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Spurgeon's Maxims for Living
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Early Devotion ~ Envy | Escapism ~ Eyeservice
EARLY DEVOTION read more quotes relating to spiritual disciplines

A smile from Jesus in the morning will be sunshine all the day. BA15

On the first of May in olden times, according to annual custom, many inhabitants of
London went into the fields to bathe their faces with the early dew upon the grass
under the idea that it would render them beautiful. Some writers call the custom
superstitious; it may have been so, but this we know, that to bathe one’s face every
morning in the dew of heaven by prayer and communion, is a sure way to obtain true
beauty of life and character. FA171

The morning hour carries gold in its mouth. PT143

Early rising has the example of Old Testament saints to recommend it, and many
modern saints having conscientiously practised it, have been loud in its praise. It is
an economy of time, and an assistance to health, and thus it doubly lengthens
life. Late rising is too often the token of indolence, and the cause of disorder
throughout the whole day. 996.337

The old proverb declares that they who would be rich must rise early; surely those
who would be rich towards God must do so. 1138.592

A child of God should not leave his bedroom in the morning without being on good
terms with his God. 2090.335

Our first word should be with our heavenly Father. It is good for the soul’s health to
begin the day by taking a satisfying draught from the river of the water of life.
Very much more depends upon beginnings than some men think. How you go to bed
to-night may be determined by your getting up this morning. If you get out of bed on
the wrong side, you may keep on the wrong side all the day. If your heart be right in
the waking, it will be a help towards its being right till sleeping. Go not forth into a
dry world till the morning dew lies on thy branch. Baptize thy heart in devotion ere
thou wade into the stream of daily care. See not the face of man until thou hast first
seen the face of God. Let thy first thoughts fly heavenward, and let thy first
breathings be prayer. 2150.340

EARTH, NEW read more quotes relating to doctrine

As if in sympathy with the woes of earth, the sea is for ever fretting along a
thousand shores, wailing with a sorrowful cry like her own birds, booming with a
hollow crash of unrest, raving with uproarious discontent, chafing with hoarse
wrath, or jangling with the voices of ten thousand murmuring pebbles. The roar of
the sea may be joyous to a rejoicing spirit, but to the son of sorrow the wide, wide
ocean is even more forlorn than the wide, wide world. This is not our rest, and the
restless billows tell us so. ME503

We believe that God will never suffer this world, which has once seen Christ’s blood
shed upon it, to be always the devil’s stronghold. ME719

However red with blood, however black with sin the world may yet be, she shall one
day be as pure and perfect as when she was created. WC108

Under the Levitical dispensation the cleansing of vessels which had been defiled was
effected by passing them through the fire, as a type of the intense energy needed to
remove sin, and the Lord’s abhorrence of it; even thus shall this earth dissolve with
fervent heat, and thus the Lord shall proclaim to the whole universe that he hates
even the garment spotted by the flesh. When a house was defiled with leprosy it was
destroyed, and so must this earth be, for the plague of sin has polluted it. 1125.435

EASY BELIEVISM read more quotes relating to evangelism

What is the use of religion which comes up in a night, and perishes as soon? Ah, me!
what empty bragging we have heard! The thing was done, but then it was never
worth doing; soon things were as if it had never been done; and, moreover, this sham
way of doing it made it all the harder toil for the real worker. PM18

We do not consider soul winning to be accomplished by hurriedly inscribing more
names upon our church-roll, in order to show a good increase at the end of the year.

