 1193.527

Do not try to be a wonder, but be a wonder. 1194.540

To a man who lives unto God nothing is secular, everything is sacred. 1206.665

Half the mischief in the world, and perhaps more, is done, not by an ostensible lie,
but by a perverted truth. 1208.707

It will be found much easier to go down from God to nature when you once know the
Lord than ever it can be to ascend from the works to the Maker. 1272.14

The stool of repentance and the foot of the cross are the favourite positions of
instructed Christians. 1276.64

After all, my friend, to tell you the truth very plainly, you are no better than other
people, though you think you are, and in one point I am sure you miserably fail, and
that is in humility. 1300.358

“I have set the Lord always before me.” Refuse to see anything without seeing God in
it. 1305.411

To sin because of mercy is a step lower than even the devil has descended. 1313.514

To weep over a dying Saviour is to lament the remedy; it were wiser to bewail the
disease. 1320.595

Right is right though all condemn, and wrong is wrong though all approve. 1386.664

A thousand ages of whitewashing cannot make a vice a virtue. 1386.665

Party leaders are sure to be found where there is a party spirit; and party spirit is a
fungus which grows upon the dunghill of conceit. 1392.13

In estimating our personal character, let us not so much calculate what we could
be, as what we are. 1392.22

It is an easy way to save your skin, to believe what you believe and let other people
alone. 1403.154

A big heart is one of the main essentials to great usefulness. 1407.194

I am sure it is so: that which costs us most we value most. 1407.199

The increase of the burden is not the thing to groan about if there be a proportionate
increase of strength. 1423.389

To my mind there is hardly anything more sad than the frequent laughter which
exposes a vacant mind. 1423.394

The full he empties, and the empty he fills. 1515.45

Henceforth be devotion your breathing, faith your heartbeat, meditation your
feeding, self-examination your washing, and holiness your walking. 1746.77

Men have been helped to live by remembering that they must die; yea, some men
knew nothing of the highest form of life till death aroused them from their deadly
slumbers. 1773.183

O brethren, everything is right when the heart is right, and everything is wrong
when the soul is wrong. 1779.253

God is dearest when goods are fewest. Heaven is warmest when earth is coldest. 1819.38

We are great at calculations when we are little at believing. 1822.75

To believe him that cannot lie, and trust in him that cannot fail, is a kind of wisdom
that none but fools will laugh at. 1832.173

Even the best of believers are not always at their best. 1833.181

We are afraid of the razor which cuts too close to the skin. 1842.296

The dust of earth has blinded eyes that were meant for heaven. 1878.13

I know that I have no perfection in my best things, much less in my worst. 1879.29

He who would please all attempts the impossible. God himself is quarrelled with. 1882.61

Success comes not to heartless efforts. 1884.79

The Christian man who does not give God the morning of his days is not very likely
to give him much of the evening. 1884.81

We are not the world’s, else might we be ambitious; we are not Satan’s, else might we
be covetous; we are not our own, else might we be selfish. 1890.147

The seed of the woman knows no terms with the serpent brood but continual war. 1890.148

The straight line of truth drawn on the heart will produce a direct course of gracious
walking in the life. 1890.154

The uncertainty of the end of all things is intended to keep us continually on the
watch. 1891.160

Where there is life there must be change; only in death is there monotony. 1891.165

Behind us is our trust; before us is our hope. 1894.196

Things which men call absurdities have become foundation truths to us. 1896.220

If we get to think that everything must be big to be good, we shall get into a sorry
state of mind. 1901.282

If we never do any work for Christ except when we feel up to the mark, we shall not
do much. 1906.347

Be not influenced by those who cry loudest in the street, or by those who beat the
biggest drum. 1909.381

How often have I wished that I could forget many things which once I thought it
necessary to know. 1912.417

God grant that we may never stretch the arm of our testimony beyond the sleeve of
our experience! 1912.419

One hair from the head of love will draw more than the cable of fear. 1914.434

It is no joy to see a harvest reaped from fields which we refused to plough. 1916.466

He that is ashamed to speak the truth has need to be ashamed of himself. 1919.494

If men do not find God they have found nothing. 1919.496

God is the sum of our necessities. 1919.496

Beloved friends, we live in a world of sin and sorrow, and we ourselves are sinful and
sorrowful; we need one who can put away our sin and become a sharer in our sorrow.

