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Spurgeon's Maxims for Living
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Gambling ~ God | Godliness ~ Guilt
GAMBLING read more quotes relating to finances/possessions

A young gambler is sure to be an old beggar if he lives long enough. PT112

I can never look upon dice except with abhorrence. If you ask me why; I reply,—
Because the soldiers at the foot of the cross threw dice for my Saviour’s garments,
and I have never heard the rattling of dice but I have conjured up the dreadful scene
of Christ upon his cross, and gamblers at the foot of it, with their dice bespattered
with his blood. I do not hesitate to say that, of all sins, there is none that more surely
damns men, and, worse than that, makes them the devil’s help to damn others, than
gambling. 2629.318

GAP THEORY read more quotes relating to creationism

I will not venture upon any dogmatic theory of geology, but there seems to be every
probability that this world has been fitted up and destroyed, refitted and then
destroyed again, many times before the last arranging of it for the habitation of men.
“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth;” then came a long interval,
and at length, at the appointed time, during seven days, the Lord prepared the earth
for the human race. TN1

We have the story of the fitting up of the world, during the seven days, for the
habitation of man; but we have not the history of the creation of the earth before that
time. To prepare for the seven days’ rapid furnishing of the earth for man, millions of
years may have elapsed. 2094.374

GIFTS read more quotes relating to spiritual disciplines

There is no person without a talent of some sort or other, no one without some form
of power either given by nature or acquired by education. We are all endowed in some
degree or other, and we must each one give an account for that talent. WE50

GIVING read more quotes relating to finances/possessions

Those who are poor in pocket, if rich in faith, will be accepted none the less because
their gifts are small; but, poor reader, do you give in fair proportion to the Lord, or is
the widow’s mite kept back from the sacred treasury? ME289

Honesty first, and then generosity. PT83

He who tries to cheat the Lord will be quite ready to cheat his fellow men. PT136

Giving is true having, as the old gravestone said of the dead man, “What I spent I
had, what I saved I lost, what I gave I have.” PT147

Brethren, I do not think much of a conversion where it does not touch a man’s
substance; and those people who pretend to be Christ’s people, and yet live only for
themselves, and do nothing for him or for his Church, give but sorry evidence of
having been born again. 544.690

Let us learn then, from the analogy of nature, the great lesson, that to get, we must
give; that to accumulate, we must scatter; that to make ourselves happy, we must
make others happy; and that to get good and become spiritually vigorous, we must do
good, and seek the spiritual good of others. 626.230

There is not a flower that blooms but its very sweetness lies in its shedding its
fragrance on the air. All the rivers run into the sea, the sea feeds the clouds, the
clouds empty out their treasures, the earth gives back the rain in fertility, and so it
is an endless chain of giving generosity. Generosity reigns supreme in nature. There
is nothing in this world but lives by giving, except a covetous man, and such a man is
a piece of grit in the machinery; he is out of gear with the universe. Man is a wheel
running in the opposite direction to the wheels of God’s great engine. He is a jibbing
horse in the team. He is one that will not do what all the forces of the world beside
are doing. He is a monster; he is not fit for this world at all. He has not realised the
motion of the spheres. He keeps not step with the march of the ages. He is out of
date; he is out of place; he is out of God’s order altogether. But the cheerful giver is
marching to the music of the spheres. He is in order with God’s great natural laws,
and God therefore loveth him, since he sees his own work in him. 835.571

Passion seldom gives so acceptably as principle. 1834.199

God will often look upon our work in giving, not according to how much we give, but
I think that the Lord’s rule is to take notice of how much we have left. That woman
who gave all her living, gave more than all the rich men gave, because she had
nothing left. It was but two mites that make a farthing; but then it was all her living;
and so she goes into the front rank. My lord has given a thousand pounds, and we
are very much obliged to him. He must go into the back rank, for all that; for he has
so much left. 2221.477

Our gifts are not to be measured by the amount we contribute, but by the surplus
kept in our own hand. 2234.625

We want personal consecration. I have heard that word pronounced “purse-and-all
consecration,” a most excellent pronunciation certainly. He who loves Jesus
consecrates to him all that he has, and feels it a delight that he may lay anything at
the feet of him who laid down his life for us. 3112.476

-GRUDGING read more quotes relating to finances/possessions

Churlish souls stint their contributions to the ministry and missionary operations,
and call such saving good economy; little do they dream that they are thus
impoverishing themselves. ME600

If we are grateful to God, we shall feel that the first thing to do is to give of our
substance an offering of thanksgiving to the Most High. But this does not strike some
people, whose religion is so spiritual that they cannot endure to hear of money, and
they faint at the sound of a collection. 1763.70

He gives as if he was parting with his blood. His fingers tremble and linger long over
the shilling, which has to be extracted as forcibly as if it were a tooth. One wonders
that the Queen’s image is left upon it when it has been held with such pressure. 2087.293

I know a man; I hope he is a Christian, it is not for me to judge; but I wish that the
Lord would convert his pocket. It needs a button taken off, for it is very difficult to get
it open. 2315.317

I have heard of a man, who, as he went by the plate one collection Sunday, said,
when he was asked what he gave, “What I give is nothing to anybody.” Somebody
said he thought that was exactly what he did give. 3073.7