As you learn, teach; as you get, give; as you receive, distribute. Be as the small rain
upon the tender herb. Do you not think that in trying to bring people to Christ we
sometimes try to do too much at once? WE119

A man’s converts are always a disgrace to him. It is only those that God converts that
will last. When we go fresh into a place, there is always a number of people who hear
with a degree of profit, and who are affected by us. But let that minister be taken
away, and they go back again. One wave washes them up on the shore, and the
return wave sucks them back again into the great deeps. 423.603

“Oh,” writes one to me this week, “I have believed that Jesus died for me, but it does
not keep me from sinning in any way whatever. Our minister says that if we believe
that Jesus died for us we shall be saved.” No, no, but that is not the gospel, and such
a belief is not faith at all. I did not wonder that a poor creature should have tried
such a gospel and found it fail. Do not these men say that Christ died for everybody,
and then declare that if you believe he died for you (which he must of necessity have
done if he died for everybody) then that will save you, and yet there are scores and
hundreds who are proofs to the fact that it does not save them, but that they can
believe this universal redemption and live as they did before? 834.564

I have known, in my short time, certain churches, in the paroxysms of delirium,
meeting houses crowded, aisles filled, preachers stamping and thundering, hearers
intoxicated with excitement, and persons converted by wholesale—even children
converted by hundreds—they said thousands. Well, and a month or two after, where
were the congregations? where were the converts? Echo has answered, “Where,
where?” Why, the converts were worse sinners than they were before; or mere
professors, puffed up into a superficial religion, from which they soon fell into a
hopeless coldness, which has rendered it difficult ever to stir them again. 890.513

I have never preached to you that you may live in sin if you only believe in Jesus: I
have never preached that you shall be saved without being purified in heart. No, the
salvation which this pulpit has proclaimed is not salvation in sin but salvation from
sin, not a licence to evil but a deliverance from evil. 1278.95

You must not imagine that in this church all who have come to Christ nominally
have come really. 1298.327

The apostle Paul not only said of Titus that he was his son, but he called him his
“true” son. The Revised Version correctly translates it, “My true child.” We have,
alas! some who have called us “father” in a spiritual sense, of whom we have cause to
be ashamed. There are converts and converts. 2439.543

It is an idle attempt to heal those who are not wounded, to attempt to clothe those
who have never been stripped, and to make those rich who have never realized their
poverty. 2586.421

Our converts are worth nothing. If they are converted by man they can be
unconverted by man. 2920.54

Beware, beloved, of all dry-eyed reformations. 3049.350

EDUCATION read more quotes relating to knowledge and wisdom

Men of education are apt, even when converted, to look upon the simplicities of the
cross of Christ with an eye too little reverent and loving. They are snared in the old
net in which the Grecians were taken, and have a hankering to mix philosophy and
revelation. ME539

The best education is education in the best things. TD78:4

Do not think Christians are made by education; they are made by creation. 660.640

It is a sad thing that it should be so; but mental force without moral principle has
become an engine of destruction, an instrument of mischief. Of all kinds of villains
the educated villain is the most to be dreaded. 1805.567

ELECTION read more quotes relating to doctrine

Brethren, the election of grace, which is so often denounced, is a fact which men need
not speak against, since they do not themselves desire to be elected. I can never make
out why a man should cavil at another’s being chosen when he does not himself wish
to be chosen. AM323

I believe the doctrine of election, because I am quite sure that if God had not chosen
me I should never have chosen him; and I am sure he chose me before I was born, or
else he never would have chosen me afterwards; and he must have elected me for
reasons unknown to me, for I never could find any reason in myself why he should
have looked upon me with special love. 2LS47

Many persons want to know their election before they look to Christ, but they cannot
learn it thus, it is only to be discovered by “looking unto Jesus.” ME398

There will be no doubt about His having chosen you, when you have chosen Him. ME398

Electing love has selected some of the worst to be made the best. ME684

If God has set his choice upon us, let us aim to be choice men. TD105:6

Those who cavil at the doctrine of election should answer this question: “Why is it
that God has left devils without hope, and yet has sent His Son to redeem mankind?
Is not divine sovereignty manifested here?” TN25

Strange to say, the great number of those who are saved are just the most unlikely
people in the world to have been saved, while a great number of those who perish
were once just the very people whom, if natural disposition had anything to do with
it, we should have expected to see in Heaven. WWa139

