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Spurgeon's Maxims for Living
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CONCENTRATION read more quotes relating to drive and motivation

All great lives have been under the constraint of some mastering principle. A man
who is everything by turns and nothing long is a nobody: a man who wastes life on
whims and fancies, leisures and pleasures, never achieves anything: he flits over the
surface of life and leaves no more trace upon his age than a bird upon the sky, but a
man, even for mischief, becomes great when he becomes concentrated. 1411.243

No man ever succeeds in anything who does not give himself wholly to it: it matters
not what it is, concentration is essential to perfection in any pursuit. He who would
be eminent in any one direction must forego a great many other things which are
perfectly allowable; these he must renounce for the sake of his one object. He will not
succeed unless he sacrifices all other things to the one chief thing. 1692.662

CONCLUSIONS, INCORRECT read more quotes relating to truth

The famous naturalist, Buffon, had once a large number of the wise men of the
Academy of France in his grounds. They were all philosophers; and you know what a
philosopher is. If you do not know, you should meet one: and I do not think that your
appreciation of the sect will be increased. However, these were all philosophers, great
men walking in a great man’s gardens—all great together. In the grounds there was
a glass globe, and when one of these profound philosophers touched this glass globe
on the shady side, he found that it was very, very warm, while on the side that was
exposed to the sun it was comparatively cool. Herein was a marvellous thing. He
called his brother philosophers around him, and I picture them as they gave out their
various theories why this glass globe was hotter on the side away from the sun than
on the side which was bearing the full blaze of noonday. One had a theory of
reflection, another of refraction, another of absorption: I cannot give you all their
words, for they were wonderful words, and wonderful theories, and they discussed,
and discussed, and discussed, till Buffon, not quite satisfied with the philosophical
conclusions which they had reached, called the gardener, and said, “Gardener, can
you tell me why this side of the globe, away from the sun, is hotter than the other
side upon which the sun is shining?” “Yes, sir,” said the gardener, “Just now I turned
the globe round, because it was getting too hot on one side.” 2138.203

CONDEMNATION read more quotes relating to sin

Men by their sins have forfeited all claim upon God; they deserve to perish for their
sins—and if they all do so, they have no ground for complaint. ME661

When God asks, “Where art thou?” man must be lost. TN13

We are said by common talk to be in a state of probation, but that is not true: we are
all of us in a state of present condemnation, if we are not in Christ Jesus. 1917.472

You have offended God and he is angry. This is not my word: it is written here:—“He
is angry with the wicked every day. If he turn not, he will whet his sword. He hath
bent his bow and made it ready.” You are in the hands of the God whom you have
offended. 3162.449

CONDESCENSION TO OTHERS read more quotes about relationship issues

How gentle and tender ought we to be with others who are foolish when we
remember how foolish we are ourselves! 2551.13

CONFIDENCE read more quotes relating to compassion/consolation

It seems now that if trials and troubles should come, if I could but hold my hand upon
this precious text, I would laugh at them all. “Who can turn him?”—I would
shout—“Who can turn him?” Come on, earth and hell; come on, for “who can turn
him?” Come on, ye boisterous troubles, come on, ye innumerable temptations, come
on, slanderer and liar, “who can turn him?” 406.471

The Christian never loses a grain of his treasure when he passes through the
furnace—in fact, to sum up in a word, he loses nothing. The empress threatened to
banish Chrysostom. “That thou canst not do,” said he, “for my country is in every
clime.” “But I will take away thy goods.” “No,” said he, “that thou canst not do, for I
am a poor minister of Christ, and I have none.” “Then,” said she, “I will take away
your liberty.” “That you cannot do, for iron bars cannot confine a free spirit.” “I will
take away your life,” said she. “That you may do,” said he, “in one sense, but I have
a life eternal which you cannot touch.” The empress thought she had better leave the
man alone—she could do him no hurt. 662.669

Brethren, my confidence in the success of the old faith is not lessened because so
many forsake it. 1952.149

CONFIDENCES read more quotes relating to relationship issues

Beware of trusting all your secrets with anybody but your wife. PP118

Commit all your secrets to no man; trust in God with all your heart, but let your
confidence in friends be weighed in the balances of prudence, seeing that men are but
men, and all men are frail. Trust not great weights to slender threads. PT58

It is not generally a wise thing to tell all that is in your heart. Solomon himself said,
“A fool uttereth all his mind; but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards.” There are
so many things which you had better not tell to anybody. Make no one your confidant
completely. 2779.229

