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Spurgeon's Maxims for Living
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PACIFISM read more quotes relating to truth

I will not say it is because we are unfaithful to our Master that the world is more
kind to us, but I half suspect it is, and it is very possible that if we were more
thoroughly Christians the world would more heartily detest us, and if we would
cleave more closely to Christ we might expect to receive more slander, more abuse,
less tolerance, and less favour from men. 497.125

PARABLES read more quotes relating to the Bible

No parable teaches all sides of truth. GS141

PARADOXES read more miscellaneous quotes

What may seem defeat to us may be victory to Him. ME717

The difficulties about free agency and predestination have existed, do exist, and will
exist to the world’s end, ay, and through eternity too. Both facts are to my mind
certain, but where they meet none knows but God himself. 1131.507

What a strange medley are we of the diabolical and the divine, the sinful and the
heavenly, so sadly wedded to the earth, and yet so gloriously born from heaven.

My friends, believe in the unexpected. I was about to utter a paradox, and say expect
the unexpectable. 1432.500

O child of God, thou art on one side fair as an angel, and the grace of God gleams
upon thee, and makes thee bright as thy transfigured Master: and yet on the other
side of thee thou art black as a devil, and if the grace of God were taken from thee
thou wouldst as much dishonour the name and cross of Christ as ever did the false
apostate who took the thirty pieces of silver. 1528.171

Mark this: the man who grieves because he does not grieve is often the man who
grieves most. He that feels that he does not feel is probably the most feeling man of
us all; I suspect that hardness is almost gone when it is mourned over. He who can
feel his insensibility is not insensible. 1983.517

Paradoxes, in spiritual things, are as plentiful as blackberries; in fact, if you cannot
believe a paradox, you cannot believe in Christ himself, for he is God and man in one
person, and that is a paradoxical mystery. 2103.489

Do not let us exalt him into only a God-man; for if we do, we shall degrade him into a
man-God. He is neither the one nor the other. He is God; diminish not his splendour.
He is man,—man such as we are; forget not his tenderness. 2418.292

Oh, how many things you and I have still to gain by losing! How much we are to be
enriched by our losses! How we are to make progress by going backward! How we
have yet to mount by sinking! How we have yet to rise by descending! 2698.513

And you may depend upon this fact, that paradoxes are not strange things in
Scripture, but are rather the rule than the exception. 2706.603

You do not like to remember your sin; but, if you remember it, God will forget it;
whereas, if you forget it, God will remember it against you. 2736.330

The sinner sins in order to be happy, as he thinks; and the newborn man abstains
from sin in order to be happy. 2757.598

Our war is for peace. Every blow that we strike is against blows. If we have to
denounce anything, we do most of all denounce denunciation; and if we are bitter at
all, most of all we are bitter against bitterness, and envy, and malice, and all
uncharitableness. 2820.106

Permit me to use a paradox, and say that it is not trouble that troubles a man so
much as something else that is the secret of the trouble. 3076.38

PARDON read more quotes relating to salvation

The reason for pardon is not in the penitent, but in the Pardoner. 3068.584

PARENTING read more quotes relating to family issues

Especially in things connected with religion, keep your child back from any form until
he has a right to be a partaker of it. Never encourage him to come to the Lord’s Table
unless you really believe that there is a work of grace in his heart; for why should you
lead him to eat and drink his own damnation? CC80

“I shall not attend Sabbath-school any more,” said a young girl to one of her class.
“Why not?” asked her friend. “Because my mother is going to send me to the
dancing-school, and I think it very inconsistent to attend both at the same time.”
Children are sure to reason, if their parents do not. “Lead us not into temptation,” let
the children pray; for are they not often led there? FA44

Do not water your young plants either with vinegar or with syrup. PM108

A boy can be driven to learn till he loses half his wits: forced fruits have little flavour;
a man at five is a fool at fifteen. PP71

Most men are what their mothers made them. The father is away from home all day,
and has not half the influence over the children that the mother has. PP109

Little children give their mother the headache, but if she lets them have their own
way, when they grow up to be great children they will give her the heartache. PP110

Soft-hearted mothers rear soft-headed childen; they hurt them for life because they
are afraid of hurting them when they are young. PP110