We do need someone to choose for us in that matter; we want our Father to fix our
eternal destiny, and write our names in the book of life; otherwise, if left to ourselves,
the road to hell would be as naturally our choice as for a piece of inanimate matter to
roll downwards, instead of assisting itself upwards. 33.254

Your damnation is your own election, not God’s; you richly deserve it. 239.119

How is it that some of us who were once drunkards, swearers, and the like, are now
sitting here to praise the God of Israel this day? Was there anything good in us that
moved the heart of God to save us? God forbid that we should indulge the
blasphemous thought. 290.34

We see our election by our calling, and not else. 1321.609

It is quite certain that when we read that God will have all men to be saved it does
not mean that he wills it with the force of a decree or a divine purpose, for, if he did,
then all men would be saved. He willed to make the world, and the world was made:
he does not so will the salvation of all men, for we know that all men will not be
saved. 1516.49

One would have thought, therefore, that God would have restored the angels before
he upraised the human race. But he has not: he has redeemed us, and left the elder
race of rebels unrestored. No man knoweth why, and in our amazement we cry,—
How is this? Whence this election of grace? Tell me, ye who would leave God no
choice, but would deify the will of man, what all this means? Where is your proud
theory that God is bound to treat all alike, as if we had a claim on God? I point you to
the fallen angels, and what can you say? 1820.59

Whatever may be said about the doctrine of election, it is written in the Word of God
as with an iron pen, and there is no getting rid of it; there it stands. 2320.374

I have known some who have said to me, “I am afraid, sir, and this is my daily
trouble, that God has never chosen me to eternal salvation; suppose that, after all, I
should not be one of his elect.” Now, listen: suppose that you should be one of his
elect. Is there not as much sense in supposing the one thing as the other? 2408.171

The way for you to ascertain God’s choice is to talk about Christ to everybody you
meet; try to bring everyone to Christ. The Lord will do the sorting far better than you
can; he never makes a mistake. 2799.477

Jacob was God’s chosen one; he had set his love upon him, and ere he was born, he
had distinguished him as his elect one. Now this is a great deep, and there are many
who cavil at and question it; I am not here to answer them. The Book says so; let
them cavil with the Book, not with me. 3091.219

If you are God’s chosen ones, you will know it by your trusting in Jesus. Simple as
that trust is, it is the infallible proof of election. 3191.165

He knows why he chose us, but that reason is not known to us, and certainly cannot
be found in ourselves. I never met with anybody who ever thought that he deserved
to be chosen unto salvation; the very fact of the choice proves that it must have been
all of grace. 3248.209

While I bless my Lord that he will save you if you seek him, I am more thankful still
that there are men and women whom he will seek as well as save; nay, that there
never was a soul saved yet but Christ sought it first. 3309.319

It is an inspiration for us all to work for Christ, because we are sure to have some
results. 3326.525

They who seek Christ are already being sought of him. 3331.585

Long before time had begun, God had foreknown his chosen, and fore-ordained them
unto eternal life. They had not chosen him, for they were not in existence. 3413.314

-CORPORATE read more quotes relating to doctrine

Here again, our opponents have tried to overthrow election by telling us that it is an
election of nations, and not of people. But here the Apostle says, “God hath from the
beginning chosen you.” It is the most miserable shift on earth to make out that God
hath not chosen persons but nations, because the very same objection that lies
against the choice of persons, lies against the choice of a nation. If it were not just to
choose a person, it would be far more unjust to choose a nation, since nations are but
the union of multitudes of persons, and to choose a nation seems to be a more
gigantic crime—if election be a crime—than to choose one person. Surely to choose
ten thousand would be reckoned to be worse than choosing one; to distinguish a
whole nation from the rest of mankind, does seem to be a greater extravaganza in the
acts of divine sovereignty than the election of one poor mortal and leaving out
another. 41,42.318

-DISBELIEF OF read more quotes relating to doctrine

However much this may be disputed, as it frequently is, you must first deny the
authenticity and full inspiration of the Holy Scripture before you can legitimately
and truly deny it. 123.130