GLUTTONY read more quotes relating to body issues

Next, common things may be defiled by an excess in the use of them. This may be
done by gluttony. What a defilement it is of bread, the staff of life, and of those
comforts which God gives to us for food, when a man makes his own belly into a god,
whose temple is his kitchen. 2495.591

We may by excess in either way bring ourselves into conditions in which the mind
will not act, and I believe, mark you, that gluttony is as much a sin in the sight of
God as drunkenness, and that, in fact, any eating or drinking which unfits us for
communion with God becomes sinful at once. 3346.134

GOD read more quotes relating to God the Father

It is taken for granted by all theologians that God can neither suffer nor feel. There
is no such thing in the Word of God. TN19

It was said that order is heaven’s first law; surely variety is the second; for in all
God’s works, there is the most beautiful diversity. 175.82

The finite mind of man cannot constantly be occupied, if it is to engage in other
pursuits, with any one thought; but the gigantic mind of God can allow a million
trains of thought at once. He is not confined to thinking of one thing, or working out
one problem at a time. He is the great many-handed, many-eyed God, he doeth all
things, and meditateth upon all things, and worketh all things at the same time;
therefore he never is called away by any urgent business so that he can forget you. 512.307

Brethren, we have two faults. We do not think God to be so great as he is, and we do
not think God can be so little as he can be. We err on both sides, and neither know his
height of glory nor his depth of grace. 1519.79

It has been laid down by divines that God is impassable, and not capable of any form
of suffering. It may be so, but I fail to see scriptural authority for the statement. 1550.424

My dear hearers, you can divide yourselves without difficulty by this rule: Have you
a God, or have you none? If you have no God, what have you? If you have no God,
what good have you to expect? What, indeed, can be good to you? 1938.1

The God of the past has blotted out your sin, the God of the present makes all things
work for your good, the God of the future will never leave you nor forsake you. 1938.1

I dare say that we think that we magnify him, but in reality we belittle him with our
highest thoughts. 2020.233

I do not care a bit what men believe in, whether it be pantheism, or agnosticism, or
theism; if they have no personal God that hears and sees, they have, in fact, no God
at all. 2118.665

“He that planted the ear, shall he not hear?” Think of that argument for a little. Here
is a creature which has ears, and can hear. The God who created that being, can he
not hear? Has he given to his creature more than he has himself? Has he made a
creature which excels himself in essential faculties? Has he bestowed a sense which
he himself never had? How can it be? The God that makes a man with ears to hear,
must possess hearing himself. 2118.665

He can do anything that is right; but he cannot do a wrong thing. 2305.194

One single night of frost will destroy millions upon millions of creatures that were
happy and enjoyed life; and this is done by that God of whom we are often assured
that he cannot possibly punish sin, or put men to pain. But he does it. 2670.177

God is not the God of uniformity. There is a wondrous unity of plan and design in all
he does, but there is also an equally marvellous variety. 2829.206

Theologians lay it down as an axiom that God cannot suffer, but I am not sure that
they are right. I cannot understand God’s love to me, I cannot rejoice as I should in
his goodness to me unless I believe that the gift of his Son cost his heart divine and
awful pangs. I know that I am treading upon delicate ground, and that I am standing
where thick darkness gathers; but I am not certain that what theologians take for
granted is necessarily true. That God can do everything, I do believe; and that, if he
wills to suffer he can do so, I also believe. 3204.315

If we could understand God he would not be God, for it is a part of the nature of God
that he should be infinitely greater than any created mind. 3512.236

-BENEFICENCE OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

He is a sun ever-shining; He is manna always falling round the camp; He is a rock in
the desert, ever sending out streams of life from His smitten side; the rain of His
grace is always dropping; the river of His bounty is ever-flowing, and the well-spring
of his love is constantly overflowing. ME274

The river of time bears from the mountains of eternity the golden sands of His
favour. ME274

It is impossible to doubt the sincerity of His charity, for there is a bleeding heart
stamped upon the face of all His benefactions. ME282

If we were to ask him for a world, it is no more for him to bestow a world than it
would be for us to give away a crumb. 1221.137

You are to be always coming to him—coming to him for spiritual food, coming to him
for spiritual garments, coming to him for washing, guiding, help, and health: coming
in fact for everything. 1334.40

God’s heart, not mine, is the measure of his giving; not my capacity to receive, but his
capacity to give. 2641.462

The goodness of God to a man of evil life is not intended to encourage him to continue
in his sin, but it is meant to woo and win him away from it. 2857.541

-CONDESCENSION OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

Sinners, when God stoops, will you not stoop? When from the highest heaven he
seeks you, will you not seek him? 665.704

O think, that he who was master of all heaven’s majesty came down to be the victim
of all man’s misery! 1239.345

Our degrees and ranks are only shades of littleness; that is all. When the Lord
communes with the greatest of men, he must become little to speak with him. 2001.10

How can we, therefore, measure the descent of Christ, when our highest thoughts
cannot comprehend the height from which he came? 2281.530

The Creator is also a creature. The Son of God is the Son of man. Strange
combination! Could condescension go father than for the Infinite to be joined to the
infant, and the Omnipotent to the feebleness of a new-born babe? 2281.530

-CONSISTENCY OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

Among the unrevealed things there cannot be anything in conflict with the revealed
things; none of the secrets can possibly contradict those truths which God has seen fit
to unfold. 1117.337