He who thinks it easy to bring up a family never had one of his own. A mother who
trains her children aright had need be wiser than Solomon, for his son turned out a
fool. PP111

A wild goose never lays a tame egg. PT12

The most careful and prayerful father cannot be held accountable for having wicked
sons, if he has done his best to instruct them. The most anxious and tearful
mother cannot be blamed if her daughter dishonours the family, provided her
mother has done her best to train her up in the right way. WWi151

If you want to ruin your son, never let him know a hardship. When he is a child carry
him in your arms, when he becomes a youth still dandle him, and when he becomes
a man still dry-nurse him, and you will succeed in producing an arrant fool. If you
want to prevent his being made useful in the world, guard him from every kind of
toil. Do not suffer him to struggle. Wipe the sweat from his dainty brow and say,
“Dear child, thou shalt never have another task so arduous.” Pity him when he ought
to be punished; supply all his wishes, avert all disappointments, prevent all troubles,
and you will surely tutor him to be a reprobate and to break your heart. But put him
where he must work, expose him to difficulties, purposely throw him into peril, and
in this way you shall make him a man, and when he comes to do man’s work and to
bear man’s trial, he shall be fit for either. 585.466

If you do not look to your actions, you may have good motives, but your example will
not be very good. How necessary this is to the parent! because if the parent falls into
an error, his children will imitate him in his vices far sooner than his virtues. 685.214

You are a mother with little children, and it is probably your duty to be at home
rather than to be at the prayer meeting. It may sometimes be your business, as a
husband, to take turns with your wife, and let her come out to the house of God,
instead of always taking the privilege yourself. 702.414

We all agree with the remark that it is better to give a lad an education than a
fortune, for the one he carries in him and cannot lose, but the other may soon be
gone, since it is no part of himself. 1202.631

Why, at home, to our children, especially when they are young, we are, as it were,
little gods; they take their law from us, and their conduct is shaped according to the
pattern we set before them. 1230.238

May not your child’s conduct to you be a fair reflection of your own conduct towards
your heavenly Father? 1274.42

But our children, perhaps, do not give us most anxiety when they are infants, nor
when we have them at school, when we can put them to bed and give them a
good-night’s kiss and feel that all is safe; the heavy care comes afterwards—
afterwards when they have broken through our control, when they are running
alone, and on their own account, when they are far away from our home, when they
are out of the reach of our rebuke, and do not now feel as once they did the power of
our authority, and hardly of our love. It is then to many parents that the time of
severe trial begins, and, doubtless, many a grey head has been brought with sorrow
to the grave by having to cry, “I have nourished and brought up children, and they
have rebelled against me.” Many a father and many a mother die, murdered, not
with knife or poison, but by unkind words and cruel deeds of their own children.
Many and many a grave may well be watered by the tears of sons and daughters,
because they prematurely filled those graves by their ungrateful conduct. 1433.506

What our boys need in starting in life is a God: if we have nothing else to give them,
they have enough if they have God. What our girls want in quitting the nurture of
home, is God’s love in their hearts, and whether they have fortunes or not, is a small
matter. 1972.387

Be ready to forgive your children. 2276.474

With holy diligence, we should seek to bring up our children in the fear of the Lord,
so that, if they do wander, it may not be through our fault, for if we have to blame our
guilty neglect, or our evil example, for their going astray, it will be indeed sad for us;
but if we are satisfied, in the sight of God, that we have done all that we could to
bring them to Jesus, then, if they should dishonour our name, yet at least there will
not be this wormwood mingled with the gall, that we helped them to tread the
downward road. 2652.590

Plato, the philosopher, one day saw a boy in the street behaving in a very shameful
manner, so he walked straight into the house where the boy’s father lived, and began
to beat him. When he said to Plato, “Why do you beat me?” the philosopher replied,
“I found your boy doing wrong; I did not beat him, but I beat you, for he must have
learnt it from you, or else it was your fault because you did not exercise proper
discipline upon him at home.” Have you never felt, when you have seen the faults of
your own children, that you ought to lay the rod on your own back because, in some
way or other, you were an accomplice in your children’s sins? How much of the ruin
of many children’s souls lies at their parent’s door! 3055.425

You can generally read a man’s character in his boy’s face, and in his boy’s conduct
and conversation. 3079.73