I believe the man who is not willing to submit to the electing love and sovereign grace
of God, has great reason to question whether he is a Christian at all, for the spirit
that kicks against that is the spirit of the devil, and the spirit of the unhumbled,
unrenewed heart. 277.424

Answer me, ye that deny God’s sovereignty, and hate his election—how is it that
angels are condemned to everlasting fire, while to you, the children of Adam, the
gospel of Christ is freely preached? The only answer that can possible be given is this:
God wills to do it. 303.134

Our Arminian antagonists always leave the fallen angels out of the question: for it is
not convenient to them to recollect this ancient instance of Election. They call it
unjust, that God should choose one man and not another. By what reasoning can this
be unjust when they will admit that it was righteous enough in God to choose one
race—the race of men, and leave another race—the race of angels, to be sunk into
misery on account of sin. 303.134

To this day, men cannot bear that doctrine. Free will suits them very well, but free
grace does not. They would not let Christ choose his own wife; I say it with the
utmost reverence. 2755.567

-FORESEEN FAITH read more quotes relating to doctrine

“But,” say others, “God elected them on the foresight of their faith.” Now, God gives
faith, therefore he could not have elected them on account of faith, which he foresaw.
There shall be twenty beggars in the street, and I determine to give one of them a
shilling; but will any one say that I determined to give that one a shilling, that I
elected him to have the shilling, because I foresaw that he would have it? That would
be talking nonsense. In like manner to say that God elected men because he foresaw
they would have faith, which is salvation in the germ, would be too absurd for us to
listen to for a moment. 41,42.317

There was nothing more in Abraham than in any one of us why God should have
selected him, for whatever good was in Abraham God put it there. Now, if God put it
there, the motive for his putting it there could not be the fact of his putting it there. 303.135

If I were to plead that the rose bud were the author of the root, well! I might indeed,
be laughed at. But were I to urge that any goodness in man is the ground of God’s
choice, I should be foolish indeed. 303.135

The love of God therefore existed before there was any good thing in man, and if you
tell me that God loved men because of the foresight of some good thing in them, I
again reply to that, that the same thing cannot be both cause and effect. Now it is
quite certain that any virtue which there may be in any man is the result of God’s
grace. Now if it be the result of grace it cannot be the cause of grace. It is utterly
impossible that an effect should have existed before a cause; but God’s love existed
before man’s goodness, therefore that goodness cannot be a cause. 501.172

Some, who know no better, harp upon the foreknowledge of our repentance and faith,
and say that, “Election is according to the foreknowledge of God;” a very scriptural
statement, but they make a very unscriptural interpretation of it. Advancing by slow
degrees, they next assert that God foreknew the faith and the good works of his
people. Undoubtedly true, since he foreknew everything; but then comes their
groundless inference, namely, that therefore the Lord chose his people because he
foreknew them to be believers. It is undoubtedly true that foreknown excellencies are
not the causes of election, since I have shown you that the Lord foreknew all our sin:
and surely if there were enough virtue in our faith and goodness to constrain him to
choose us, there would have been enough demerit in our bad works to have
constrained him to reject us; so that if you make foreknowledge to operate in one
way, you must also take it in the other, and you will soon perceive that it could not
have been from anything good or bad in us that we were chosen, but according to the
purpose of his own will, as it is written, “I will have mercy upon whom I will have
mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.” 779.621

Recollect also that God himself did not foresee that there would be any love to him in
us arising out of ourselves, for there never has been any, and there never will be; he
only foresaw that we should believe because he gave us faith, he foresaw that we
should repent because his Spirit would work repentance in us, he foresaw that we
should love, because he wrought that love within us; and is there anything in the
foresight that he means to give us such things that can account for his giving us such
things? The case is self-evident—his foresight of what he means to do cannot be his
reason for doing it. 1299.341

You are obliged to confess that it is of grace then, and cast away the thoughts, that it
was of your foreseen faith, or of your foreseen good works, that the Lord chose you.