-DISTORTION OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

As long as a man thinks that God is as bad as he himself is, he will never repent of
his sin. It is often the holiness of God that breaks men down under a sense of their
own guilt. This mistaken idea of the character of God also prevents the exercise of
faith, for a man cannot have faith in one whose character he does not respect; and if
I am wicked enough to drag God down to my level in my estimation of him, of course
I cannot trust him, because I have enough sense left to enable me to feel that I
could not trust him if he is like myself. 3119.557

-FATHERHOOD OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

It is easy for the dear lips of redeeming love to put away the child’s offences, since he
has already obtained pardon for the criminal’s iniquities. If with his heart’s blood he
won our pardon from our Judge, he can easily enough bring us the forgiveness of our
Father. 3307.295

-GLORY OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

God’s great design in all his works is the manifestation of his own glory. Any aim less
than this were unworthy of himself. He cannot act for the good of his creatures as an
ultimate aim, for that were for God to be impelled by a motive less great than his
own nature. Since there can be nothing greater than the infinite, and there can be
but one infinite—if the infinite God be moved by an infinite motive which is the only
one worthy of him, that motive must be found in his own glory. 541.649

“To whom be glory for ever.” This should be the single desire of the Christian. I take
it that he should not have twenty wishes, but only one. He may desire to see his
family well brought up, but only that “To God may be glory for ever.” He may wish
for prosperity in his business, but only so far as it may help him to promote this—“To
whom be glory for ever.” He may desire to attain more gifts and more graces, but it
should only be that “To him may be glory for ever.” This one thing I know, Christian,
you are not acting as you ought to do when you are moved by any other motive than
the one motive of your Lord’s glory. 572.310

Our Lord’s great object in laying down his life upon the cross was the father’s glory.

Surely he is the grandest creature God has made who glorifies him most. 1391.11

We endeavour to glorify him now by our actions, but then he will be glorified in our
own persons, and character, and condition. He is glorified by what we do, but he is at
the last to be glorified in what we are. 1477.315

I learned, when I was a boy, that the chief end of man was to glorify God and enjoy
him forever; but I hear now, according to the new theology, that the chief end of God
is to glorify man and enjoy him forever. Yet this is the turning of things upside down. 2067.55

If God be glorified, does it really matter where we are? What becomes of us is of small
consequence compared with bringing glory to his great name. 2420.321

The salvation of men is a grand aim, but it must always be in subordination to the
glory of the Lord, that his arm may be revealed, and that all flesh may see it
together. 2441.572

-GOODNESS OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

The Lord is infinitely good, essentially. He is growingly good, experimentally. TN72

-HATRED read more quotes relating to God the Father

We cannot love God without hating that which he hates. TD97:10

He will not hate his people, but he does hate their sins, and hates them all the more
because they nestle in his children’s bosoms. 738.122

A sinner is disgusting to God. Notwithstanding all the love that he has towards men,
and his desire to bless them, yet sin is a thing which the soul of God abhors: all
unrighteousness is most obnoxious to him. The doing of wrong is a thing which God
cannot endure. He reckons it to be a filthy, loathsome, horrible thing. He says to the
ungodly, “Oh, do not this abominable thing that I hate.” 2431.447

Solomon tells us of three things that are an abomination unto the Lord, “the sacrifice
of the wicked,” “the way of the wicked,” and even “the thoughts of the wicked.” 2655.627

The Lord is angry with the wicked every day. He hates sin, even a single sin. He will
by no means spare the wicked. He neither closes his eyes against sin, nor will he stay
his hand from the punishment of sin. 3544.617

-HOLINESS OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

The most spiritual and sanctified minds, when they fully perceive the majesty and
holiness of God, are so greatly conscious of the great disproportion between
themselves and the Lord, that they are humbled and filled with holy awe, and even
with dread and alarm. 1028.4

Brethren, a pure and holy God cannot endure sin: he cannot have fellowship with it,
or with those who are rendered unclean by it, for it would be inconsistent with his
nature so to do. On the other hand, sinful men cannot have fellowship with God: their
evil nature could not endure the fire of his holiness. Who among us shall dwell with
the devouring fire? Who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings? What is
that devouring fire, and what are those everlasting burnings, but the justice and
holiness of God? 1923.541

-IMMUTABILITY OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

Perfect stability belongs alone to God; he alone, of all beings, is without variableness
or shadow of a turning. He is immutable; he will not change. He is all-wise; he need
not change. He is perfect; he cannot change. 158.405

If we are inclined to grieve because everything around us changes, our consolation
will be found in turning to our unchanging God. 2964.577

There are some persons who talk about God changing his purpose; such people do not
know what God is at all. How could God change? God must either change from a
better to a worse, or from a worse to a better. If he could change from a worse to a
better, he is not perfect now; and if he could change from what he is to something
worse, he would not be perfect then, and he would not be God. 3114.501

But no converted man ever found an apology for sin in the immutability of divine
affection; nay, but this is the greatest condemnation of our sin, that we transgress
against a God who still loves us; that we dare to play the traitor to him who never for
a moment was inconstant in his love to us. If the husband were unstable in his
marriage love, there were some excuse for the unfaithful wife; but the firmness of our
Great Husband’s love to our souls makes it the blackest treason, and the most
accursed unchastity, if our hearts turn aside from our Bestbeloved to follow after
idols. 852.51

