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Spurgeon's Maxims for Living
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Talk, Excessive ~ Time | Tongue, The ~ Truth
TALK, EXCESSIVE read more quotes relating to the mouth

Some men are too talkative by half, and remind me of the young man who was sent
to Socrates to learn oratory. On being introduced to the philosopher he talked so
incessantly that Socrates asked for double fees. “Why charge me double?” said the
young fellow. “Because,” said the orator, “I must teach you two sciences: the one how
to hold your tongue and the other how to speak.” The first science is the more
difficult, but aim at proficiency in it, or you will suffer greatly, and create trouble
without end. 2LS168

Five words cost Zacharias forty weeks’ silence. Many are sorry they spoke, but few
ever mourn that they held their tongue. PP118

We might say less about other matters without loss, if we would say more about the
Lord Jesus. 655.577

Sometimes, a still tongue proves a wise head. 3283.1

TEACHABILITY read more quotes relating to relationship issues

Some even of the Lord’s people are a deal too knowing. Many a boy at school does not
learn anything of an excellent master, for he is conceited; he knows nothing, and he
teaches himself. I am afraid we are like that scholar. We know nothing, and we teach
ourselves. 2066.51

TEACHING read more quotes relating to knowledge and wisdom

Teaching is poor work when love is gone; it is like a smith working without fire, or a
builder without mortar. CC30

An unwilling teacher will soon make unwilling scholars. 1273.29

Some there are who cannot teach and will not learn, and it is because they will not
learn that they cannot teach. I believe aptness for being taught is at the bottom of
aptness to teach. The psalmist had both. He says, “Make me to understand the way
of thy statutes.” There he would be taught. “Then,” saith he, “I will talk of thy
wondrous works.” There he would be teaching. 1344.158

If you hardly know what you believe, how can you teach other people? 1418.334

TEARS read more quotes relating to emotional issues

Tears are the diamonds of heaven; sighs are a part of the music of Jehovah’s court,
and are numbered with “the sublimest strains that reach the majesty on high.” ME616

Is it not sweet to believe that our tears are understood even when words fail! Let us
learn to think of tears as liquid prayers, and of weeping as a constant dropping of
importunate intercession which will wear its way right surely into the very heart of
mercy, despite the stony difficulties which obstruct the way. TD6:8

A tear is enough water to float a desire to God. 879.382

Why are we troubled? Is there anything worth shedding a tear for now that all is well
for eternity? 1343.154

When you are so weak that you cannot do much more than cry, you coin diamonds
with both your eyes. The sweetest prayers God ever hears are the groans and sighs
of those who have no hope in anything but his love. 1706.107

People die of bursting hearts when no tears relieve them. 2034.407

Turn the vessel upside down; it is a good thing to empty it, for this grief may ferment
into something more sour. Turn the vessel upside down, and let every drop run out;
but let it be before the Lord. 2457.134

When they begin to live to Christ they begin to mourn. Every child of God is born
again with a tear in his eye. Dry-eyed faith is not the faith of God’s elect. He who
rejoices in Christ at the same time mourns for sin. Repentance is joined to faith by
loving bands, as the Siamese twins were united in one. 3325.509

TEMPTATION read more quotes relating to sin

Is it possible that the king had mounted his housetop for retirement and devotion? If
so, what a caution is given us to count no place, however secret, a sanctuary from sin!
While our hearts are so like a tinder-box, and sparks so plentiful, we had need use all
diligence an all places to prevent a blaze. Satan can climb housetops, and enter
closets, and even if we could shut out that foul fiend, our own corruptions are enough
to work our ruin unless grace prevent. Reader, beware of evening temptations. Be
not secure. The sun is down but sin is up. ME35

God had one Son without sin; but He has no son without temptation. ME81

We must always be on our watch against Satan, because, like a thief, he gives no
intimation of his approach. ME81

Your occupation may be as humble as log splitting, and yet the devil can tempt you
in it. ME645

Beware of beginnings: he who does not take the first wrong step will not take the
second. PP117

The longer you stop in an evil place, the more numerous will your temptations
become. Temptations are like flies: they come one or two at the first, but by-and-by
they buzz about you in swarms. TN253