CONFRONTATION* read more quotes relating to relationship issues

The Holy Spirit, however, permits us to censure sin, and prescribes the way in
which we are to do it. It must be done by rebuking our brother to his face, not by
railing behind his back. ME668

CONFUSION read more quotes relating to self issues

We are all by nature in such a mixed up state that we need not wonder at any
strange statement or feeling. When you hear brethren assert that a person who is
not assured that he believes must necessarily be an unbeliever, you may say to
yourself, “That friend does not know everything.” There is no estimating the possible
inconsistency and contradiction of the human mind. 1791.401

Oh, untried and inexperienced brother, be not at all disconcerted when you cannot
comprehend yourself; on the contrary, take it as one of the evidences that there is a
divine life within you when you become a mystery to yourself. 1813.661

CONSCIENCE read more quotes relating to truth

Do you imagine that if men’s consciences always spoke loudly and clearly to them,
they would live in the daily commission of acts, which are as opposed to the right as
darkness to light? No, beloved; conscience can tell me that I am a sinner, but
conscience cannot make me feel that I am one. Conscience may tell me that
such-and-such a thing is wrong, but how wrong it is conscience itself does not know.
Did any man’s conscience, unenlightened by the Spirit, ever tell him that his sins
deserved damnation? 182.140

Conscience is a faculty of the mind, which, like every other, has suffered serious
damage through our natural depravity, and it is by no means perfect. 1095.74

Let conscience assert its supremacy; for circumstances do not weigh a feather in
the scale. 2859.571

-EVIL read more quotes relating to truth

A gash in the conscience may disfigure a soul for ever. BA14

A guilty conscience is the undying worm of hell; the torture of remorse is the fire
that never can be quenched: he that hath that worm gnawing at his heart and that
fire burning in his bosom is lost already. GS41

We have heard of a man saying, “I cannot afford to keep a conscience, it is too
expensive an article for me.” 632.310

Some professors have consciences as good as new, for they have never been used.

It frequently happens that, the more sinful a man is, the less he is conscious of it. It
was remarked of a certain notorious criminal that many thought him innocent
because, when he was charged with murder, he did not betray the least emotion. In
that wretched self-possession there was to my mind presumptive proof of his great
familiarity with crime: if an innocent person is charged with a great offence, the mere
charge horrifies him. It is only by weighing all the circumstances, and distinguishing
between sin and shame, that he recovers himself. He who can do the deed of shame
does not blush when he is charged with it. 2000.711

A healthy conscience is as tender as a raw wound, which fears a touch; but some
men’s consciences are covered with a thick skin, and are devoid of feeling. Certain
sinners have a conscience seared as with a hot iron, and this brings with it that
horrible peace which is the preface of eternal damnation. 2112.593

-GOOD read more quotes relating to truth

A quiet conscience is a little heaven. BA15

Should it happen that, in the providence of God, you are a loser by conscience, you
shall find that if the Lord pays you not back in the silver of earthly prosperity, He
will discharge His promise in the gold of spiritual joy. ME353

He who wraps a threadbare coat about a good conscience has gained a spiritual
wealth far more desirable than any he has lost. ME670

We ought never to do anything that we judge to be wrong, but we ought also to be
willing to abstain from things which might not be wrong in themselves, but which
might be an occasion of stumbling in others. SW81

A quiet conscience is a good bedfellow. How many of our sleepless hours might be
traced to our untrusting and disordered minds. They slumber sweetly whom faith
rocks to sleep. TD4:8

Your conscience is not the rule of your duty, but God’s Word is; and if God’s Word
commands it, whatever your conscience may say about it, you are sinning if you
refuse to obey. 514.336

Thou hast quarrelled with thy conscience, and thy conscience with thee. It persists in
speaking, and thou desirest it to be quiet. After dissipation, in the lull which comes
after a storm of evil pleasure, a voice is heard saying, “Is this right? Is this safe? Will
this last? What will the end of this be? Would it not be better to seek some better and
nobler thing than this?” God speaks often to men through the still small voice of
conscience. Open thine ear, then, and listen. Thy conscience can do thee no hurt; it
may disturb thee, but it is well to be disturbed when peace leads on to death. He was
a fool who killed the watch dog because it alarmed him when thieves were breaking
into his house. 1276.68

We want, in this century, a class of men who are endowed with a double portion of
conscience to what is generally exhibited by professors; for there are many of them
who have got enough conscience to make them miserable and disagreeable, but not
enough to make them honestly quit their positions. They have enough conscience to
make them feel uncomfortable, but not enough to force them to act bravely for what
they believe. Who wants to have a conscience that will only be quiet by being
drugged? 2068.69

