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Spurgeon's Maxims for Living
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Jealousy ~ Jesus | Jews, The ~ Justification
JEWS, THE read more quotes relating to religions and cults

A Christian is the last person who ought ever to speak disrespectfully or unkindly of
the Jews. 2713.61

I marvel at the insanity of those who try to prove that we are Jews,—the lost ten
tribes, forsooth! 2888.293

I believe in the restoration of the Jews to their own land in the last days. I am a firm
believer in the gathering in of the Jews at a future time. 3139.170

JOY read more quotes relating to emotional issues

“Well, Jack, old fellow,” said one who met a man who had lately joined the church, “I
hear you have given up all your pleasures.” “No, no,” said Jack; “the fact lies the
other way. I have just found all my pleasures, and have only given up all my follies.”
Every Christian man can confirm that way of putting it. We who have believed in
Jesus have lost no real pleasures, but we have gained immensely in that direction. BA213

There is no monotony in real joy. BA281

The chief joy of life is to be right with yourself, your neighbour, your God. GS66

Our hope in Christ for the future is the mainspring and the mainstay of our joy here. ME552

Our happy God should be worshipped by a happy people; a cheerful spirit is in
keeping with his nature, his acts, and the gratitude which we should cherish for his
mercies. TD100:1

The nations crash, dynasties fall, kingdoms reel, what mattereth it,—for there is a
God. The father has gone to the tomb, the mother sleeps in the dust, the wife has
fallen from our side, the children are removed,—but there is a God. 454.329

“Why should Christians be such a happy people?” Why, it is good in all ways. It is
good for our God; it gives him honour among the sons of men when we are glad. It is
good for us; it makes us strong. “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” It is good for
the ungodly; for when they see Christians glad, they long to be believers themselves.
It is good for our fellow Christians; it comforts them and tends to cheer them. 454.333

There are ten thousand arguments in Scripture for happiness in the Christian; but I
do not know that there is one logical argument for misery. 491.60

We usually look in the window of a tradesman’s shop to see what he sells; and
persons very frequently look into our faces to ascertain what are the thoughts of our
heart. Alas! that they should see any of us habitually sad. 659.634

The perfect righteousness of Christ has brought to him this gladness, because perfect
holiness there must be before there can be perfect happiness. Sin is the enemy of joy.
Let the sinner say what he likes, sin can no more dwell with real joy than the lion
will lie down with the lamb. To be perfectly glad you must be perfectly cleansed from
sin, for until you are so cleansed you cannot possess the oil of gladness to the
measure that Christ possessed it. 1273.32

Happy religion in which it is our duty to be glad! 1741.518

Happy is our condition when the glory of God fills both heart and tongue! Oh, to swim
in a sea of gratitude, to feel waves of praise breaking over one’s joyful head, and then
to dive into the ocean of adoration, and lose one’s self in the ever-blessed God! 1828.133

Our greatest joys swim on the crests of the huge billows of trouble. 2090.334

We have never had anything from our Master but it has ultimately tended to our joy. 2219.448

You may judge a man by his joy; as a man rejoiceth, so is he. 2319.361

He is the happy God; ineffable bliss is the atmosphere in which he lives, and he
would have his people to be happy. Let the devotees of Baal cut themselves with
knives and lancets, and make hideous outcries if they will; but the servants of
Jehovah must not even mar the corners of their beard. 2405.136

It is not so much what I have as what I shall have that makes me joyful. 3235.49

We have seen men with money, who were not happy; we have seen men with honour,
who were not happy; we have seen persons in power, with the command of empires,
who were not happy; but we never saw, and never shall see, the individual who hath
Jesus with him, that is not happy. 3447.87

-CIRCUMSTANTIAL read more quotes relating to emotional issues

If thou, O man, rejoice to-day because of subject devils, what wilt thou do to-morrow,
when the devils break loose again? If thou returnest from thy labour full of success,
and rejoicest, what wilt thou do when another time thou wilt have to plough the
thankless rock and break the ploughshare? 1321.606

Rejoice neither in your wealth, your health, your children, your prosperity, your
position, your success, for if your name be not written in heaven, Ichabod is written
over all your choicest possessions. 1321.612