They that love not have no hate, no jealousy, but where there is an intense, an
infinite love, like that which glows in the bosom of God, there must be jealousy. 1290.233

-JOY OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

“The gospel of the happy God.” Have you ever considered how happy God must be!
how supremely happy? No care, no sorrow, can ever pass across his infinite mind. He
is serenely blessed evermore. Now, when a man is miserable, and of a miserable turn
of mind, he as naturally makes people miserable, as a foul fountain pours out foul
water; but when a good man is superlatively happy, he imparts happiness. A happy
face attracts many of us, and a happy temperament, a quiet mind, a serene
disposition, why, a man who has these, inevitably tries to make others happy; and it
is, I suppose, because God is infinitely happy, that he delights in the happiness of his
creatures. 758.368

He is the happy God, and would have those round about him happy. 1122.400

Do you not know that his name is the happy God, and nothing gives him greater
happiness then to give happiness to his creatures. 2211.356

-JUSTICE OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

God’s mill grinds slowly, but it grinds to powder. Justice loiters to commune with
mercy, but it speedily makes up for its lingering. 1125.434

A God who could pardon without justice might one of these days condemn without
reason. 1173.285

God would not even for mercy’s sake issue an unjust pardon to the souls he loved. 1844.318

Justice is as much vindicated by the redemption of Christ as if it had poured all its
vials of wrath upon the sinner. 1912.414

If thou wert now in hell, thou wouldst have no cause to complain against the justice
of God, for thou deservest to be there. 2129.89

The Law-maker will not be the law-breaker even to save the sinner; but his law shall
be honoured as surely as the sinner shall be saved. 2219.453

If there be a God, he must punish men for sinning against him. How can any moral
government exist if sin goes unpunished, if virtue and vice lead to the same end? 2894.363

We have sinned against God, and it is inevitable that sin should be followed by
punishment. “Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?” and a judge who never
punishes does not do right, but neglects his office. God, who is all love, as a necessary
consequence is also sternly just; for the omission of justice from his character would
be the omission of an essential ingredient of love. 3095.266

Some there be who sit in judgment upon the great Judge, and condemn the
punishment which he afflicts as too severe. As for myself, I cannot measure the
power of God’s anger; but let it burn as it may, I am sure that it will be just. No
needless pang will be inflicted upon a single one of God’s creatures: even those who
are doomed for ever will endure no more than justice absolutely requires, no more
than they themselves would admit to be the due reward of their sins, if their
consciences would judge aright. Mark you, this is the very hell of hell that men will
know that they are justly suffering. 3377.506

-KNOWLEDGE OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

I do not know how much a gnat understands, but I feel sure that a gnat understands
a far larger proportion of what I know, than I can comprehend of what God knows. 2862.607

-LONGSUFFERING OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

There is no greater proof of the omnipotence of God, than his longsuffering; for it
shows the greatest possible power for God to be able to control himself, to be able to
keep in an anger which naturally must boil, and restrain a fury which else must
burn. 466.477

God has great leisure. He lives not merely in time, he inhabiteth eternity. A
thousand years are to him but as one day, so he can afford to wait. 2799.469

-LOVE OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

Divine love had no beginning. Yon stars are babes whose eyes but yesterday were
open to the light, and yonder mountains are infants newly born; but as for God’s love,
it is coeval with His own existence, and the objects of it are always the same. BA158

You can trace the beginning of human affection; you can easily find the beginning of
your love to Christ, but his love to us is a stream whose source is hidden in eternity. ME157

Jesus must have found the cause of His love in His own heart, He could not have
found it in us, for it is not there. ME561

This is the glorious, the suitable, the divine way by which love streams from heaven
to earth, a spontaneous love flowing forth to those who neither deserved it,
purchased it, nor sought after it. ME592

Their poorest actions He accepts; their deepest sorrow He feels; their slenderest wish
He hears, and their every transgression He forgives. ME597

If an angel should fly from heaven and inform the saint personally of the Saviour’s
love to him, the evidence would not be one whit more satisfactory than that which is
borne in the heart by the Holy Ghost. ME710

Does not eternal love delight you? God is no stranger to you; he has known you long
before you knew yourself; ay, long ere you were curiously wrought in the lowest parts
of the earth, in his book all your members were written, which in continuance were
fashioned when as yet there was none of them. Known unto God from the foundation
of the earth were you; he was always thinking of you; there was never a period when
you were not in his mind and on his heart. 512.304

For breadth the love of Jesus is immensity, for length it is eternity, for depth it is
immeasurability, and for height it is infinity. 707.479

The Lord loves you not to-day, Christian, because of anything you are doing, or
being, or saying, or thinking, but he loves you still, because his great heart is full of
love, and it runneth over to you. 829.496

He loves us much better than we love our children, for we often love them so badly
that we bring them up to evil, and we tolerate them in sin. He loves us better than
we love ourselves, for self-love it is that ruins us; but God’s love it is that saves us,
and lifts us up to heaven and to perfection. 829.497

He never loves them less, he cannot love them more. 829.497

And he hath taken his only begotten and nailed him to the cross, because, if I may
venture so to speak, he loved sinners better than his Son. 1000.388