Have you not sometimes noticed that when you had the inclination to a sin there had
been no opportunity, and when the opportunity has presented itself you have had no
inclination towards it. Satan’s principal aim with believers is to bring their appetites
and his temptations together; to get their souls into a dry, seared state, and then to
strike the match and make them burn. 419.571

Let me assure you, that high places and high grace do seldom meet together; and
that even in the Church any position of eminence is counterbalanced in the pleasure
which it brings by the extreme danger to which it exposes its occupant. 509.272

Satan never brushes the feathers of his birds the wrong way; he generally deals with
us according to our tastes and likings. He flavours his bait to his fish. 657.610

The luxuriant tresses of Absalom were nets to catch the shallow men of Israel, and
Satan has taken care to find suitable snares for you. 808.244

There is enough within thy soul, O Christian, though thou be one of the best of
saints, to destroy thee in an hour unless the grace of God guard thee and keep thy
passions in check, and prevent thy stubborn will from asserting its own rebellious
determinations. 1300.355

Many a man thinks himself a Joseph, and the only reason is that no Potiphar’s wife
has tried him: many a man has never been an Achan because no wedge of gold or
goodly Babylonish garment has come in his way. 1736.463

Character often hinges on a day’s resolve. 2104.493

Take heed, my brother, when thou art tempted; for the next minute may be the pivot
of thy life. 2104.494

Voluntary continuance on evil ground leads to repeated temptations. 2106.517

Gratitude bars the door against sin. Great love received overthrows great temptation
to wander. 2108.550

It would have been better for David to have been on his bed sick, than to have been
walking on his house-top enjoying the evening breeze; and it would be better for thee
to be cast into the fiery furnace of affliction, where thou canst be refined, than to be
left to lie down in the meads of happiness, where thou mayest have poison poured
into thine ear by a wily adversary. Beware of thy joys! 2611.100

When you are so foolish as to say, “Now I am out of the reach of temptation,” you are
in the very midst of temptation; and when you think you are not being tempted at all,
you are being tempted the most by the very fancy that you are not being tempted. 2969.14

-RESISTING read more quotes relating to sin

One of the ancient fathers, we are told, had, before his conversion, lived with an ill
woman, and some little time after, she accosted him as usual. Knowing how likely he
was to fall into sin, he ran away with all his might, and she ran after him, crying,
“Wherefore runnest thou away? It is I.” He answered, “I run away because I am not I.
I am a new man.” FA242

Satan’s empire consists in the yielding of our will to his will; but when our will
revolts against him, then already we have in measure overcome him. GS117

A Christian man has both defensive and offensive weapons, he has a shield as well as
a sword: but Satan has fiery darts, and nothing else. I never read of his having any
shield whatever; so that when we resist him he is bound to run away. He has no
defence for himself, and the fact of our resistance is in itself a victory. GS117

Very earnestly, therefore, should we avoid temptation, seeking to walk so
guardedly in the path of obedience, that we may never tempt the devil to tempt us.
We are not to enter the thicket in search of the lion. ME81

In contending with certain sins there remains no mode of victory but by flight. ME414

TEN COMMANDMENTS read more quotes relating to the law

All the ten commandments, like ten great pieces of cannon, are pointed at thee
to-day, for thou hast broken all God’s statutes, and lived in the daily neglect of all his
commands. 422.599

The Ten Commands surround us on all sides, and encompass all the movements of
body, soul, and spirit, comprising under their jurisdiction the whole range of moral
action; they hold us under fire from all points, and nowhere are we out of range. 1145.675

I find it sometimes profitable to myself to read the ten commandments, and to think
over my sins against each one of them. What a list it is, and how it humbles you in
the dust to read it over! 1366.431

Read the Ten Commandments, and pause at each one, and confess that you have
broken it either in thought, or word, or deed. Remember that by a glance we may
commit adultery, by a thought we may be guilty of murder, by a desire we may steal.