The conscience of men bids them distrust the word which tells them that there will be
no difference between the righteous and the wicked. God has somehow written on the
heart of man this judgment: “Sin must be punished. It cannot be the same with the
godly and the ungodly at the last.” 2235.641

Thank God for a tender conscience, and if you have one, never tamper with it. 3366.380

A sincere Christian must maintain his conscience, even if he can scarcely maintain
himself. 3526.398

Some men cannot help preferring coin to conscience. 3542.598

CONSECRATION* read more quotes relating to holiness

Give your second best never. AM393

Let me be as the bullock which stands between the plough and the altar, to work or
to be sacrificed; and let my motto be, “Ready for either.” ME14

Jesus gave both his hands to the nails, how can I keep back one of mine from His
blessed work? ME529

You must have no co-ordinate or even secondary object or divided aim: if you do
divide your heart, your life will be a failure. WCo75

Could our zeal know no respite, could our prayers know no pause, could our efforts
know no relaxation, could we give all we have of time, wealth, talent, and
opportunity, could we die a martyr’s death a thousand times, would not He, the Best
Beloved of our souls, deserve far more? WCo83

I would to God that saints would cling to Christ half as earnestly as sinners cling to
the devil. If we were as willing to suffer for God as some are to suffer for their lusts,
what perseverance and zeal would be seen on all sides! 709.500

When a man yields himself to Jesus he should comprehend his house, his money, his
body, his time, his wife, his children,—everything in the deed of surrender; for he
who bought us with his precious blood did not buy us with a reserve and leave the
devil a mortgage upon us, but we are the Lord’s unencumbered freehold for ever. 1473.274

It is a wicked error to conceive that so much of our life ought to be religious and so
much to be secular. A Christian’s whole life is to be his religion, and his religion is to
saturate his whole life. 1473.274

Be half a Christian, and you shall have enough religion to make you miserable; be
wholly a Christian, and your joy shall be full. 1854.443

Surely you have some natural faculty or acquired skill which you can lay at his feet. 2017.202

CONSENSUS* read more quotes relating to leadership

The grandest majority in the world is a minority of one when that man is on God’s
side. Count heads, do you? Well, count by the millions if you like, but I shall rather
weigh than count; and if I speak the truth of God, I have more weight on my side
than can be found in a million who believe not. 1453.28

Nothing good will be done by a man who will not attempt it until everybody thinks it
is wise. 3078.66

CONSISTENCY* read more quotes relating to truth

Everything is holy to a holy man. To the pure all things are pure. GS289

He is not righteous who is not always righteous. GS289

Some men profess a great deal; but we must not believe any one unless we see that
his deeds answer to what he says. ME266

CONTENTION read more quotes relating to relationship issues

Questions upon points wherein Scripture is silent; upon mysteries which belong to
God alone; upon prophecies of doubtful interpretation; and upon mere modes of
observing human ceremonials, are all foolish, and wise men avoid them. ME648

CONTENTMENT read more quotes relating to finances/possessions

Now, contentment is one of the flowers of heaven, and if we would have it, it must be
cultivated; it will not grow in us by nature; it is the new nature alone that can
produce it, and even then we must be specially careful and watchful that we
maintain and cultivate the grace which God has sown in us. ME94

Small shoes are apt to pinch, but not if you have a small foot; if we have little means
it will be well to have little desires. Poverty is no shame, but being discontented with
it is. PT42

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that brings happiness. PT43

Even crumbs are bread. PT140

A crust is hard fare, but none at all is harder. PT140

No man ever need fear offering a reward of a thousand pounds to a contented man;
for if any one came to claim the reward, he would of course prove his discontent. 12.88

I have heard of some good old woman in a cottage, who had nothing but a piece of
bread and a little water, and lifting up her hands, she said, as a blessing, “What! all
this, and Christ too?” 12.89

Remember that a man’s contentment is in his mind, not in the extent of his
possessions. Alexander, with all the world at his feet, cries for another world to
conquer. 320.272

To many men it is given to have all that heart can wish, and yet not to have what
their heart does wish. They have everything except contentment. 1238.333

There are hundreds and thousands of men who have all that heart can wish, and yet
are miserable. On the other hand I could point you to many hundreds who have but
little in this world and yet are almost as happy as the angels, in full contentment
rejoicing in their God. 1480.460

If religion does not make you richer, which it may not do, it will make you more
contented with what you have. 2122.20

The two ends of our life are nakedness; if the middle of it should not always be scarlet
and fine linen, and faring sumptuously every day, let us not wonder; and if it should
seem to be all of a piece, let us not be impatient or complaining. 2457.139