Did my Lord forgive me all my sin? and after that will he ever be unkind to me? Did
he lay down his life for me upon the accursed tree, and can I dream that he will
desert me? Have I looked into the wounds of my dying Saviour, and shall I ever
murmur if he should multiply pains and sufferings and losses and crosses to me? God
forbid. Such love as his forbids all fear. 1244.405

Surely there is something in you which God loves, or else he would not be killing that
which he hates. If he hates the sin in you, it is a good sign; for where do we hate sin
most? Why, in those we love most. 1244.406

If it had been set upon us because of some goodness in us, then when the goodness
was diminished the love would diminish too. 1299.340

Christ did not die to make his Father loving, but because his Father is loving: the
atoning blood is the outflow of the very heart of God toward us. 1667.367

The individuality of the divine love is a great part of the sweetness of it. God thinks
of every separate child of his as much as if he had only that one. The multiplicity of
his elect does not divide the loaf of his affection. 2332.518

He loved them, not for anything that he could ever gain from them, for he had all
things in himself, but because of what he would impart to them. 2488.507

O beloved brethren and sisters in Christ, love without beginning is indeed sweet, but
there is a still more luscious sweetness in love without end! 2880.200

Of all the saints in heaven it may be said that God loved them because he would do
it; for, by nature, there was nothing more in them for God to love than there was in
the very devils in hell. 2968.9

Never did his love begin, and never can it cease. It is from eternity, and shall be to
eternity. 3105.389

God always loves his people; but his people do not always know it. Because of their
sins, they do not always enjoy it. 3371.438

He began to create, he began actually to redeem, but he never began to love. 3561.197

-MAJESTY OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

It is not possible that mortal men should be thoroughly conscious of the divine
presence without being filled with awe. 1474.278

It is not given to such frail creatures as we are to stand in the full blaze of Godhead,
even though it be tempered by the mediation of Christ, without crying out with the
prophet—“I was afraid.” “Who would not fear thee, O king of nations?” 1474.279

-MERCY OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

Sin is a thing of time, but mercy is from everlasting. Transgression is but of
yesterday, but mercy was ever of old. Before you and I sought the Lord, the Lord
sought us. 1182.393

Though the woman was made to feel great sorrows, yet those were connected with a
happy event which causes the travail to be forgotten. There was a tenderness in the
dread utterances of an offended God, and mainly so because almost as soon as he
declared that man must labour and die he promised that the “seed of the woman
should bruise the serpent’s head.” Assuredly the Lord our God is by nature very
pitiful and full of compassion. 1272.21

Men may be cowed by power, but they can only be converted by love. The sword of
justice hath less power over human hearts than the sceptre of mercy. 1687.602

He who notices God’s mercy will never be without a mercy to notice. 3349.178

-OMNIPOTENCE OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

Every conversion is a display of omnipotence. 1314.522

-OMNIPRESENCE OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

He is no petty deity, presiding, as the heathen imagined their gods to do, over some
one nation, or one department of nature. TD96:4

Wherever thou art, and whatever thou lookest upon, thou art in God’s workshop,
where every wheel is turned by his hand. Everything is not God, but God is in
everything, and nothing worketh, or even existeth, except by his present power and
might. 572.304

Is it not a sad proof of the alienation of our nature that though God is everywhere we
have to school ourselves to perceive him anywhere? 1305.411

His circumference is nowhere, but his centre is everywhere. 1973.400

Distance is no distance in the sight of God. 3308.304

-OMNISCIENCE OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

Man is all outside to God. With heaven there are no secrets. That which is done in
the private chamber of the heart is as public as the streets before the all-seeing eye. PT62

Hide nothing from him, for you can hide nothing. TD62:8

God knows us before we know anything. TD71:6

Our eyes are weak; we cannot look through the darkness; but his eye, like an orb of
fire, penetrateth the blackness; and readeth the thoughts of man, and seeth his acts
when he thinks himself most concealed. 116.74

Remember that thought is speech before God. 1234.37

The atheist cries, “No God”; and he who would deny to God universal knowledge is
twin brother to him. As good have no God as a God who does not know. 1736.459

We see things as they come one after the other in a procession, but God is in a
position from which he sees all at once. A man travelling through England sees a
portion at a time; but he that looks at a map sees the whole country present before
him there and then. God sees everything as now. Nothing is past, nothing is future to
him. 1969.350

The omniscience of God is concentrated upon every single being, and yet it is not
divided by the multiplicity of its objects; it is not the less upon any single one because
there are so many. 2005.55

What manner of persons ought we to be when we know that God is observing us, and
noting every movement of our being! 2005.56

He knows our likes and dislikes, our desires and our designs, our imaginations and
our tendencies. He knows not only what we do, but what we would do if we could. He
knows which way we should go if the restraints of society and the fear of
consequences were removed; and that, perhaps, is a more important proof of
character than the actions of which we are guilty. God knows what you think of,
what you wish for, and what you are pleased with: he knows, not only the surface-
tint of your character, but the secret heart and core of it. The Lord knows you
altogether. Think of that. Does it give you any joy, this morning, to think that the
Lord thus reads all the secrets of your bosom? Whether you rejoice therein or not, so
it is and ever will be. 2098.427

There is a great breadth to our conceit; but the things that we really know are very
few, after all. He who is wisest will be the first to confess his own ignorance. Our
faith in the superior knowledge of God is a great source of comfort to us. That he
knows everything, is a sort of omnipresent covering to our naked ignorance. 2441.565