You will not always be able to travel to heaven incog. 1930.628

How much of external religion is fiction, fluff, form, foam! 1930.629

He loves not Christ who does not love him more than all things. 1930.635

If men are not warned of the anger of God against iniquity, they will take licence to
riot in evil. 1931.638

The difficulties of unbelief are ten times greater than the difficulties of faith. 1933.668

Ah, it is better to lay one brick to-day than to propose to build a palace next year! 1935.689

I would rather be nobody at Christ’s feet than everybody anywhere else! 1935.690

There is no use in having a God if you do not use him. 1938.2

Nothing can happen but what God ordains; and, therefore, why should we fear? 1950.127

The man who begins to exult over his fallen brother is the likeliest man to fall
himself. 1953.166

If the present contest should be continued century after century, be not weary. It is
only long to your impatience; it is a short work unto God. 1963.277

Let us crush the eggs of our woes while they lie in the nest of our unbelief. Our
sorrows are mostly manufactured at home, beaten out upon the anvil of unbelief with
the hammer of our foreboding. 1964.292

Brethren, we are never so weak as when we feel strongest, and never so foolish as
when we dream that we are wise. 1964.297

We shall never go right unless God is first, midst, and last. 1972.387

On earth he bleeds, in heaven he pleads. 1978.465

All your wants his love has supplied: there are shoes for your pilgrimage, armour for
your warfare, strength for your labour, rest for your weariness, comfort for your
sorrow. 1982.508

That we live is miraculous; that we die is but natural. 1984.533

What a sad world man has made this earth! 1992.625

Your goods shall be your good, if you learn to use them for God’s glory. 2004.48

Men will do little for what they doubt, and much for what they believe. 2023.274

To enter into debate is never as profitable as to enter into devotion. 2033.385

Life is long enough if we have had grace enough. 2039.460

Evil things are easy things: for they are natural to our fallen nature. Right things are
rare flowers that need cultivation. 2040.473

Pleasure so called is the murderer of thought. 2040.476

Truth is of necessity intolerant of error. 2041.482

Do you think of turning back? You have no armour for your back. To cease to fight is
to be overcome. 2043.507

The idle are troublesome; the laborious are loving. 2044.526

Unless the Lord renews the heart, men will always prefer the bird-in-the-hand of this
life to the bird-in-the-bush of the life to come. 2047.558

It is well to be nothing: it is better still to be “less than nothing.” 2050.596

Sufferers are our tutors; they educate us for the skies. 2055.658

The first movement is from God to us, not from us to God. 2057.675

Some of us might have enjoyed a much larger blessing, if we had not grown
top-heavy with the blessing we already enjoyed. 2057.681

Have something to do, and do it. Have something to live for, and live for it. 2058.686

Too many wound themselves by studying themselves. 2058.692

No man does a thing well who does it sorrowfully. 2065.42

Certain people must always have sweets and comforts; but God’s wise children do not
wish for these in undue measure. Daily bread we ask for, not daily sugar. 2071.104

He who seeks comfort at the expense of truth will be a fool for his pains. 2071.104

The voices of earth are full of falsehood, but the word from heaven is very pure. 2084.252

The course of our fallen race has been a succession of failures. 2087.289

If you have no wish to bring others to heaven, you are not going there yourself. 2087.300

Grace does not run in the blood. 2088.305

God has given you a nature that wars against evil: hence these tears! 2099.436

Better suffer anything than do wrong. 2099.439

Wealth brings care, honour earns envy, position entails toil, and rank has its
annoyances. 2099.440

To attempt a difficulty may be laudable, but to rush upon an impossibility is
madness. 2100.446

