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Spurgeon's Maxims for Living
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Failure ~ Financial Speculation | Flattery ~ Future, The
FAILURE* read more quotes relating to emotional issues

I hope that those who are always thinking of success as certainly involving pride,
may also take to themselves the comfortable reflection that their non-success,
suggesting as it may very bitter thoughts about their brethren, may also be pride
only in another direction. 365.141

All human work which does not begin and end in the Lord Jesus must be a
non-success. 567.247

FAITH* read more quotes relating to doctrine

He would have us like children who believe what their father tells them. AM330

Brethren, I believe in that which I could not have invented. I believe that which
I cannot understand. I believe that which compels me to adore, and I thank God for
a rock that is higher than I am. AM334

Faith obliterates time, annihilates distance, and brings future things at once into its
possession. AP52

Faith is the fountain, the foundation and the fosterer of obedience. BA88

Faith laughs at that which fear weeps over. BA88

The grandeur of the arch of heaven would be spoiled if the sky were supported by a
single visible column, and your faith would lose its glory if it rested on anything
discernible by the carnal eye. ME488

Faith trades in marvels, and her merchandise is with wonders. SW154

We are not to look to what we have. The witness of the senses only confuses those
who would walk by faith. WCo52

Now, I hold no man’s faith to be sure faith unless he knows what he believes. 107.2

In matters relating to the body, we feel first and then believe; my hand smarts, and
therefore I believe it has been wounded. But in things relating to the soul, you
believe first and feel afterwards. 492.67

We do not walk by sight and faith, but “we walk by faith not by sight.” To let us
occasionally see would, in fact, remove us out of the realm of faith, and bring us down
from the high position of believers to the low platform of sight-seers. 1254.518

Faith is both God’s gift and man’s act. The Lord is the author of our faith, but we
ourselves believe. 1367.434

Faith receives more stabs from waverers than from avowed sceptics. 1641.54

A child needs the cup to drink out of, but it cannot drink out of an empty cup. Faith
is the cup, but Christ is the fountain. Faith is a secondary thing compared with
Christ. 1744.560

Fret and worry, hurry and haste, are all slain by the hand of faith. 1756.703

A faith which works not for purification will work for putrefaction. Unless our faith
makes us pine after holiness, and pant after conformity to God, it is no better than
the faith of devils, and perhaps it is not even so good as that. 1790.388

Untried faith is questionable faith. Is it faith at all? 1874.664

Faith is led confidently to expect what reason would never suggest. 1981.496

Faith is the linen which binds the plaster of Christ’s reconciliation to the sore of our
sin. 2000.714

Faith is the assurance of sonship, the pledge of inheritance, the grasp of boundless
possession, the perception of the invisible. Within thy faith there lies glory, even as
the oak sleeps within the acorn. 2055.649

Remember the impossibility of pleasing the Lord without faith, and do not dash your
ship upon this iron-bound coast. 2100.450

My Lord gives me unlimited credit at the Bank of Faith. 2129.95

We need faith for ploughing, for buying, for selling, for working, quite as much as for
praying, and singing, and preaching. 2147.303

Only that is true faith which believes everything that is revealed by the Holy Spirit,
whether it be joyous or distressing. 2147.303

We would be humble, and learn to believe what we cannot altogether comprehend,
and to expect what we should never have looked for, had not the Lord declared it. It
is our ambition to be great believers, rather than great thinkers; to be child-like in
faith, rather than subtle in intellect. 2147.304

Faith is the soul’s eye by which it sees the Lord. Faith is the soul’s ear by which we
hear what God the Lord will speak. Faith is the spiritual hand which touches and
grasps the things not seen as yet. Faith is the spiritual nostril which perceives the
precious perfume of our Lord’s garments, which smell of myrrh, and aloes, and
cassia. Faith also is the soul’s taste by which we perceive the sweetness of our Lord,
and enjoy it for ourselves. 2168.558

Faith is sanctified common-sense. 2297.98

Faith is, in one sense, the gift of God; but, in another sense, it is a mental act for
which we are responsible. God gives us faith, but he does not believe for us. 3008.490

Faith is a principle which hath its root deeper than feelings. We believe, whether we
see or not. We believe, whether we feel or not. 3370.423

It takes much more faith to be an unbeliever than to be a believer. 3512.237

-DEAD read more quotes relating to doctrine

Now, sirs! any kind of faith in Christ which does not change your life is the faith of
devils, and will take you where devils are, but will never take you to heaven. 3390.40