God knows all that you and I may wish to know; and as he knows it, it is better than
our knowing it. 2451.64

-POWER OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

Huge as this great universe is, God has complete power over it, as you have over the
ball which you toss in your hand. 1466.188

-PROMISES OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

Every honest man has a right to credence, and much more does the God of truth
deserve it. AP46

Moreover, it is a charming thought that our good God designedly gives us
promises of good things that we may enjoy them twice; first by faith, and then by
fruition. AP51

The promises exceed all measurement: there is an abyss of depth in them as to
meaning, a heaven of height in them as to excellence, and an ocean of breadth in
them as to duration. AP62

Exceeding “great” Peter says they are; and he knew right well. They come from a
great God, they assure us of great love, they come to great sinners, they work for us
great results, and deal with great matters. They are as great as greatness itself; they
bring us the great God, to be our God for ever and ever. AP64

Our littleness does not alter God’s promise. BA182

Man’s promises, even at the best, are like a cistern which holds but a temporary
supply; but God’s promises are as a fountain, never emptied, ever overflowing, so
that you may draw from them the whole of that which they apparently contain, and
they shall be still as full as ever. TN210

A poor old Christian woman was accustomed to make marginal notes in her Bible,
and she placed against one text a “T” and a “P.” The minister asked her what that
meant, and she said, “It meant Tried and Proved, for I tried that promise on
such-and-such an occasion, and found it true.” “But, my dear sister,” said he, “I see
up and down these pages, whenever there is a choice verse a great ‘P’ put against it;
what does it mean? “That means precious, sir, for I have found it precious, and have
therefore set my seal to it.” 931.285

If a man has made me a promise, he cannot refuse to keep it on the ground that I am
unworthy; because it is his own character that is at stake, not mine. However
unworthy I am, he must not prove himself to be unworthy by failing to keep his word.
“If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself.” Everything
hinges upon the character of the Promiser. 1938.8

He is more willing to keep the promise than we are to have it kept. 1938.8

If one promise of God to one of his people should fail, that one failure would suffice to
mar the veracity of the Lord to all eternity; they would publish it in the “Diabolical
Gazette,” and in every street of Tophet they would howl it out, “God has failed.” 2029.343

God has been pleased to write some of his promises in sympathetic ink, which can
only become visible as it is held close to the fire. 3214.436

-PROVIDENCE OF* read more quotes relating to God the Father

To suppose that temporal things are too little for our condescending God, is to forget
that he observes the flight of sparrows, and counts the hairs of his people’s heads.
Besides, everything is so little to him, that, if he does not care for the little, he cares
for nothing. AP102

With God there are no contingencies. The mighty charioteer of Providence has
gathered up all the reins of all the horses, and He guides them all according to His
infallible wisdom. There is a foreknowledge and predestination which concerneth all
things, from the motion of a grain of dust on the threshing-floor to that of the flaming
comet which blazes athwart the sky. Nothing can happen but what God ordains; and
therefore, why should we fear? BA39

There is as much providence in the creeping of an aphis upon a rose leaf as in the
marching of an army to ravage a continent. GS94

Why am I so curious to know the reason of my Lord’s providences, the motive of His
actions, the design of His visitations? Shall I ever be able to clasp the sun in my fist,
and hold the universe in my palm? yet these are as a drop of a bucket compared with
the Lord my God. Let me not strive to understand the infinite, but spend my strength
in love. What I cannot gain by intellect I can possess by affection, and let that suffice
me. ME499

Believer, if your inheritance be a lowly one you should be satisfied with your earthly
portion; for you may rest assured that it is the fittest for you. Unerring wisdom
ordained your lot, and selected for you the safest and best condition. ME633

You shall find books and sermons everywhere, in the land and in the sea, in the earth
and in the skies, and you shall learn from every living beast, and bird, and fish, and
insect, and from every useful or useless plant that springs out of the ground. TN85

It is always providence when it is a good thing. But why is it not a providence when
it does not happen to be just as we please? Surely it is so; for if the one thing be
ordered by God, so is the other. WC70

Blessed is the man who seeth God in trifles! It is there that it is the hardest to see
him; but he who believes that God is there, may go from the little providence up to
the God of providence. 187.180

To gather up all in one, the calamities of earthquake, the devastations of storm, the
extirpations of war, and all the terrible catastrophes of plague, have only been
co-workers with God—slaves compelled to tug the galley of the divine purpose
across the sea of time. 406.467

Why, look, sirs; suppose for a moment there were some great performance going on,
and you should step in in the middle of it and see one actor upon the stage for a
moment, and you should say, “Yes, I understand it,” what a simpleton you would be!
Do you not know that the great transactions of providence began near six thousand
years ago? and you have only stepped into this world for thirty or forty years, and
seen one actor on the stage, and you say you understand it. 408.483

The insatiable archer is not permitted to shoot his bolts at random—every arrow that
flies bears this inscription, “I have a message from God for thee.” 705.451

He who observes providence shall never want a providence to observe, and he who
watches providence with the view of discovering occasions for usefulness, will find
himself surrounded with golden opportunities for soul-winning. 785.688

To take the sacred picture of providence, and, with our eye-glass, look at the canvass
inch by inch, is practically to see nothing; but to view the work of the Divine Artist as
a whole, with all its lights and shades, and all the fair proportions which manifest the
matchless skill—this is to see indeed. The fault of us all is this: that we judge
Providence by the moment, instead of regarding it in its true magnitude, stretched
upon the framework of that eternal love which knows neither beginning nor end. 879.378