-FORESEEN VIRTUE read more quotes relating to doctrine

But I think no sincere and earnest student of Scripture will ever believe that God
commences to love his people when they begin to love him. 3133.99

-JOY IN read more quotes relating to doctrine

When David danced before the ark, he told Michal that election made him do so. ME604

There is no more humbling doctrine in Scripture than that of election, none more
promoting of gratitude, and, consequently, none more sanctifying. Believers should
not be afraid of it, but adoringly rejoice in it. ME661

To me, it is one of the sweetest and most blessed truths in the whole of Revelation;
and those who are afraid of it are so because they do not understand it. If they could
but know that the Lord had chosen them, it would make their hearts to dance for joy.

Stagger not at electing love; it is one of the highest notes of heavenly music. 3062.511

-JUSTIFICATION OF read more quotes relating to doctrine

Who is to have the authority in the matter of gracious adoption. The children of
wrath? Surely not; and yet all men are such! No; it stands to nature, to reason, to
common sense, that none but the parent can have the discretion to adopt. 587.488

If the Lord should choose to show mercy to only one man in the world, he has the
perfect right to do so; if he chooses to give it to a few, or if he chooses to give it to all,
he has the right to do so. 2670.172

-PREACHING ON read more quotes relating to doctrine

A controversialist once said, “If I thought God had a chosen people, I should not
preach.” That is the very reason why I do preach. What would make him inactive is
the mainspring of my earnestness. If the Lord had not a people to be saved, I should
have little to cheer me in the ministry. 2167.551

I believe that God will save his own elect, and I also believe that, if I do not preach
the gospel, the blood of men will be laid at my door. 2303.171

“But some truths ought to be kept back from the people,” you will say, “lest they
should make an ill use thereof.” That is Popish doctrine, it was upon that very theory
that the priests kept back the Bible from the people, they did not give it to them lest
they should misuse it. “But are not some doctrines dangerous?” Not if they are true
and rightly handled. Truth is never dangerous, it is error and reticence that are
fraught with peril. “But do not men abuse the doctrines of grace?” I grant you that
they do; but if we destroyed everything that men misuse, we should have nothing
left. 2920.49

-STUMBLING OVER read more quotes relating to doctrine

But there are some who say, “It is hard for God to choose some and leave others.”
Now, I will ask you one question. Is there any of you here this morning who wishes
to be holy, who wishes to be regenerate, to leave off sin and walk in holiness? “Yes,
there is,” says some one, “I do.” Then God has elected you. But another says, “No; I
don’t want to be holy; I don’t want to give up my lusts and my vices.” Why should you
grumble, then, that God has not elected you to it? For if you were elected you would
not like it, according to your own confession. 42.316

You cannot diminish, you cannot increase the number, why preach the gospel? Now,
I thought my friend Mr. Bloomfield anticipated this difficulty well enough. There
must be a harvest,—why sow, why plough? Simply because the harvest is ordained to
save some. 387.312

I wish that any sinner who is troubled about election, for instance, would wait till
God tells him he is not elected, or, if he has any misgiving about whether he may
come to Christ, he would wait till he finds a passage which tells him that he may not
come. 1123.417

Man is made out to be a poor, weak creature, victimised by a law too rigid for his
frailty. It is represented that he has a right to mercy, and a great uproar is made if
we deny him any such right; and much anger is felt if we declare that mercy is the
sovereign prerogative of God, and may be exercised at his own absolute discretion.
Rebellion against divine election is often founded on the idea that the sinner has a
sort of right to be saved, and this is to deny the full desert of sin. 1416.301

The other day when we preached the electing love of God, you grumbled and muttered
that God was unjust to choose one rather than another. What did this mean? Did it
not mean that you felt you had some claim upon God? 2012.136

-UNTO HOLINESS read more quotes relating to doctrine

God neither chose them nor called them because they were holy, but He called them
that they might be holy, and holiness is the beauty produced by His workmanship in
them. ME329