-DEFINITION OF read more quotes relating to doctrine

The old writers, who are by far the most sensible—for you will notice that the books
that were written about two hundred years ago, by the old Puritans, have more sense
in one line than there is in a page of our new books, and more in a page than there is
in a whole volume of our modern divinity—the old writers tell you, that faith is made
up of three things: first knowledge, then assent, and then what they call affiance, or
the laying hold of the knowledge to which we give assent, and making it our own by
trusting in it. 107.2

It is one of the most notable points about faith that it is sanctified common-sense.
That is not at all a bad definition of faith. 1421.369

-OBJECT OF read more quotes relating to doctrine

My faith rests not upon what I am, or shall be, or feel, or know, but in what Christ is,
in what He has done, and in what He is now doing for me. On the lion of justice the
fair maid of hope rides like a queen. ME538

The world hangs on nothing; but faith cannot hang upon itself, it must hang on
Christ. 228.30

-SAVING read more quotes relating to doctrine

The faith which saves is not one single act done and ended on a certain day: it is an
act continued and persevered in throughout the entire life of man. WA134

Brethren, the Lord must not only open the gates of heaven to us at the last, but he
must open the gates of our heart to faith at the first. 551.51

If you truly believe in Jesus, it is for life. Saving faith is a life-long act. 2191.114

Faith is the channel of salvation, not the fountain and source of it. 2898.410

-WEAK read more quotes relating to doctrine

If thou hast weak faith, thou wilt have broken joys and many discomforts. 2173.618

FAITHFULNESS* read more quotes relating to truth

Be faithful every day that you may be faithful to the end. Let not your life be like a
tangled mass of yarn, but keep it ever in due order on the distaff, so that, whenever
the fatal knife shall cut the thread, it may end just where an enlightened judgment
would have wished. PM230

You have had but little entrusted to you! Then the less trouble for you to make use of
your talents. The man who has many talents requires much hard labour to use them
all. 175.84

You cannot expect that God should send you forth to conquer and to bring to him
renown, when you have not as yet conquered your own personal indolence and
disobedience. He that is unfaithful in that which is least will be unfaithful in that
which is greater; and if you have not kept the Master’s sayings in the little vineyard
of your personal history, how much less shall you be able to do it if he should
entrust you with a greater field of service! 795.86

Moreover, brethren, let us not be unduly cast down if we cannot set everybody right.
Truly, the body politic, common society, and especially the church, may cause us
great anxiety; but still the Lord reigneth, and we are not to let ourselves die of grief.
After all, our Lord does not expect us to rectify everything, for he only requires of us
what he enables us to do. 1984.538

If we do as God commands, and do not seem to succeed, it is no fault of ours. Failure
itself would be success as long as we did not fail to obey. 2195.165

We can win “Well done, good and faithful servant”: to be a successful servant is not
in our power, and we shall not be held responsible for it. 2195.166

Have you, dear friend, made any sacrifices for Christ? Have you lately been called
to imperil your own interests by pursuing a right course? Have you been steadfast
even though you have lost friendships? Have you been so firm in your adherence to
principle that you have been judged to be obstinate? Well, if so, you shall be no loser
through your faithfulness. 2814.26

We are not faithful in what is given to us, and if the one talent often lies wrapped in
a napkin, how can we expect to have five or ten entrusted to us? 3376.498

FALL, THE read more quotes relating to doctrine

My brethren, when man fell in the garden, manhood fell entirely; there was not one
single pillar in the temple of manhood that stood erect. 182.140

The very garments that you wear show that you have discovered your shame. The
daily labours which weary you prove that you are not in paradise. The very
preaching of the gospel implies that you are in a sinful world. You are not possessed
of a will unbiased, or inclined to that which is good: you have chosen the evil, and still
continue to choose it; and therefore I should only be proposing to you a road in which
you have already stumbled, and I should be setting you a task in which you have
already broken down. 2210.341

The fall—what a mysterious thing that is! It might have been prevented. I cannot
hold any limit to the omnipotence of God: if he had willed it, there need not have been
a fall. Then why did he permit it? I reply to that in the same spirit. I do not know,
and I do not want to know; but I think I can see such a display of divine mercy, and
love, and grace, and every other attribute, in the redemption of our Lord Jesus
Christ, that the fall, terrible thing as it is, seems to be a grand platform on which the
glory of God could be displayed. 3420.403