The Lord cannot be unkind to me in providence; for it is impossible that he can
forsake those whose names are graven upon the palms of his hands. 1110.261

He causes the wheel of providence to revolve in such a manner as to help his cause;
he abridges the power of tyrants, overrules the scourge of war, establishes liberty in
nations, opens the mysteries of continents long unknown, breaks down systems of
error, and guides the current of human thought. He works by a thousand means,
preparing the way of the Lord. 1388.686

If we turn to Providence, the history of nations, the history of the church, what
centuries of wonders pass before us! It is said that wise men wonder only once, and
that is always; fools never wonder, because they are fools. 1981.493

He that looks for a providence will not be long without seeing one. 2062.3

When you have looked at creation, remember providence, which is a prolongation of
the creative act. The power which made all things upholds them. 2159.453

The very thing we regret most in providence will probably be that in which we shall
rejoice most in eternity. 2682.319

A good man once went to a certain place to meet his son. Both his son and himself
had ridden from some distance. When the son arrived, he exclaimed, “Oh father! I
had such a providence on the road.” “Why, what was that?” “My horse stumbled
six times, and yet I was not thrown.” “Dear me!” said his father, “But I have had a
providence too.” “And what was that?” “Why, my horse never stumbled at all, and
that is just as much a providence as if the horse had stumbled six times, and I had
not been thrown.” 3060.488

Hence it is most important for us to learn that the smallest trifles are as much
arranged by the God of providence as the most startling events. He who counts the
stars also has numbered the hairs of our heads. 3075.25

He who believes in God must believe this truth. There is no standing point between
this and atheism. There is no half way between an almighty God who worketh all
things according to the good pleasure of his own will and no god at all. A god who
cannot do as he pleases,—a god whose will is frustrated, is not a God, and cannot be
a God; I could not believe in such a god as that. 3114.502

-PROVISION OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

Each day, though it bring its trouble, shall bring its help; and though you should live
to outnumber the years of Methuselah, and though your needs should be as many as
the sands of the seashore, yet shall God’s grace and mercy last through all your
necessities, and you shall never know a real lack. ME119

Feed the sparrows and neglect the offspring of his loins—give crumbs to birds, and
not feed his sons and daughters? You feel instinctively that the kind heart which
remembers the fowls of heaven must yet more remember his own offspring. 363.124

Christian, remember the all-sufficiency of thy God! Let that ancient name, “El
Shaddai”—God all sufficient, sound like music in thine ear—as some translate it,
“The many-breasted God,” yielding from himself the sustenance of all his creatures. 557.122

-PUNCTUALITY OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

How strikingly punctual providence is! You and I make appointments, and miss
them by half-an-hour; but God never missed an appointment yet. God never is before
his time, though we often wish he were; but he never is behind, no, not by one tick of
the clock. 760.392

-SOVEREIGNTY OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

We are too insignificant to be of any great importance in God’s vast universe; He can
do either with us or without us, and our presence or absence will not disarrange His
plans. AM62

If the disposal of the lot is the Lord’s, whose is the arrangement of our whole life? ME708

Alterations and afterthoughts belong to short-sighted beings who meet with
unexpected events which operate upon them to change their minds, but the Lord
who sees everything from the beginning has no such reason for shifting his ground. TD89:34

Not so much as a solitary particle of spray ever breaks rank, or violates the command
of the Lord of sea and land, neither do the awful cataracts and terrific floods revolt
from his sway. TD104:8

Our life is made up of trifles, and if we had a God only for the great things, and not
for the little things, we should be miserable indeed. WWi95

We are called in Scripture “a temple”—a holy temple in the Lord. But shall any one
assert that the stones of the edifice were their own architect? Shall it be said that the
stones of the building in which we are now assembled cut themselves into their
present shape, and then spontaneously came together, and piled this spacious
edifice? Should any one assert such a foolish thing, we should be disposed to doubt
his sanity; much more may we suspect the spiritual sanity of any man who would
venture to affirm that the great temple of the church of God designed and erected
itself. No: we believe that God the Father was the architect, sketched the plan,
supplies the materials, and will complete the work. Shall it also be said that those
who are redeemed redeemed themselves? that slaves of Satan break their own
fetters? Then why was a Redeemer needed at all? 703.424

When God appointeth none disappointeth. 852.54

God has a plan, depend upon it: it were an insult to the supreme intellect if we
supposed that he worked at random, without plan or method. To some of us it is a
truth which we never doubt, that God has one boundless purpose which embraces all
things, both things which he permits and things which he ordains. Without for a
moment denying the freedom of the human will, we still believe that the supreme
wisdom foresees also the curious twistings of human will, and overrules all for his
own ends. 1656.233

He has fixed the hour of our entrance into rest, and it can neither be postponed by
skill of physician nor hastened by malice of foe. 2039.458

If the Lord hath done it, questions are out of the question; and truly the Lord has
done it. There may be a secondary agent, there probably is; the devil himself may be
that secondary agent, yet the Lord hath done it. 2420.319