Grace does not choose a man and leave him as he is. 801.162

There is no man in this world chosen to go to heaven apart from being made fit to go
there. 1430.476

Foreordination to holiness is indissolubly joined to foreordination to happiness. 1829.153

God’s choice of us was not because we were holy, but to make us holy; and God’s
purpose will not be fulfilled unless we are made holy. 2266.356

EMOTIONALISM* read more quotes relating to emotional issues

When passion has run away with a man, who knows where it will carry him? PP143

Ah! dear friends, one half of the emotions excited in our places of worship are of no
more value than those excited at the theatre. 653.559

That which is wrought by noise will subside when quiet reigns, as the bubble dies
with the wave which bore it. 1147.703

That devotion which must always show itself by shouting may be very genuine, but
it is to be feared that it is superficial. Deep waters run silently. Great feeling is dumb:
there is a frost of the mouth when there is a thaw of the soul. 2072.118

EMOTIONS read more quotes relating to emotional issues

Judged by changeful feelings, one might be lost and saved a dozen times a day. 1146.689

It is idle to say, “I cannot help it, it is my temperament.” Your temperament will
destroy you, as surely as you live, if the grace of God does not destroy your
temperament. 1274.46

The two disciples who walked to Emmaus and conversed together, and were sad,
were true believers. We may not judge men by their occasional feelings. The
possession of gladness is no clear evidence of grace; and the existence of depression is
no sure sign of insincerity. 1980.481

The value of feeling depends upon its cause. 3370.423

EMPLOYERS read more quotes relating to leadership

If you don’t pay your men, they pay themselves, or else they shirk their work. PP50

The Lord’s people should be considerate of those who are in their employment. The
recollection of their own bondage should make them tender and kind to those who are
in subservience to themselves, and never should a Christian man be ungenerous,
illiberal, severe, churlish with his servants, or with any who are dependent upon
him. 1406.190

He judges the world by this rule, that men are bound to do that which is right and
just to their fellow-men; and it can never be right that a man should work like a
slave, be housed worse than a horse, and have food scarcely fit for a dog. 3059.470

ENCOURAGEMENT* read more quotes relating to compassion/consolation

The way is good, says Chrysostom, if it be to a feast, though through a dark and
miry lane; if to an execution not good, though through the fairest street of the city.
Non qua sed quo. Not the way but the end is to be mainly considered. FA136

Look upward, and you will perceive no seat of fiery wrath to shoot devouring flame.
Look downward, and you discover no hell, for there is no condemnation to them that
are in Christ Jesus. Look back, and sin is blotted out. Look around, and all things
work together for good to them that love God. Look beyond, and glory shineth
through the veil of the future, like the sun through a morning’s mist. Look outward,
and the stones of the field, and the beasts of the field, are at peace with us. Look
inward, and the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, keeps our hearts and
minds by Christ Jesus. 1818.27

It does people good to be told how highly we value them. There is many a Christian
man and woman who would do better if now and then someone would speak a kindly
word to them, and let them know that they had done well. 2233.618

ENEMIES, TREATMENT OF read more quotes relating to relationship issues

Notice that this text inculcates not merely passive non-resistance, though that is
going a good way, but it teaches us active benevolence to enemies. “Overcome evil
with good,” with direct and overt acts of kindness. 1317.560

ENVY read more quotes relating to emotional issues

Oh! beloved, it is a happy thing to be free from envy. Envy is a curse which blighteth
creation; and even Eden’s garden itself would have become defaced, and no longer
fair, if the wind of envy could have blown on it; envy tarnisheth the gold; envy
dimmeth the silver; should envy breathe on the hot sun, it would quench it; should
she cast her evil eye on the moon, it would be turned into blood, and the stars would
fly astonished at her. Envy is accursed of heaven; yes, it is Satan’s first-born—the
vilest of vices. Give a man riches, but let him have envy, and there is the worm at the
root of the fair tree; give him happiness, and if he envies another’s lot, what would
have been happiness becomes his misery, because it is not so great as that of
someone else. 25.189

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