One single individual can scatter benedictions across a continent, and belt the world
with blessing. 2110.575

Some are never pleased with God; how can he be pleased with them? 2112.597

Oh, for that godliness which will strengthen you to quit your situation, to lose your
wealth, to sacrifice your credit, and to part with your friends sooner than grieve your
Lord! 2113.606

We need to grow thus healthily independent of human judgment; for he who fawns
for smiles, or trembles at frowns, will never lead a noble life for long. 2118.671

Man’s security is the devil’s opportunity. 2121.11

Many a child of God has to weep for months because he did not watch for minutes. 2125.47

Bible-reading people seldom go off to modern theology. 2135.163

One mark of a man’s true wisdom is his knowledge of his ignorance. 2140.217

If you can do but little, make the best of yourself by intensity. 2140.224

He who does not believe that God will cast unbelievers into hell, will not be sure that
he will take believers to heaven. 2147.303

A temporary hope is ill purchased at the cost of cruel disappointment. 2157.422

You will never be on a right foundation until you are off the wrong one. 2157.431

When the devil is not troubled by us, he does not trouble us. 2185.37

How very curiously people try to give God something else instead of what he asks for! 2195.163

Do the right, even if the heavens should fall. 2205.282

He that takes care of our times, will take care of our eternity. 2205.287

A rock which is in nobody’s way may stand where it is. 2210.336

Oh, for grace to love the rough paths, because we see his footprints upon them! 2212.366

“Ignorance is the mother of devotion,” according to the Church of Rome. “Ignorance
is the mother of error,” according to the Word of God. 2214.387

Men’s pennies and God’s promises do not very well go together to buy heaven. 2214.394

Only those who never do any spiritual work talk about what they can accomplish. 2218.434

By a life I do not live, and by a death I do not die, I am saved. 2223.500

A long stretch of health has a tendency to make us think that we are immortal. 2225.520

It is strange that men should expect God to take their gift, when they refuse to accept
his. 2226.532

The Christian’s position is unique: he is in two worlds at once. 2226.537

He must die, or we must die, or justice must die. 2229.568

Many a time our severity to others is the reason for God’s apparent severity with us. 2233.616

He sees right through us at a glance, as if we were made of glass; he sees all our past,
present, and future. 2236.650

The sacred Dove will never come to a foul nest. 2239.35

How can we reckon upon anything in a world like this, where nothing is certain but
uncertainty? 2242.63

Put all your heart into what you do, or else put none of it in. 2250.160

Better to go to heaven as a hermit, than go to hell with a multitude. 2254.211

You will not attempt the work, and of course you will not complete what you do not
commence. 2264.328

What may happen from our doing right, we have nothing to do with; we are to do
right, and take the consequences cheerfully. 2264.329

The more you do for men, the less will be their return. 2271.413

You shall read the evening of life in the morning of life, and you shall decide what
your evening is to be by what your morning is. 2291.26

There is nothing that the worst of men have done which the best of men could not do
if they were left by the grace of God. 2296.89

Ah, yes, the power to do more oozes out by the leakage of contentment with what you
have done! 2303.174

You were not saved that you might go to heaven alone; you were saved that you
might take others there with you. 2316.318

Not a deed is done that dies, especially the deeds of quickened men and women. 2316.321

Where Scripture is silent, be you silent. 2317.339

With many a mistake, with many a weakness, yet, beloved, the saints are free from
falsehood. 2324.425

Growing saints think themselves nothing; full-grown saints think themselves less
than nothing. 2335.550

Man must have a god; he cannot be happy without one. 2396.27

In truth, there is nothing due from God to you but that he should let you perish in
your sin; that is all he owes you. 2402.101

I believe that the short way to the conversion of sinners is the sanctification of saints. 2412.225

The sternest predestination is not the least in conflict with the most perfect freedom
of the human will. 2455.114

I have heard of one who called life, “the long disease of life”; and it was so to him, for,
though he did a great work for his Master, he was always sickly. 2457.136