Nebuchadnezzar was about to carry the Jews away from the land which flowed with
milk and honey to his own far distant country; but the prophet consoled himself with
the reflection that, whatever Nebuchadnezzar meant to do, he was only the
instrument in the hands of God for the accomplishment of the divine purpose. He
proposed, but God disposed. 2893.349

Opposition to divine sovereignty is essentially atheism. Men have no objection to a
god who is really no God; I mean, by this, a god who shall be the subject of their
caprice, who shall be a lackey to their will, who shall be under their control,—they
have no objection to such a being as that; but a God who speaks, and it is done, who
commands, and it stands fast, a God who has no respect for their persons, but doeth
as he wills among the armies of heaven and among the inhabitants of this lower
world, such a God as this they cannot endure. 3202.292

If you could have chosen your own circumstances and condition in life, you could not
have made so wise a choice as God has made for you. 3236.63

The right to punishment is the only right we can now claim upon the footing of
justice. Henceforth we are simply in the hands of God awaiting his sentence. He
may, if he wills, save the entire human race; if it pleaseth him, he may save none. If
so he wills, he may make this man a monument of mercy, and leave his neighbour to
reap the due reward of his works. This is what God has a right to do, and he claims
his sovereign prerogative. 3275.530

No doctrine in the whole Word of God has more excited the hatred of mankind than
the truth of the absolute sovereignty of God. 3284.13

Observe, then, three rights which belong to God,—as Creator; as Judge, having
the right to punish the guilty; and as the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
having the right to pardon sinners, and to do it without in the slightest degree
violating his justice. 3284.15

That God rules men as a builder rules his stones and timber, is the idea of idiots, but
that he leaves them men, in full possession of their freedom, and yet achieves the
purposes of his grace, is the truth. 3328.545

-THOUGHTS OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

These, then, are the thoughts of God concerning us,—certain, numerous, tender, and
infinitely wise. 2609.76

He was always thinking upon us; and he is always thinking upon us. The infinite
mind of God can think of all things at once. 2654.616

Flowers, what are they? They are but the thoughts of God solidified, God’s beautiful
thoughts put into shape. Storms, what are they? They are God’s terrible thoughts
written out that we may read them. Thunders, what are they? They are God’s
powerful emotions just opened out that men may hear them. The world is just the
materializing of God’s thoughts; for the world is a thought in God’s eye. 2896.386

-VERACITY OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

Friendship only flourishes in the atmosphere of confidence, suspicion is deadly to it:
shall the Lord God, true and immutable, be day after day suspected by his own
people? TD95:9

Beloved, should we not have strong faith who believe in a God whose very essence is
pure truth? Where deception is inconceivable doubt should be impossible. 1367.435

-WARNINGS OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

God tries words before he comes to blows, “he said that he would destroy them”; but
his words are not to be trifled with, for he means them, and has power to make them
good. TD106:23

-WILL OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

We read in Scripture of several instances where God apparently changed, but I think
the observation of the old Puritan explains all these; he says, “God may will a
change, but he cannot change his will.” 568.258

My supremest will shall be not to will anything except thy will, and if I do will it I
repent of so willing, and discard the evil will and the undesirable desire. 1333.32

Infinite wisdom dictates what absolute sovereignty decrees. God is never arbitrary,
or tyrannical. He does as he wills, but he always wills to do that which is not only
most for his own glory, but also most for our real good. How dare we question
anything God does? 3025.66

-WISDOM OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

Our Creator is infinitely good, and his will is love: to submit to one who is “to wise to
err, too good to be unkind,” should not be hard. 1276.61

-WORDS OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

Many words and little sense—this is too often the rule of man’s speech. Few words
and much meaning—this is the rule with God. We give gold beaten out into leaf: God
giveth ingots of gold when He speaketh. We use but the filings of gems: God droppeth
pearls from His lips each time He speaketh to us; nor shall we, perhaps, even in
eternity, know how divine are God’s words—how like Himself, how exceeding broad,
how infinite. TN14

-WORKMANSHIP OF read more quotes relating to God the Father

When our Lord has accomplished in us what he is aiming at, the result will be to
empty us out and to make us discover the utter vanity of self. 1287.200

God is making, by his grace, beings who will stand next to his throne, but will remain
reverently loyal for ever. 1466.189

“We are his workmanship,” cry all the saints: do you want to be your own
workmanship? He that can work upon one can work upon another. Oh, that you
would lie at his feet! Oh, that you would put off all idea of what you can do for
yourself, and draw comfort from these few words of my text: “We are his
workmanship”! What is there that God cannot do for you? Rough material as you are,
he can make you what you should be; he can make you what it will delight you to be.
God grant that we may learn to look to the strong for strength, and no longer waste
our time in enquiring for it where there is nothing but perfect weakness! 1829.149

What we are, my brethren, is of small consequence compared with what he is who
worketh all our works in us. What if we be nothing but clay; the great Potter knows
how to fashion us to his praise. The great item is not what the clay is, but what the
potter can make out of it. 1842.290

It often cheers my heart to think that since the Lord made me he can put me right,
and keep me so to the end. 1877.8

The Lord takes more trouble with a sinner than it cost him to make a world: he could
complete the globe in six days, but it often takes many years to bring a sinner to
repentance, and to perfect his salvation. 1981.494

Your extremity is God’s opportunity. The difficulty all along has been to get to the
end of you; for when a man gets to the end of himself, he has reached the beginning
of God’s working. 2717.116

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