No doubt there are some people who are in easier circumstances than others,—some
who are in positions where they enjoy many comforts, while others are in places
where they suffer many hardships; but, after all, happiness lies more in the mind
than it does in the circumstances in which any individual is found, and the man
within has far more to do with his own joy or sorrow than anything outside of him
has. 2871.85

It was said of old, “Philosophers can be merry without music;” and so can the saints
of God; but the ungodly, as a rule, cannot enjoy themselves without external objects
to raise their spirits. 3016.581

JUDGING read more quotes relating to relationship issues

There is a sense in which we are not to judge men; but there is another sense in
which he would be an arrant fool who did not constantly exercise his judgment upon
men. 774.555

JUDGMENT read more quotes relating to the afterlife

Justice may at times leave the courts of man, but it abides upon the tribunal of God.

Where judgment finds thee, there eternity shall leave thee. 191.216

Men whine out their abhorrence of God’s justice, and scout the idea of future
punishment with the question, “Would a father do thus and thus with his children?”
The question needs no other reply but fact. All men die. Would a father suffer his
children to pine in sickness and die, when it was in his power to prevent it? Certainly
not. Since, then, the great God evidently permits much pain, and even death to
happen to his creatures, he is evidently not father merely, but something more. To
ungodly men Jehovah reveals himself in the light of a judge; and a judge too whose
stern severity has brought to pass the terrible doom of death upon every man of
woman born, with two exceptions, from the fall of Adam even until now. This is the
God of love; but not the newly-devised God, who is love and love alone. 682.170

Peter says, “If the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and sinner
appear?” by which he means, I think, first, that if even the righteous are so severely
tested, what short work will God make with the unrighteous;—if the wheat must
thus be winnowed, how certainly will the chaff be destroyed:—if the gold must pass
through the fire, how assuredly will the dross be consumed! The God who tries and
tests the best will certainly not wink at the worst. 3047.330

But though I cannot make you see sin, yet I can leave this truth with you,—you will
one day feel what sin means, unless you repent of it, for he that spared not his own
Son will not spare you. If the Judge upon the throne smote Christ, who had no sin of
his own,—smote him so sternly for other men’s sins,—what will he do with you? If he
spared not his beloved Son, what will he do with his enemies? 3056.437

JUSTIFICATION read more quotes relating to doctrine

Sometimes we cannot see the light, but God always sees the light, and that is much
better than our seeing it. Better for the judge to see my innocence than for me to
think I see it. ME11

Are they who stand before the throne of God justified now?—so are we, as truly and
as clearly justified as they who walk in white and sing melodious praises to celestial
harps. ME272

Nobody can come in and say, “Though you have been exonerated upon a partial
trial, upon a more searching investigation your guilt could have been proved.” We
can reply, “But it was proved.” There was the best of evidence to prove it, for we
confessed it. There was no other evidence wanted, and nothing further could have
been brought, since we pleaded guilty to every charge. If you bring any further
accusation, we can only say that we pleaded guilty without reserve. It was all in the
indictment; we did not attempt for a moment to cloak or conceal any guilt we had
incurred. We confessed it all before the Lord, and owned to it; and since the Lord
Jesus Christ took it all there is no cause for reopening the proceedings. There cannot
be a second trial through a writ of error: the case is thoroughly disposed of; the
prisoner has pleaded guilty to the capital charge, and has borne the utmost penalty
of the law by his Substitute, which penalty God himself has accepted. His acquittal is
such as he can rest upon with implicit reliance. 1456.65

We shall grow in grace, but we shall never be more completely pardoned than when
we first believed: we shall one day stand before the glorious presence of God in his
own sacred courts, and see the Well-beloved and wear his likeness, but we shall not
even then be more perfectly forgiven than we are at this present moment. 1492.498

Alas, I may be sinning, for even in the holiest deeds we do there is still sin, but even
then God is still forgiving. If indeed you are a believer in Jesus Christ the Lord is at
all times forgiving you: as constant as your sin so constant is his forgiveness. 1492.498

You are often sinning, but he is always forgiving you; you are often wandering, often
erring, often grieving him, but “he forgiveth all thine iniquities.” I do not feel like
preaching when I touch this text. I heartily wish I could sit down and have a happy
cry over this blessed truth that my God is at this moment forgiving me. 1492.498

Jealousy ~ Jesus | Jews, The ~ Justification

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