But how easy it is, how easy it must be, for a man to be contented when he knows
that God has promised to be with him in all circumstances and at all times! 3387.11

CONTRAST read more quotes relating to salvation

For he that is of God doeth the works of God—his life is the work of God, it is a life
which has much that is God-like about it, and he is upheld by the power of God, the
ever blessed spirit. But the ungodly man’s life is very different—he lives for himself,
he seeks his own pleasure, he hates all that oppose him, he is up in arms against the
Lord, and his truth, and all that is pure and good: his spirit is not the spirit of God,
but of the evil one. 1728.363

CONVERSION read more quotes relating to salvation

If the Saviour has not sanctified you, renewed you, given you a hatred of sin and a
love of holiness, He has nothing in you of a saving character. ME79

True religion is something more than correct opinions. A man may as well descend to
hell being orthodox as heterodox. 827.474

Conversion is the mysterious work of the Spirit upon the soul. That great change
could not be produced by the fear of imprisonment, the authority of law, the charms
of bribery, the clamour of excitement, or the glitter of eloquence. 1147.703

We have all heard of the minister who visited a dying woman, and was the means of
bringing her to a joyful faith in Christ, but before he had left the house she was dead:
he was wont to say that he found her in a state of nature, saw her in a state of grace,
and left her in a state of glory, and all within an hour. So that we do make much of
the power of God to accomplish wonders in a brief space. 1607.385

To convince men of the truth of a statement is one thing, to convince them of personal
sin is another thing, and to convert them is a step higher still. 1774.197

Though no man is free from the commission of sin, yet every converted man is free
from the love of sin. 2073.125

That conversion which is all joy and lacks sorrow for sin, is very questionable. 2073.131

The vital spark that regenerates a soul is kindled in an instant. Instantaneous
conversion is not the exception, it is the rule; there cannot be any conversion but that
which is instantaneous. 3298.185

It not only changes my outward actions, but it renews my mind, it alters the whole
bent and purpose of my life, in David’s phrase it converts my soul. 3314.379

-IN OLD AGE read more quotes relating to salvation

I remember, too, the instance of a man who was converted by a sermon which he
heard Mr. Flavel preach, and which was blessed to him eighty-three years after he
had heard it, when he was at the age of ninety-eight. The Word came with power to
his soul after all that interval of time. 3233.29

-NEED FOR read more quotes relating to salvation

The sea cannot rest because it is the sea, and the sinner cannot be quiet because he
is a sinner. How could you, O natural unregenerate man, ever enter into the kingdom
of heaven as you are? You are not capable of it; it is not possible to you. Holiness has
in it no attractions for you, since you love sin and the wages of it. You do not know
God, and cannot see him; for this is the privilege of the pure in heart, and of them
alone. You live in a world where everything has been made by the great Lord, and
yet you do not perceive his hand, so great is your blindness. Shall blind men grope
through the streets of the New Jerusalem? You are unacquainted with the simplest
elements of spiritual things; for they can only be spiritually discerned, and you have
no spiritual faculty. You are blind and deaf, yea, dead to God and heavenly
things:—you know you are. Well, then, of what avail would it be that you should
enter the spiritual realm, supposing it to be a place? for if you were admitted into the
place called heaven, you would not be a partaker of the state of heaven, and it is the
state of mind and character which is, after all, the essence of the joy. To be in a
heavenly place and not in a heavenly condition would be worse than hell, if worse can
be. 1590.174

CONVERTS, NEW read more quotes relating to salvation

Watch with ceaseless care over those new-born babes who are strong in desires, but
strong in nothing else. CC6

Whether we teach young Christians truth or not, the devil will be sure to teach them
error. CC9

Bad nursing in their spiritual infancy often causes converts to fall into a despondency
from which they never recover, and sin in other cases brings broken bones. ME296

The new converts put fresh blood into the veins of the church. 1092.42

There is a tendency in us, especially when we are commencing the divine life, to
swing either this way towards self-confidence, or that way toward despondency. A
raw recruit thinks himself a fine fellow, and when he finds he is not, he despairs: he
ought to have despaired of himself at first, but in course of time he makes the
mistake of despairing of his God too. 1193.524

You young beginners, you that are bound for the kingdom, but have only lately
started for it, be not amazed if you meet with conflicts. If you very soon meet with
difficulties, be not surprised. Let your trials be evidence to you rather that you are in
the right, than that you are in the wrong way; “for what son is he whom the father
chasteneth not?” 2098.430