FALSE PROFESSORS read more quotes relating to unbelief

Every grace can be counterfeited, even as jewels can be imitated. AP3

A boy in the streets, selling mince-pies, kept crying, “Hot mince-pies!” A person
bought one of them, and found it quite cold. “Boy,” said he, “why do you call these
pies hot?” “That’s the name they go by, sir,” said the boy. So there are plenty of
people who are called Christians, but they are not Christians—that’s the name they
go by; but all the substance is drained out of them by other matters. BA35

“Is your father a Christian?” said a Sunday-school teacher to a child. The girl
answered, “Yes, I believe that father is a Christian; but he has not worked much at
it lately.” No doubt there are many of that sort. Their religion has taken a holiday,
and they themselves have gone to a sluggard’s bed. Let them be aroused, for it is high
time to awaken out of sleep. BA125

Fish sometimes leap out of the water with great energy, but it would be foolish to
conclude that they have left the liquid element for ever, in a moment they are
swimming again as if they had never forsaken the stream; indeed, it was but a fly
that tempted them aloft, or a sudden freak, the water is still their home, sweet home.
When we see long-accustomed sinners making a sudden leap at religion, we may not
make too sure that they are converts; perhaps some gain allures them, or sudden
excitement stirs them, and if so they will be back again at their old sins. Let us hope
well, but let us not commend too soon. FA46

If you profess to be a Christian, yet find full satisfaction in worldly pleasures and
pursuits, your profession is false. ME355

It very often happens that the converts that are born in excitement die when the
excitement is over. SW16

Ah, souls! ye may paint yourselves as ye will, but unless ye have the genuine matter,
ye will never be able to pass the judgment-seat of God. Ye may gild and varnish, but
he will say, “Take it away,” and like the painted face of Jezebel, which the dogs did
eat, despite the paint, so shall you yourselves be utterly devoured, despite the fair
picture that you made. 423.604

If I had an offer now of losing this right arm and having to endure in this church
some such falls as we have had to mourn over, and as the world has seen of late
among high professors, I do feel I can say without hypocrisy, I would choose to be
cut limb from limb sooner than see those whom I have loved and honoured fall from
the faith; for it is a bitter thing to us who are ministers of Christ; it is our curse and
plague; it costs us sleepless nights and miserable days when we hear of those
that did run well apparently who turn back to the world, who play the Judas (it were
bad enough if they played the Peter) and become the devil’s servants, though they
once wore the livery of Christ. 717.595

An ungodly man may lie down in the church of God with the lambs of the flock, and
nothing may lead you to suspect his true character, but when the time comes for him
to make profit by sin, or to get pleasure by sin, or to escape from persecution by sin,
then you find out what he is. 976.102

Let them get home to their knees and pray God to give them manliness enough at
least to be damned honestly, and not go down to perdition wearing the name of
Christian when Christians they are not. 1158.107

We would with the utmost charity hope the best, but we cannot conceal from
ourselves with fear and trembling that a large mass of professors are so worldly, so
fond of every trifling amusement, so given up to self, and so negligent of anything
like zealous service of God, that they cannot be Christians, though they profess to be
such. 1177.332

Many professors only keep upright because they stand in a row, and derive support
from their associations. 1418.328

He who does nothing believes nothing—that is to say, in reality and in truth. Faith is
but an empty show if it produces no result upon the life. If a professor manifests no
energy, no industry, no zeal, no perseverance, no endeavour to serve God, there is
cause gravely to question whether he is a believer at all. 1599.282

Nobody can do as much damage to the church of God as the man who is within its
walls, but not within its life. 2088.310

Multitudes of religious persons are like wax-works, well-proportioned, and you
might mistake them by candle-light for life; but in the light of God you would soon
discover that there is a mighty difference, for the best that human skill can do is a
poor imitation of real life. 2186.53

There are too many of our converts about; we may find them everywhere except in
heaven; but woe unto the man who is content with being the convert of his
fellow-man! 2599.585

Why, these are sham Christians; they are not genuine Christians; they are of the
world, and do the things of the world. We may conclude that their hearts and natures
are worldly, for if they were spiritual they would love spiritual things, and their
hearts would be engaged in spiritual exercises. 3366.383

FALSE PROPHETS* read more quotes relating to unbelief

I can conceive no surer method of prejudicing men against the truth than by
sounding her praises through the lips of men of suspicious character. When the devil
turned preacher in the Lord’s day, the Master bade him hold his peace; he did not
care for Satanic praises. It is very ridiculous to hear good truth from a bad man; it is
like flour in a coal-sack. 2LS45