And depend upon it, brothers, there is no way of bringing afflictions upon ourselves
like refusing to bear afflictions. 2476.365

This is the quintessence of delight that, when the saint gets to heaven, he will be as
rightly there as the sinner in hell will be rightly there. 2489.522

Christ loved you when he died; he will love you when you die. 2492.557

People don’t lose diseases, generally, where they catch them. 2611.102

In a free country like this, you may be almost anything you like except a Christian. 2611.110

A man who makes a profession of religion ought to be something more than other
people. 2629.319

The end of the creature is the beginning of the Creator. Your extremity is God’s
opportunity. 2631.341

There are none so brokenhearted as those that are brokenhearted because they are
not brokenhearted. 2631.341

When a man blesses God for the bitter, the Lord often sends him the sweet. If he can
praise God in the night, the daylight is not far off. 2640.447

I confess that I would hardly give a penny for any salvation that I could lose; I would
not go across the street to pick up a sort of quarterly or yearly salvation. 2641.461

Heathenism is hopeless to afford any comfort to the bereaved. 2659.39

I intend to grasp tightly with one hand the truths I have already learned, and to keep
the other hand wide open to take in the things I do not yet know. 2664.104

If any man is content with his own experience, it is entirely through ignorance. 2664.106

No man is so happy but he would be happier still if he had true religion. 2690.409

Gift is but an addition to our load, but grace is strength with which to carry it. 2694.466

The principle that rules us is not “Must I?” but “May I?” It becomes to the believer a
joy and a delight to serve Christ; he is not flogged to his duty. 2701.546

There is more to marvel at in half an inch of the way to heaven than there is in a
thousand leagues of the ordinary pathway of unbelieving men. 2702.557

The Christian man, who trusts that, by any one sin, he may keep himself out of
difficulty, or get himself out of difficulty, makes a terrible mistake. 2703.566

God never intends that there shall be any sweet in this world without something sour
to go with it. 2727.235

I know this; when my soul is full of Christ, I can defy the devil himself, for what can
he bring me when I want nothing? 2786.320

If you have lived to bring one sinner to Christ, you have not lived in vain. 2791.375

There is nothing we have here below which is not somewhat tainted with grief. 2794.415

I do not expect fully to understand my Lord’s will, I only ask to be informed what that
will is. 2810.603

Sin and sorrow cannot be divorced, and holiness and happiness cannot be separated.

The world was wisely ordered by God before we were born, and it will be equally well
ordered by him after we are dead. 2834.267

Surely, a God whom we could understand would be no God. 2838.315

The will of man is the source of damnation, and the will of God is the source of
salvation. 2840.346

Beware of having so much to do that you really do nothing at all because you do not
wait upon God for the power to do it aright. 2845.404

God will not let us, who are his song-birds, build our nests here. 2856.531

Should everything seem to go amiss with us after we have done the right thing, there
is no cause for regret. Remember that our conduct is the maker of our character. 2859.571

How you loathe a friend who will not stick to you in dark times! 2859.572

Divine wisdom arranges our lot, but our lots are not precisely alike. 2860.579

Better slay a single enemy than dream of slaughtering an army. 2861.593

A grain of grace is worth more than a ton of knowledge. 2862.608

If the Lord had ever meant us to fall into hell, we should have gone there years ago. 2880.202

He who is his own guide is guided by a fool. 2893.353

He intended to save men, but he never intended to gratify their depraved tastes. 2914.602

When a man is in trouble, help him out first, and then blame him for having got into
it, if you feel it necessary to do so. 2925.109

Stagnation is inconsistent with life. 2966.601

But happy is the fish that fears the bait as well as the hook, and so keeps right away
from both of them. 2971.45

Sufferings are only scars, flesh wounds; sins are the real woundings. 2974.77

The man, whose arm is not long enough to grasp that which lies in the land beyond
the stars, will have to live and die without attaining to perfect satisfaction. 2977.111