It is well that young converts should know that this world is an evil world even to the
man who is saved by grace. You are new; but the world is not. 2301.149

COUNSEL read more quotes relating to family issues

Dear me, what good advice some people can give! Advice is usually given gratis, and
this is very proper, since in most cases that is its full value. 1426.424

I am often asked for advice, but I generally find that people have made up their
minds long before they come to their minister, and only want him to sanction what
they have already settled; and therefore I very seldom give any counsel. 1692.664

Sometimes we follow advice readily, especially when there is something that we like
in the advice. 3164.473

-FOR THE HUSBANDS read more quotes relating to family issues

Happy is the man who is happy in his wife. Let him love her as he loves himself, and
a little better, for she is his better half. PP91

When the king is abroad the queen must reign at home, and when he returns to his
throne he is bound to look upon her as his crown, and prize her above gold and
jewels. PP91

He is kind to himself who is kind to his wife. PT92

Unkind and domineering husbands ought not to pretend to be Christians, for they
act clean contrary to Christ’s commands. PT92

Taking them (wives) for all in all, they are most angelical creatures, and a great deal
too good for half the husbands. PT119

A true wife is her husband’s better half, his lump of delight, his flower of beauty, his
guardian angel, and his heart’s treasure. PT120

His rib is the best bone in his body. PT120

Women are found fault with for often looking into the glass, but that is not so bad a
glass as men drown their senses in. PT122

Say what you will of your wife’s advice, it’s as likely as not you will be sorry you did
not take it. PT129

-FOR THE WIVES read more quotes relating to family issues

She is a wicked wife who drives her husband away by her long tongue. PT94

God save us all from wives who are angels in the streets, saints in the church, and
devils at home. PT95

You are as much serving God in looking after your own children, and training them
up in God’s fear, and minding the house, and making your household a church for
God, as you would be if you had been called to lead an army to battle for the Lord of
hosts. 1214.53

The good housewife is like Sarah, of whom it is written that, when the angels asked
Abraham, “Where is Sarah thy wife?” he answered, “Behold, in the tent.” It would
have been well for some of her descendants had they been “in the tent,” too, for
Dinah’s going forth “to see the daughters of the land” cost her dear. 3007.473

-FOR THE YOUNG read more quotes relating to family issues

Now, to my mind, it seems that a father’s experience is the best evidence that a
young man can have of the truth of anything. GS46

That man is not worth hanging who does not love his mother. PP111

The third of Genesis reveals Ruin; the third of Romans teaches Redemption; the third
of John sets forth Regeneration. Will our young friends be so good as to read those
chapters through with care, at home? TN22

If young men knew the price of sin, even in this life, they would not be so hot to
purchase pleasurable moments at the price of painful years. 983.188

We also forget when we start in the battle of life that there is a great deal in novelty,
and that novelty wears off. 1193.521

Your armour, young man, though it glistens, and in the sunlight looks like burnished
silver, affords you no ground for boasting, for if sin had not made you weak you would
have required no armour whatsoever. 1193.523

Young people, you must pray, for your passions are strong, and your wisdom is little.

Little children sometimes think they are wise, but they know nothing: wisdom is
with their father, not with them. 1733.429

In these days the proud notion is abroad, that our fathers cannot have been so wise
as their highly cultured sons. Yet in the long run, these same youths will alter their
opinions as their years increase. 2014.159

Wild oats are seldom barren. I have known them grow up into a harvest of
unquenchable flames. God has not forgotten your youthful provocation. 2104.501

Young men, especially, are too apt to mistake the great enemy for a friend. 2215.398

Therefore, I charge you, young man or young woman, do not kill the parents who
gave you life, do not disgrace those who brought you up; but I pray you, instead
thereof, seek the God of your father, and the God of your mother, and give yourselves
to the Lord Jesus Christ, and live wholly unto him. 2406.149

Self-confidence is one of the commonest faults of the young; they judge themselves to
be better than their fathers, and capable of great things. Untried strength always
appears to be greater than it is. 3283.5

COUNTERFEITS read more quotes relating to truth

Every precious thing in this world is sure to be counterfeited. 2157.422

COURAGE* read more quotes relating to drive and motivation

The weakest of minds are those which go forward because they are borne along by
the throng; the truly strong are accustomed to stand alone, and are not cast down if
they find themselves in a minority. DG31

Lambs become lions when the Lamb is slain. 1404.162

COVENANTALISM read more quotes relating to doctrine

Oh that the church of God would cast off the old Jewish idea which still has such
force around us, namely, that natural birth brings with it covenant privileges! 1925.569

COVETOUSNESS read more quotes relating to finances/possessions

Of all dust the worst for the eyes is gold dust. PP61

Poverty wants some things, luxury many things, but covetousness wants all things.