The law of the ten commandments is strictly just; it is such a law as a man might
make for himself if he studied his own best interests, and had wisdom enough to
frame it aright. It is a perfect law, in which the interests of God and man are both
studied; it is not a partial law, but impartial, complete, and covering all the
circumstances of life. You could not take away one command out of the ten without
spoiling both tables of the law, and you could not add another command without
being guilty of making a superfluity. The law is holy, and just, and good; it is like the
God who made it, it is a perfect law. 2506.96

TESTIMONY read more quotes relating to mouth issues

A caviller in an omnibus said to a Christian man one day, “Why, you have nothing at
all to rest upon. I can prove to you that your Scriptures are not authentic.” The
humble Christian man replied, “Sir, I am not a learned man, and I cannot answer
your questions; but I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and I have experienced such a
change of character, and I feel such joy and peace through believing, that I wish you
knew my Saviour, too.” The answer he received was a very unexpected one: the
unbeliever said, “You have got me there; I cannot answer that.” BA12

They know us, brethren; they know far more about us than we imagine, and what
they do not know they make up. SW184

Many Christians forget that they are bearing a testimony: they do not think that
anybody notices them. Ay, but they do. 305.155

Only holy Christians are useful Christians; and the preaching of Christ’s truth must
be backed up by the consistent living of Christ’s followers if it is to have its due effect
upon the hearts and lives of the ungodly. 3045.305

What might be done by other men without observation, if it were done by a
Christian, would be noticed, reported, and misrepresented. 3167.506

-INDELICATE read more quotes relating to mouth issues

I hate to hear a man exhibiting his old lusts as if they were scars of honour. 1923.551

In certain circles he is treated as a hero who can prove that he has been a great
rascal. It was not thus that the prodigal was received by his father: he never hung up
his old rags as a trophy. O brethren, when we talk about what we were, we had
better veil our faces. Our former follies are things to be confessed to God in secret;
and if they must be spoken in public, to the praise of divine grace, there must be a
careful avoidance of anything like boasting, for it is a shame even to speak of the
things that were done of them in secret. When there is a really deep sense of sin,
there is a holy, delicate way of speaking of it. Old sins are not to be talked of as an old
soldier shoulders his crutch, and shows how fields were won. A crimson blush is the
best colour to wear when we speak of our lost estate. 2127.70

I do not like to hear men talk about their old sins as if they were adventures: they are
a shame and a sorrow to all right-minded persons. 2187.66

THEOLOGY* read more quotes relating to doctrine

We hear and read of this and that “body of divinity”: there is only one body of
divinity, and that is the body of Jesus Christ. Christ Jesus is our divinity. We hear of
theology sometimes; what is it? Theology, that is the word of God, and what is that
but Christ? 1669.395

But, beloved friends, there is nothing new in theology but that which is false; only the
old is true, for truth must be old, as old as God himself. 3032.151

It is one of the axioms of theology that, if a man be lost, God must not be blamed for
it; and it is also an axiom of theology that, if a man is saved, God must have all the
glory of it. 3202.294

THOUGHT read more quotes relating to drive and motivation

Little things please little minds, and nasty things please dirty minds. PP81

We ought to mind our thoughts, for if they turn to be our enemies, they will be too
many for us, and will drag us down to ruin. PT61

Evil thoughts are the marrow of sin; the malt that sin is brewed from; the tinder
which catches the sparks of the devil’s temptations! the churn in which the milk of
imagination is churned into purpose and plan; the nest in which all evil birds lay
their eggs. PT62

We cannot help the birds flying over our heads; but we may keep them from building
their nests in our hair. PT63

Though sinful thoughts rise, they must not reign. PT63

It is dreadful to think, that a vile imagination, once indulged, gets the key of our
minds, and can get in again very easily, whether we will or no, and can so return as
to bring seven other spirits with it more wicked then itself; and what may follow, no
one knows. PT63

Good thoughts are blessed guests, and should be heartily welcomed, well fed, and
much sought after. Like rose leaves, they give out a sweet smell if laid up in the jar
of memory. PT64

To ruminate upon our sorrows is but to increase them; to turn them over, and over,
and over again, is but to express from them the bitterest drops which they contain.
The more the turbid pool is stirred, the blacker will it become. 773.541

Good men are none the less full of thought because they are men of faith: believing is
not the death of thinking, it is the sanctification of it. 1116.325