If your children are kept from wrong-doing only by the fear of you,—if they only do
that which they are bidden to do because they are afraid to do otherwise,—you will
have a very poor form of obedience; and you will have, at the same time, an abundant
crop of deceit springing up; for, when your child has done wrong, his fear of
punishment will drive him to a falsehood, and perhaps lead him from one falsehood
to another, and falsehoods may become so common with him that, at last, it shall be
as natural to him to tell a lie as to speak the truth; and I think every parent must
know that all the faults a child can commit, if put into the scale together, are not
equal in criminality and in injury to his spiritual constitution to a lie. The power to
tell a lie is one of the most hideous powers to which a man can attain, and some
children are kept in such a state of terror that they naturally learn to do it. 3080.86

Rest assured that all our talk about religion, and all our public labours will go for
very little if our own families run wild. It is a horrible thing in Israel when the
children of godly men are the sons of Belial. Such cases do occur, and then some say
to me, “It is written, ‘Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he
will not depart from it:’ how do you make that out when So-and-so’s son is such an
open rebel?” I answer, whenever I have been able to lift the veil, I have invariably
found a reason for the child’s non-conversion in the mismanagement of the
household, or in the inconsistent conduct of the parents. I suspect that we may
generally say, “Is there not a cause?” I will not say “always,” because singular things
do happen; but yet if God gives his people grace to walk uprightly before him, and
they pray for their children, and instruct them, and set them a godly example, the
children usually follow in their father’s footsteps. 3313.364

Those children who are doted upon by their parents are greatly to be pitied, for they
are apt to be allowed to have their own way, and a youth’s own way is sure to be a
wrong one. 3354.231

Brethren, if you wish to give your children a blessing when you die, be a blessing to
them while you live. If you would make your last words worth the hearing, let your
whole life be worth the seeing. 3540.566

PARTIALITY* read more quotes relating to friends and friendship

The poor and honest man shall go through the streets—will ye crowd to see him? A
man shall wear a crown who is a perjurer—and will ye not rush out and clap your
hands at him? Ye judge according to rank, and not according to character. Would God
we all knew how to judge men, not according to the sight of our eyes, or the hearing
of our ears, but according to the rightness of their characters. 367.156

PAST LAURELS read more quotes relating to bad character

Do you know there are some people who always live upon what they have been. 217.420

We did so much for God when we were young. I occasionally meet with drones in the
Christian hive, whose boast is that they made a great deal of honey years ago. 998.368

Some people seem to have very good memories as to what they have performed. 1114.309

Living in the past is one of the faults of old churches. 1114.309
Day by day go to Christ and you will get your manna sweet, but begin to live on past
or present attainments and they will breed worms and stink as sure as you are a
man. 1300.359

PAST, THE read more quotes relating to bad character

The commonness of this lamentation may be somewhat accounted for, by the
universal tendency to undervalue the present and exaggerate the excellence of the
past. Have you never noticed this in natural things, we are prone to cast a partial eye
upon some imaginary “good old times?” It is gone, and therefore it was good; it is
here, and therefore it is dubious. 1011.521

The fact is, that whatever is with us we think to be the worse, and whatever was
with us we conceive to be the better. 1011.521

PATIENCE read more quotes relating to good character

That which too lightly comes may be too lightly prized. Perhaps our ungrateful
spirits need tutoring to thankfulness by an education of waiting. We might not loudly
sing if we did not deeply sigh. Wanting and waiting lead to panting and pleading; and
these in due time lead to joying and rejoicing. AP118

We shall not grow weary of waiting upon God if we remember how long and how
graciously He once waited for us. ME381

The disciples of a patient Saviour should be patient themselves. Grin and bear it is
the old-fashioned advice, but sing and bear it is a great deal better. PT41

Many people are born crying, live complaining, and die disappointed; they chew the
bitter pill which they would not even know to be bitter if they had the sense to
swallow it whole in a cup of patience and water. PT41

He who can wait long enough will win. This, that, and the other, anything, and
everything, all put together make nothing in the end; but on one horse a man rides
home in due season. PT141

Plod is the word. Every one must row with such oars as he has, and as he can’t choose
the wind, he must sail by such as God sends him. PT143