Misers never rest till they are put to bed with a shovel: they often get so wretched
that they would hang themselves only they grudge themselves the expense of a rope.

A great American preacher has said, “Covetousness breeds misery. The sight of
houses better than our own, of dress beyond our means, of jewels costlier than we
may wear, of stately equipage, and rare curiosities beyond our reach, these hatch the
viper brood of covetous thoughts; vexing the poor who would be rich; tormenting the
rich who would be richer.” WWi40

Avarice is a raving madness, which seeks to grasp the world in its arms, and yet
despises the plenty it has already. WWi41

Baxter, and those terrible old preachers, used to picture the miser, and the man who
lived only to make gold, in the middle of hell; and they imagined Mammon pouring
melted gold down their throat. WWi41

You say, “That is strange: if I had a little more I should be very well satisfied.” You
make a mistake: if you are not content with what you have, you would not be
satisfied if it were doubled. WWi123

Brethren, I do solemnly believe, that of all hypocrites, those are the persons of whom
there is the least hope whose God is their money. You may reclaim a drunkard; thank
God, we have seen many instances of that; and even a fallen Christian, who has
given way to vice, may loath his lust, and return from it; but I fear me that the cases
in which a man who is cankered with covetousness has ever been saved, are so few,
that they might be written on your fingernail. This is a sin which the world does not
rebuke; the most faithful minister can scarce smite its forehead. God knoweth
what thunders I have launched out against men who are all for this world, and yet
pretend to be Christ’s followers; but yet they always say, “It is not for me.” What I
should call stark naked covetousness, they call prudence, discretion, economy, and so
on; and actions which I would scorn to spit upon, they will do, and think their hands
quite clean after they have done them, and still sit as God’s people sit, and hear as
God’s people hear, and think that after they have sold Christ for paltry gain, they
will go to heaven. O souls, souls, souls, beware, beware, beware, most of all of greed!
It is not money, nor the lack of money, but the love of money which is the root of all
evil. 494.92

St. Francis Sales, who had a great many people come to him to confession, makes
this note, that he had many men and women come to him who confessed all sorts of
most outrageous crimes, but he never had one who confessed covetousness. 499.154

A man cannot wear more than one suit of clothes at a time, after all; and let him do
what he likes, he cannot eat seven dinners in a day, and he cannot enjoy ten times
more than anyone else. 2306.208

Is not the desire for wealth a thing which grows with that it feeds upon, so that, the
more a man has, the more he still wants? 2987.231

You will usually find that the covetous man sees no charm in generosity. He thinks
that the liberal man, if he is not actually a fool, is so near akin to one that he might
very easily be mistaken for one. 3159.410

God has said he will never leave us, and if we have him we possess all things. Who
has need to be covetous when all things are his, and God is his? 3387.8

COWARDICE read more quotes relating to bad character

A weak cause is afraid of even the feeblest adversary. MT20

Do not judge a man by any solitary word or act, for if you do you will surely mistake
him. Cowards are occasionally brave, and the bravest men are sometimes cowards.

Yet cowardice treads upon the heels of boasting: he that thinks he can fight the world
will be the first man to run away. 2034.397

CREATIONISM read more quotes relating to creationism

There is nothing said about long ages of time, but, on the contrary, “the evening and
the morning were the first day”, and “the evening and the morning were the second
day”, and so on. GF32

For our part, we find it far more easy to believe that the Lord made us than that we
were developed by a long chain of natural selections from floating atoms which
fashioned themselves. TD100:3

Here is our world spinning round every day in four-and-twenty hours, and yet it does
not make so much noise as a humming-top, and yonder ponderous worlds rolling in
space in silence track their way. If I enter a factory I hear a deafening din, or I stand
near the village mill, turned by water dropping over a wheel, there is a never ceasing
click-clack, and an undying hum; but God’s great wheels revolve without noise or
friction: all the Divine work is simply, easily, and beautifully managed. 670.27

Survey the nightly heaven and feel how true it is, “An undevout astronomer is mad.”
Galen, the physician, when studying the marvellous fabric of the human body,
declared that he who saw not there the handiwork of God must be devoid of reason. 888.484

The design argument, when brought to bear upon nature, proves the existence of
God. We see in nature clear marks of design, and a design argues a designer. 2036.423

To fly from the difficulties of faith to the impossibilities of unbelief, is a singular
infatuation. I prefer to believe in a personal, intelligent First Cause. 2118.666