The only difference between a very wise man and a very great fool is that the wise
man knows that he is a fool, and the other does not. 3000.392

If we are careful about our little actions, the great ones will be pretty sure to be right. 3002.415

If I may use such an expression, time is not the time for the manifestation of a
Christian’s glory. 3004.437

You are not forgiven if you cannot forgive. 3016.584

We heard of a philosopher, who looked up to the stars, and fell into a pit; but, if they
fall deeply who look up, how deeply do they fall who look down! 3026.79

If you are afraid of missing the spot you want to find, there is seldom anything lost
by asking, and it is always better to spend one minute in asking the way than to
waste ten minutes in going wrong. 3035.185

It is better to go weeping to heaven than to go laughing to hell. 3035.190

Each of God’s saints is sent into the world to prove some part of the divine character. 3036.196

Never mind where you work; care more about how you work! 3052.393

There are many things we wish for that we do not really need, but there is no
promise given that we shall have all we wish for. 3060.490

As long as you are forgiven, what does anything else matter? 3067.572

The way of sense is to get everything now; the way of faith is to get everything in
God’s time. 3072.630

Every wreck ought to be a beacon. One man’s fall should be another man’s warning. 3074.13

The man who knows something, and yet trifles with it, is not likely to be further
instructed of God. 3132.85

Be on God’s side, I pray you, for that is the winning side. 3142.214

I would sooner be despised with the orthodox than reign with “the intellectual.” 3145.246

Men go astray from God by nature, but they only return to God through grace. 3148.278

Everyone who rules over men, though it be but over a petty nation or a small parish,
knows that, if the law has no penalties attached to it, it ceases to have any power. 3148.280

God gives you faith, but you must believe. God gives you repentance, but you must
repent. 3149.294

The first object of the Christian is to glorify God, and the next object is to make other
people happy. 3152.332

The most of men do not think. 3166.497

Heaven and holiness are twin sisters. 3169.533

‘Twere better in all wisdom “to bear the ills we have than fly to others that we know
not of.” 3189.140

Happy are they who can follow a good cause in its worst estate, for theirs is true
glory. 3193.181

If that which men see of thee be foul, how foul must thou be where only God can see
thee! 3206.339

Surely, it needs little faith to believe in providence when the purse is full. 3253.272

He that taketh his brother by the throat will be sure to be taken by the throat
himself. 3257.321

God would have us all educated for the skies. 3263.388

Foolish loves make rods for foolish backs. 3272.498

And men are indeed fools when they prefer the shadows of time to the substance of
eternity. 3274.518

He preaches pardon to those who know that they have sinned, and confess the
same; but those who have no sin have no Saviour. 3309.317

“The Holy Spirit helpeth our infirmities,” but not our idlenesses. 3318.421

This seems to be a world of trying rather than of accomplishing. 3323.483

You need not be so much afraid of that which grieves you as of that which charms
you. 3347.151

The external is generally painted from within. 3349.173

We are never so weak as when we think we are strong, and never so strong as when
we know we are weak, and look out of ourselves to our God. 3371.436

Every true child of God would sooner sorrow a thousand times than sin once. 3375.482

And if he emptied his great self for us, who are as nothing, shall not we be ready to
empty our little selves for him, who is so great? 3380.547

Eminent usefulness usually necessitates eminent affliction. 3388.15

No man can put on the robes of Christ’s righteousness till he has taken off his own. 3401.182

Never do what you are ashamed of; it matters not who sees. 3449.113

It cannot be that God has left the world; it must be that the world has left God. 3455.181

Heed not the world’s frowns, and court not its smiles. 3457.205

Devils could not be worse than men when their passions are let loose. 3467.327

Precept has no regenerative power. People do not get good by having goodness
preached at them. 3477.455

Unbelief will destroy the best of us: faith will save the worst of us. 3495.33

It is not always that the thing which makes us glad to-day will make us glad
to-morrow likewise. 3505.146

Where God works, he works with men that work. 3518.309

What sin is worth being damned for? 3550.125

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