Religious deceivers are the worst of vermin, and I fear they are as plentiful as rats in
an old wheatstack. PT134

Almost every impostor who has come into the world has aimed principally at the rich,
and the mighty, and the respectable; very few impostors have found it to be worth
their while to make it prominent in their preaching that they preach to the poor. 114.58

The devil has more to do with some men’s pitiless theology than they imagine. 1220.125

I loathe to hear our true Lord praised by false lips. They deny the doctrines which he
taught, and yet prate about believing him. It is a shallow trick, but yet it deceives
shallow souls. 1770.149

O blessed Jesus, it is the same still, thou wilt not dazzle or amuse, and therefore men
prefer any charlatan to thee. 2051.605

As for the new doctrine that many are teaching, it has not enough in it to make even
a mouse enthusiastic; it has not enough in it for them to bait a mouse-trap of their
own, and the only way in which they can make any progress at all is by sneaking into
our churches, obtaining a hearing and winning attention, and then, traitors as they
are, speaking against the very truth that has built our houses of prayer. 2416.270

All false prophets have sought to keep their disciples at a distance, and to impress
upon them, not merely a high estimation of their importance, but also a superstitious
reverence for their person; ay, and sometimes altogether putting aside the thought of
allowing any of their disciples to hold communion with them. 2572.253

Who, think you, are the more honest men,—those who tell you plainly what the
Scriptures say concerning this wrath of God, or those who smooth it over, or deny it
altogether? 2704.581

FAME read more quotes relating to ego

Upstarts frequently usurp the highest places, while the truly great pine in obscurity. ME280

Gain and fame are only so much foam of the sea. All the wealth and honour the
whole world can afford would be too slender a thread to bear up the happiness of an
immortal soul. TD62:10

Fame is not an impartial judge; she has her favourites. Some men she extolls, exalts,
and almost deifies; others, whose virtues are far greater, and whose characters are
more deserving of commendation, she passes by unheeded, and puts the finger of
silence on her lips. WC43

The world soon forgets its benefactors. WCo87

The world will never believe a man famous unless he constantly outdoes himself. WWi124

How sad for a soul to know that the clangour of fame’s trumpet is dying away from
its ears to be superseded by the blast of that awful trumpet ordained to wake the
dead and call them to their last account! 890.512

Ye shall not have his smiles if the smiles of the world will do as well. 1655.224

To have people for ever talking about you, for you, and against you is one of the
wearinesses of mortal life; and yet some people sigh for the fuss that others would be
glad to be rid of. 1733.424

Men even carry to the extreme of folly any slight connection with the great, like the
man who boasted that the king had spoken to him, when it turned out that all his
majesty said was, “Get out of the way!” 2137.190

Full many a name in the roll of fame has been written there with a finger dipped in
blood. It would seem as if men loved those most who have killed the most of them. 2187.61

“Nobody knows me,” says one. Well, it is not a very desirable thing that anybody
should know you: those of us who are known to everybody would be very glad if we
were not; there is no very great comfort in it. 2216.411

“Oh!” says one, “but a man may be famous without God.” Yes, in a sense he may; but
have you ever analyzed fame? Of what good is it to a dead man? Of what good is it to
a damned man? A man in hell, and his name in every newspaper! A man in the
bottomless pit, and they say that he is one of the great men of the age, who has left
his mark upon the world; but if it is a mark without God, what kind of mark is it? A
mark that had better be obliterated as soon as possible. No creature can be a success
unless it pleases its Creator. 2559.113

Nothing that man makes for man will endure. Build on, ye despots; but Time, a
mightier king than you, will pull down all that you put up. 3142.209

“Ah!” says Death again, as he smites him with his cold hand, “who can tell the
difference between the skull of the learned and the skull of the ignorant when the
worm has emptied them both?” 3185.89

What is your name or your character, after all? Who will be any the better for your
caring about such an insignificant creature as you are? Why, when you are dead and
gone, the world will not miss you! It is wonderful what great beings we are in our
own esteem, and yet what little beings we really are, after all! 3239.103

A man may be guilty of nearly every form of iniquity, but so long as he is rich,
nothing is said against him; yet, if another possesses every virtue, but in addition to
that is poor, prejudice has not a word to say in his favour. 3312.354