Men fail to see the miracle which God is working in every living thing. 3034.173

The order, the regularity, the manifest calculation and design which appear in every
one of the constellations, in every single planet, in every fixed star, and in every part
of the great multitude of worlds which God has created, are such decisive evidences
that, if men do not see something of God in them, they must be weak in their minds
or wicked in their hearts. 3034.173

I might truly say that the whole world was created for Calvary. “Why leap ye, ye
high hills?” That little mound outside Jerusalem’s gate explains your very existence.
The world itself was created that Christ might die on Calvary. This earth was to be a
sort of stage upon which Christ was to take the principal part in the greatest drama
that the whole universe has ever witnessed. 3180.30

I shall not go into further details; but I am sure that he who is acquainted with the
works of God sees at once that the sea is God’s creature, and in its ever-changing
sameness, in its awe-inspiring majesty, in its tremendous force, and unsearchable
mystery, its waves and caverns, its calms and storms, it tells of a hand invisible, a
mind unsearchable. 3291.99

I always open mine (eyes) as wide as ever I can, because I think I can see God in all
the works of his hands, and what God has taken the trouble to make I think I ought
to take the trouble to look at. 3392.70

We talk of going from nature up to nature’s God, but the top of the highest Alps is far
beneath his footstool. We do not get any conceptions of God out of nature worthy of
his august majesty. 3395.105

CRITICISM* read more quotes relating to relationship issues

He who affirms that Christianity makes men miserable, is himself an utter stranger
to it. ME542

What we wish to see we shall see or think we see. Faults are always thick where love
is thin. PT68

A very plain-spoken enemy may do us ten times more service than an indulgent
friend. TN248

Remember, you may get into hell by criticism, but you will never criticise your soul
out of it. 165.5

Dear friend, do not become a fault-finder, it is as bad a trade as a pick-pocket’s. Till
you can do better, hold your tongue! Did you ever know a man or woman whom God
blessed that was perfect? If God were to work by perfect instruments, the
instruments would earn a part of the glory. 1113.299

I think any minister will tell you it is the people who do nothing themselves in a
church that find fault with those who do the work. 1400.115

Brethren, our Lord was no critic. No, among the brotherhood of fault-finders you
never see the Christ of God. When he has to deal with sincere people, he picks no
holes, imputes no motives, and dwells on no mistakes. 1422.378

Brother, if any man thinks ill of you, do not be angry with him; for you are worse
than he thinks you to be. If he charges you falsely on some point, yet be satisfied, for
if he knew you better he might change the accusation, and you would be no gainer by
the correction. If you have your moral portrait painted, and it is ugly, be satisfied;
for it only needs a few blacker touches, and it would be still nearer the truth. 2031.367

Somebody has said a very nasty thing about us. Well, well; we will answer him when
we have got through the work we have at hand, namely, praising God continually. At
present we have a great work to do, and cannot come down to wrangle. Self-love and
its natural irritations die in the blaze of praise. 2048.573

There never was an enterprise started yet but somebody objected to it; and I do not
believe that the best work that Christ himself ever did was beyond criticism; there
were some people who were sure to find some fault with it. 2264.327

One gets by degrees into such a condition that it does not matter what people say.
And, after all, does it ever really matter what they say? 2669.163

Now, recollect, those are always coldest that do not plough, for those that plough get
warm. I have always noticed that the people in a church, who quarrel, are the idle
ones. Those that do nothing always grumble. 2766.81

It is sometimes said that, when a boy is flogged wrongfully, “If he does not deserve it
now, he probably has deserved it at some other time when he has not had it, or he
will deserve it in the future.” So, if a rebuke should come to me wrongfully, I will lay
it by in case I need it at another time. 3037.213

It is very easy to pick holes in other people’s work, but it is far more profitable to do
better work yourself. Is there a fool in all the world that cannot criticise? 3193.182

Those Christian people who do nothing are usually troublesome, for they are at
leisure to find fault with those who are doing their best. 3313.363

CROSS, THE read more quotes relating to Jesus Christ

The hill of comfort is the hill of Calvary; the house of consolation is builded with the
wood of the cross; the temple of heavenly cordials is founded upon the riven rock,
riven by the spear which pierced its side. No scene in sacred history ever gladdens the
soul like the scene on Calvary. Nowhere does the soul ever find such consolation as
on that very spot where misery reigned, where woe triumphed, where agony reached
its climax. 126.153

The cross is the focus of all human history—I was almost going to say it is the
centre of the life of God, if such a thing can be. All the ages meet in Calvary. Jesus is
the central Sun of all events. 786.700

