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Spurgeon's Maxims for Living
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UNBELIEF* read more quotes relating to unbelief

We often talk of unbelief as if it were an affliction to be pitied instead of a crime to be
condemned. AM136

Unbelief calls itself “honest doubt,” and not without cause; for we should not have
known it to be honest if it had not labelled itself so. When a man puts up in his shop
window, “No cheating practised here,” I should trade next door. He doth protest too
much. Your free love, free thought, free life, and so forth, are the empty mockery of
freedom. BA129

The angels never doubt Him, nor the devils either; we alone, out of all the beings that
God has fashioned, dishonour Him by unbelief, and tarnish His honour by mistrust. ME629

Even if a man had no other sin whatsoever, it is quite sufficient to condemn him for
ever, that he neglects his God and turns away from his Saviour; for unbelief is an act
of high treason against the divine majesty, plucking at the crown jewel of Jehovah’s
truthfulness. 1473.268

It seems to me that an angel, looking down upon a sinner who has rejected Christ,
will think of him as some sevenfold atrocity of nature. 3138.160

If a man can do without God, it is certain that God can do without him, and the day
will come when God will do without him, according to his word, “I will ease me of
mine adversaries.” 3345.121

UNHAPPINESS read more quotes relating to emotional issues

Ungodly men at bottom are unhappy men. 983.187

UNITARIANISM read more quotes relating to religions and cults

The Unitarians must, to be consistent, charge the whole of us, who worship Christ,
with being idolators. 258.266

A gentleman once said to a Universalist, who had been arguing with him, “I suppose
if I hate your religion, laugh at it, ridicule it, and spit on it, it will be all the same
with me at the last?” “Yes,” said the other. “Well,” said the first, “mind you do not do
that with mine, or you are a lost man.” I like the remark of the people who were
requested to accept one of these preachers as ministers; they said, “You have come to
tell us that there is no hell. If your doctrine be true, we certainly do not need you; and
if it be not true, we do not want you: so that either way we can do without you.” 682.177

UNITY read more quotes relating to friends and friendship

As to breach of unity, nothing has ever more largely promoted the union of the true
than the break with the false. DG55

It is not likely we should all see eye to eye. You cannot make a dozen watches all tick
to the same time, much less make a dozen men all think the same thoughts. But,
still, if we should all bow our thoughts to that one written Word, and would own no
authority but the Bible, the Church could not be divided, could not be cut in pieces as
she now is. 307.167

Oh! when there are no cold hearts, when there are no prejudices to divide us, no
bigotries to separate; no apathy shall hold us down, no false doctrine shall thrust the
flocks from one another, and no schism to rend the one sacred garment of Christ,
then may we expect to see the Spirit of God resting upon us. 511.293

“Can ye not agree,” said a warrior of old, “when your enemy is in sight!” 607.7

Taking the text according to its connection, Paul has been urging the people here
addressed to be “like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one
mind;” in which four expressions we have the same idea. Paul would have all God’s
people to be unanimous; he would have them think alike—that is the precise
interpretation of the Greek—he would have them hold the same views, receive the
same truth, contend for the same faith. He would them as much alike in heart as in
head. They are to be all found in the same love, not some loving the rest, but each
loving all, and not even a single person exempted; every soul flaming with the sacred
fire. He would have them knit together in every sacred enterprise, being of one
accord, or as the Greek has it, of one soul; as though instead of a hundred souls
enshrined in a hundred persons, they had but one soul incarnate in a hundred bodies.

The unity of saints is the consolation of the feeble. 2208.319

The Church of Christ is always quarreling; but did you ever hear that the devil and
his confederates quarrel? There is a vast host of those fallen spirits, but how
marvellously unanimous they ever are! They are so united that, if at any special
moment the great black prince of hell wishes to concentrate all the masses of his
army at one particular point, it is done to the tick of a clock, and the temptation
comes with its fullest force just when he sees it to be the most likely that he will
prevail. 2707.619

UNIVERSALISM read more quotes relating to religions and cults

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob these deep thinkers cannot endure, but if you
say that God is angry with the wicked every day, these modern god-makers tell you
that he is too loving for that,—that he cannot possibly be angry, but loves all, has
redeemed all, and will in the long run save all, including Satan himself. 1396.62

Men seem to think that God is under obligation to grant salvation to guilty men;
that if he saves one he must save all. They talk about rights, as if any man had any
right before the throne of God, except the right to be punished for his sin. 2156.416

As I have warned you before, abhor the doctrine of the universal fatherhood of God,
for it is a lie, and a deep deception. It stabs at the heart, first, of the doctrine of the
adoption, which is taught in Scripture, for how can God adopt men if they are all his
children already? In the second place, it stabs at the heart of the doctrine of
regeneration, which is certainly taught in the Word of God. Note it is by regeneration
and faith that we become the children of God, but how can that be if we are the
children of God already? 2311.270

There has been spreading, in this country, and in other lands also, the idea of
universal salvation; and, mark you, wherever that doctrine spreads, vice must and
will spread as the natural and inevitable consequence. When men are taught to
believe in ultimate universal salvation, their immediate and legitimate inference is,
“Then we may live as we like, and all will come right in the end;” and they will live
as they like, but all will not come right in the end! 3111.460

UNSAVED, THE read more quotes relating to the unconverted

The ox projects no thought upward or beyond: to stand in the cool brook or lie down
in the fat pasturage is its all in all; even thus it is with the mass of men, their souls
are tethered to their bodies, imprisoned within the circumstances of the day. 1719.253

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