FASTING read more quotes relating to body issues

If we only ate about half what is ordinarily eaten, we should probably all of us be
in better health; and if, occasionally, we put ourselves on short commons, not because
there is any virtue in that, but in order to get our brains more clear, and to help our
hearts to rest more fully upon the Saviour, we should find that prayer and fasting
have great power. WE48

And what is fasting for? That seems the difficult point. It is evidently accessory to the
peculiar continuance in prayer, practised oftentimes by our Lord, and advised by
him to his disciples. Not a kind of religious observance, in itself meritorious, but a
habit, when associated with the exercise of prayer, unquestionably helpful. 549.35

I believe, literally, that some of you would be a great deal the better if you did
occasionally have a whole day of fasting and prayer. There is a lightness that comes
over the frame, especially of bulky people like myself; we begin to feel ourselves quite
light and ethereal. 2454.104

FATALISM read more quotes relating to doctrine

I hear one say, “Well, sir, you seem to be a fatalist!” No, far from it. There is just this
difference between fate and providence. Fate is blind; providence has eyes. Fate is
blind, a thing that must be; it is just an arrow shot from a bow, that must fly onward,
but hath no target. Not so, providence; providence is full of eyes. There is a design in
everything, and an end to be answered; all things are working together, and working
together for good. 187.181

FEAR read more quotes relating to emotional issues

Unless the Lord has judged our fears to be a great evil, He would not so often have
forbidden them, or have provided such a heavenly quietus for them. WC132

Permit me to say there is nothing in the Bible to make any man fear who puts his
trust in Jesus. Nothing in the Bible, did I say? There is nothing in heaven, nothing on
earth, nothing in hell, that need make you fear who trust in Jesus. “Fear not ye.” The
past you need not fear, it is forgiven you; the present you need not fear, it is provided
for; the future also is secured by the living power of Jesus. 863.189

Half our fears are the result of ignorance. 1950.124

Half our fears arise from neglect of the Bible. 1980.489

It is not what we see that we dread, so much as that which we do not see, and
therefore exaggerate. 1985.543

When I went, last week, to see one of the members of this church who is very ill, I had
a little of my own teaching given back to me. This dear brother said to me, “Do you
remember saying to us, years ago, ‘What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee,’ is a
third-class carriage, but it is in the gospel train, and it will take you to heaven;” but
you added, “Why do you not go in the first-class carriage,—‘I will trust, and not be
afraid’?” Let faith expel fear, and so travel to heaven first-class. 2636.405

-OF GOD read more quotes relating to emotional issues

Worldlings may well be afraid, for they have an angry God above them, a guilty
conscience within them, and a yawning hell beneath them; but we who rest in Jesus
are saved from all these through rich mercy. ME227

The fear of God is the death of every other fear; like a mighty lion, it chases all other
fears before it. 748.250

This disease of fear came into man’s heart with sin. Adam never was afraid of his
God till he had broken his commands. 930.267

Fear is not a mean motive; it is a very proper motive for a guilty man to feel. 1798.492

As for me, I have braved the sneer of men because I feared the frown of my Lord. 3520.333

-OF MAN read more quotes relating to emotional issues

Some of you dare not do a thing that you know to be right, because somebody might
make a remark about it. What are you but slaves? 2888.297

FEDERAL HEADSHIP read more quotes relating to doctrine

Adam was our federal head; he represented us; and when he sinned, we sinned
representatively in him, and what he did was imputed to us. You say that you never
agreed to the imputation. Nay, but I would not have you say thus, for as by
representation we fell, it is by the representative system that we rise. 395.381

We fell, by no act of our own, in the first Adam; and we rise, without any merit of our
own, in the second Adam. 2762.27

Always remember that the federal principle has been adopted by God in his dealings
with the human race from the very beginning. 2933.207

If any object to this principle of representation, that does not affect its truth, and I
would also remind them that, by this very principle of representation, a way was left
open for our restoration. The angels did not sin representatively, they sinned
personally and individually; and therefore there is no hope of their restoration, but
they are “reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the
great day.” But men sinned representatively, and this is a happy circumstance for us,
“for as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of
one shall many be made righteous.” As we fell through one representative, it was
consistent with the principles upon which God was governing mankind that he
should allow us to rise by another Representative. At first, we fell not by our own
fault; so now, by grace, we rise not by our own merit. 3198.242

FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD* read more quotes relating to spiritual disciplines