Of many a choice promise we may say with Daniel “the thing was true, but the time
appointed was long.” TD105:19

Time is precious, but there are occasions when the best use we can make of it, is to
let it run on. If time flies, that is no reason why I am always to fly. 541.653
For God is in no hurry. His purposes can be accomplished without haste, and though
he would have us redeem the time because our days are evil, yet in his eternity he
can afford to wait, and by his wisdom he so orders his delays, that they prove to be
far better than our hurries. 795.85

Patience! patience! you are always in a hurry, but God is not. 795.87

To labour is not easy, but to labour and to wait is harder far. 993.304

A fool soon makes up his mind, because there is so very little of it; but a wise man
waits and considers. 1965.304

So, being himself a waiting God, he loves a waiting people; he loves a man who can
take the promise, and say, “I believe it; it may never be fulfilled to me in this life, but
I do not want that it should be. I am perfectly willing that it should be fulfilled when
God intends that it should be.” 2633.363

Affliction has been the fire which would have removed our dross, but impatience has
robbed the mental metal of the flux of submission which would have secured its
proper purification. 3255.290

PEACE read more quotes relating to compassion/consolation

We are to be “first pure, then peaceable.” Our peaceableness is never to be a compact
with sin, or an alliance with that which is evil. 422.593

-OF GOD read more quotes relating to compassion/consolation

We have not only peace towards the outer world, but peace within. After all,
happiness and peace lie more within the man than in anything about him. Heaven
lies more in the heart than in golden streets, and hell’s flame consists rather in man’s
tortured conscience than in the Tophet fire which the breath of God has kindled. So
the peace which Jesus gives is within us; “the good man is satisfied from himself.”

-WITH GOD read more quotes relating to compassion/consolation

Settle the centre, and the circumference is secure: peace with God is universal peace.

It (the Bible) does not say that you shall either have peace with the devil, or peace
with the flesh, or peace with the world; but it does say that you have peace with God,
which is infinitely better. 1456.69

We are not afraid of the day of judgment because we have peace with God, and hence
we are not afraid to die. 1456.71

When we are reconciled to God we are reconciled to men. 1752.652

PECULIAR PEOPLE read more quotes relating to relationship issues

The Christian’s life is a matchless riddle. ME699

In the family of grace there are some queer people; some of the Lord’s are such that,
if he did not choose them in sovereignty, I am at a loss to see how else they were
chosen. 1379.587

PEER PRESSURE read more quotes relating to relationship issues

You may trust some men as far as you can see them, but no further, for new
company makes them new men. Like water they boil or freeze according to the
temperature. PT130

Better to go to heaven alone than to hell with a herd. 878.368

Some there are who have a tenderness which sometimes inclines them to good, not
because they love the good, but because they are easily ruled by their company; so
that they would be just as easily led towards evil if they fell in with bad counsellors. 1129.482

Little will it abate our eternal misery if all the rest of the world should be lost with
us; company in hell will be the reverse of consolation! If we lose heaven for fashion’s
sake it will be no solace to us that others lost it too. 1229.221

God save you from a religion that depends upon other people! There are some who
have a kind of lean-to religion, resting on someone else; when the support is taken
away, what becomes of the lean-to? 2269.390

Minorities have generally been in the right, and the multitude usually runs to do
evil. Vox populi is not often vox Dei; it is more frequently the voice of the devil than
the voice of God. 3090.208

PENANCE read more quotes relating to religions and cults

I don’t believe that penance and mortification afford any pleasure to God; I think he
would be more likely to say, “Poor silly creatures; when I make gnats, I teach them
to dance in the summer sunshine; when I make the fish of the sea, they leap up from
the waves with intense delight; and when I make birds, I show them how to sing.”
God hath no delight in the miseries of his creatures, and the flagellations that fools
give to themselves they deserve for their folly, but they certainly bring no pleasure
to the heart of God. 2466.245

Moreover, we have read of some other saints, who would eat nothing but dry bread
sprinkled with ashes, during Lent. They thought that, while they mortified their
bodies, they pleased God, and did not understand that their lust and pride might be
fattening while their poor bodies might be starving; for what they lose in one way
they gain in the other, until their souls are like Jeshurun, they wax fat and kick. 2750.512

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