Oh! down, down, down, with everything else, but up, up, up, with the cross of Christ!
Down with your baptism, and your masses, and your sacraments! Down with your
priestcraft, and your rituals, and your liturgies! Down with your fine music, and your
pomp, and your robes, and your garments, and all your ceremonials. But up, up, up,
with the doctrine of the naked cross, and the expiring Saviour. 826.464

O cross, whatever of shame there was about thee shall be wiped out for ever among
the sons of men, for this man shall sit upon the throne of judgment! 1476.305

All historians must confess that the turning point of the race is the cross of Christ. It
would be impossible to fix any other hinge of history. From that moment the power of
evil received its mortal wound. 1708.124

The cross is the standard of victorious grace. It is the light-house whose cheering
ray gleams across the dark waters of despair and cheers the dense midnight of our
fallen race, saving from eternal shipwreck, and piloting into everlasting peace. 1859.501

Nothing provokes the devil like the cross. Modern theology has for its main object the
obscuration of the doctrine of atonement. These modern cuttle-fishes make the
water of life black with their ink. They make out sin to be a trifle, and the
punishment of it to be a temporary business; and thus they degrade the remedy by
underrating the disease. 1896.224

“I came, I saw, I conquered,” is a line which will be quoted to the end of time. Such is
the life of our Lord Jesus, from the cross onward. 1928.602

I wish that our ministry—that mine especially—might be tied and tethered to the
cross. I have no other subject to set before you but Jesus only. 1940.25

Leave out the cross, and you have killed the religion of Jesus. Atonement by the
blood of Jesus is not an arm of Christian truth; it is the heart of it. 1971.375

When you have done your best, and have not succeeded, bring out this last
hammer—the cross of Christ. I have often seen on pieces of cannon, in Latin
words, this inscription, “The last argument of kings.” That is to say, cannons are the
last argument of kings. But the cross is the last argument of God. If a dying Saviour
does not convert you, what will? 2059.702

God made the world without any suffering, but he could not redeem even one soul
without agonies unknown. 2880.195

Beloved, there is a cure for every spiritual disease in the cross. 2281.529

-ENEMIES OF read more quotes relating to Jesus Christ

Mouths that spit on Jesus shall give me no kisses. Those who hate the doctrine of the
atonement hate my life and soul, and I desire not their esteem. 1859.503

This is the old story of speculation against dogmatism. It is always the way: the
adversaries of the cross of Christ assert nothing, but they question everything. 2016.182

The cross rejected is the clearest proof of the heart depraved. 2022.257

CULTURE read more quotes relating to culture

Time impairs all things, the fashion becomes obsolete and passes away. TD102:26

How many of you look around on society to know what to do; you watch the general
current, and then float upon it; you study the popular breeze and shift your sails to
suit it. True men do not so. You ask—Is it fashionable? If it be fashionable, it must be
done. Fashion is the law of multitudes, but it is nothing more than the common
consent of fools. The world has its fashions in religion as well as in dress, and many
of you feel the influence of it. 1229.220

To be abreast of the times is to be an enemy of God. 1749.618

There is toleration for everybody who conforms to the fashion of the day; but no
toleration for anyone who believes that the laws of heaven should regulate life on
earth. 2859.567

Any kind of fashion, which may rule the hour, draws a mad crowd after it. No matter
how absurd or ridiculous the mania, the worshippers of fashion cry, “These be thy
gods, O Israel.” Yes, Satan is marvellously well obeyed by his servants. 3021.20

CURIOSITY read more quotes relating to trials and suffering

Many are a great deal worried by curiousity. I have sometimes wanted to know why
the Lord does this and that with me. Blessed be his name, I am resolved not to
question him any more in that fashion. Somebody prayed the other day that I might
see the reason why the Lord has lately afflicted me. I hope the brother will not pray
that any more, for I do not want to know the Lord’s reasons—why should I? I know
he has done right, and I will not dishonour him by catechising him and wanting him
to explain himself to a poor worm. 1343.155

CURSE, THE read more quotes relating to the law

“As many as are of the works of the law are under the curse,” even as the Shorter
Catechism puts it, “They have lost communion with God, are under his wrath and
curse, and so are made liable to all the miseries of this life, to death itself, and to the
pains of hell for ever.” Dare you sleep to-night under the curse? Will you wake
tomorrow and go forth to your business under the curse? Can you sport, and laugh,
and frolic, under the curse? God grant that we may be sufficiently sensible to be filled
with anguish at the sound of these dreadful words—“under the curse”! 2093.363

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