If all the thoughts of the chastest and holiest here could now be unveiled to all, a
life-enduring blush would crimson every cheek. 1116.331

Thinking is a kind of work which the mass of the present race abhor. 1245.416

Deep thinking is a very shallow affair after all when the thoughts are our own; we only
get into real depths when we receive the thoughts of God. 1545.382

Thoughts are the eggs of words and actions, and within the thoughts lie compacted
and condensed all the villany of actual transgressions. 1911.399

If our thoughts run upon care and pleasure, they cannot be eager about true religion:
is that not clear? 2040.474

It is certain that thoughts are the eggs of sin. 3257.315

THRONE, THE GREAT WHITE read more quotes relating to doctrine

The gathering at the judgment is like to like. “Gather ye together first the tares, and
bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.” If, then,
thou art like God’s people, thou shalt be with God’s people. ME531

The sea is boiling; the heavens are rent in twain; the clouds are fashioned into a
chariot, and Jesus riding on it, with wings of fire, comes riding through the sky. His
throne is set. He seats himself upon it. With a nod he hushes all the world. He lifts
his fingers, opens the great books of destiny, and the book of our probation, wherein
are written the acts of time. With his fingers be beckons to the hosts above. “Divide,”
said he, “divide the universe.” Swifter than thought all the earth shall part in sunder.
Where shall I be found when the dividing comes? Methinks I see them all divided;
and the righteous are on the right. Turning to them, with a voice sweeter than music,
he says, “Come! Ye have been coming—keep on your progress. Come! It has been the
work of your life to come; so continue. Come and take the last step. ‘Come, ye blessed
of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from before the foundation of the
world.’” And now the wicked are left alone; and turning to them, he says, “Depart! Ye
have been departing all your life long; it was your business to depart from me; ye
said, ‘Depart from me, I love not thy ways.’ You have been departing, keep on,
take the last step!’” 25.195

These sins of thine are speeding as messengers up to the record office in heaven, and
there thou shalt find written down every idle word, every sinful thought, and every
guilty action of thy whole life. How wilt thou bear to hear of all these in the latter
days, when thy body shall have arisen from the grave at the archangel’s trumpet?
How wilt thou bear to hear the book read out that shall rehearse thy sins? At the
very thought thereof thy bones may be dissolved within thee: sins against a righteous
God, sins against his people, sins against his day, sins against his book, sins against
your bodies, sins against your souls, sins of every kind, sins unseen of human eye,
sins unknown to any but yourself and your God, all read and all proclaimed with
trumpet voice while men and angels hear. 889.499

TIME read more quotes relating to spiritual disciplines

I remember hearing an old lady say to a man who said that he had no time, “Well,
you have got all the time there is.” I thought that was a very conclusive answer. You
have had the time, and you still have all the time there is—why do you not use it?
Nobody has more than twenty-four hours in a day, and you have no less. BA174

Do not think that you are stable things; fancy not that you are standing still; you are
not. Your pulses each moment beat the funeral marches to the tomb. You are chained
to the chariot of rolling time—there is no bridling the steeds, or leaping from the
chariot; you are constantly in motion. GS269

If you have not the time, God gave it to you, and you must have misspent it. 578.381

It is a grand thing to have faith for the present, not bemoaning the past, nor
dreaming of some future faith which we hope may yet be ours. The present hour is
the only time we really possess. 2249.147

Be parsimonious of minutes now, though you may have been, at one time, prodigal of
years. 2861.591

Had we plenty of time, we might try two or three schemes at once, though even then
we should most probably fail for want of concentrating our energies; but as we have
very little time, we had better economize it by attending to one thing. 2861.594

Life is very short, but a great deal may be done. Our Lord Jesus Christ, in three
years, saved the world. Some of his followers in three years have been the means of
saving many and many a soul. It was a short life that Luther had to do his work in.
If I remember rightly, he was hard upon fifty before he began to preach the truth at
all, a hopeful sign for some of you who have wasted your young days; so there have
been men of sixty that have yet achieved a life’s work before they had slept and gone
their way. After all, time is long or short as you like to make it so. 3414.331

Talk, Excessive ~ Time | Tongue, The ~ Truth

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