Thus there will be three effects of nearness to Jesus—humility, happiness, and
holiness. ME266

Tell me who they are that sit oftenest under the banner of His love, and drink
deepest draughts from the cup of communion, and I am sure they will be those who
give most, who serve best, and who abide closest to the bleeding heart of their dear
Lord. ME395

He who communes with God is always at home. TD61:4

Sin is usually at the bottom of all the hidings of the Lord’s face; let us ask the Lord to
reveal the special form of it to us, that we may repent of it, overcome it, and
henceforth forsake it. TD74:1

Communion is the mother of adoration. TD84:4

If we want to taste heaven’s blessed dainties while here below, let us walk in
unbroken fellowship with him—so we shall get two heavens, a little heaven below,
and a boundless heaven above, when our turn shall come to go home. 1136.576

The Lord may be very close to thee, dear child, when thou canst not see him, perhaps
closer than ever he was when thou couldst see him. The presence of God is not to be
measured by thy realization of it. 1793.425

We want one of the two—either to commune with God, or else to sigh and cry till we
do so. 2053.630

A sitting silently at the feet of Jesus is of more worth than all the clatter of Martha’s
dishes. 2072.119

Sinning will make you leave off communion with God, or else communion with God
will make you leave off sinning: one of the two things must occur. 2135.166

All the infidels in the world, and all the devils in hell, will never make you doubt the
truth of the Scriptures if you have once been face to face with Christ, and have
spoken with your Master as a man speaketh with his friend. 2486.489

The active life will have little power in it if it is not accompanied by much of the
contemplative and the prayerful. 2729.254

Thy communion may be transient, but thy corruption is perpetual. To be with Christ
is but a thing of a moment with thee, but to be with thy corruption is a thing of every
hour in the day. 3013.542

Brethren, we miss a thousand blessings because we are too busy to commune with
God. We are here, there, and everywhere, except where we ought to be. 3219.496

Are you going to let go your God because you have lost his smile? Then I ask you, Did
you base your faith upon his smile? for if you did, you mistook the true ground of
faith. The ground of a believer’s confidence is not God’s smile, but God’s promise. 3507.173

FELLOWSHIP WITH THE SAINTS read more quotes about spiritual disciplines

The converse of saints on earth should be a rehearsal of their everlasting communion
in heaven. TN156

In walking, friends become communicative—one tells his trouble, and the other tries
to console him under it, and then imparts to him his own secret in return. When
persons are constantly in the habit of walking together from choice, you may be
quite sure there are many communications between them with which no stranger
may intermeddle. 1307.436

I once visited an aged Christian woman who said to me when she was near death,
“Sir, I do not think that God will appoint me my portion with the ungodly, for I could
never bear their company; and I do hope I shall be among his people, though I am
very unworthy, for I never was so happy as when I was with them.” Yes, you will
keep the same company for ever. The sheep shall be with the sheep, and the goats
with the goats. Your delight prophesies your destiny. 1373.514

I cultivate the practice of endeavouring to see my Lord in all his people, for he IS
there, and it is irreverent not to honour him. He IS with them, and is in them; why
should we doubt it? That is something worth remembering. If so many temples of the
Holy Ghost come together, why, surely, the Holy Ghost himself is there, and the
place whereon they stand is holy ground. 1761.45

Some Christians try to go to heaven alone, in solitude; but believers are not
compared to bears, or lions, or other animals that wander alone; but those who
belong to Christ are sheep in this respect, that they love to get together. Sheep go in
flocks, and so do God’s people. 1807.597

Warm-hearted saints keep each other warm, but cold is also contagious. 1963.285

If any of you are in positions where you can enjoy Christian fellowship, and you have
an opportunity of earning ten times as much money in another position where you
must give up that fellowship, do not do it. 3037.211

Let us treasure the virtues and excellences of our fellow-members, and search for
signs of the Spirit’s work in them; and, remembering our own imperfections and
failures, let us not fix our eyes upon their defects. 3130.64

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He pulls at a long rope who waits for another’s death; he who hunts after legacies
had need have iron shoes. PT106

Once in a while one man in a million may stumble against a fortune, but thousands
ruin themselves by idle expectations. Expect to get half of what you earn, a quarter
of what is your due, and none of what you have lent, and you will be near the mark;
but to look for a fortune to fall from the moon is to play the fool with a vengeance. PT107

A little trade with profit is better than a great concern at a loss; a small fire that
warms you is better than a large fire that burns you. PT140

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