Spurgeon's Maxims for Living
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The Unknown God

"For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you." Acts 17:23

The Holy Spirit is an unseen, but not unfelt wind; He is as a purifying breeze always stirring and enlivening the believer in Christ. He regenerates, comforts, convicts, teaches, corrects, and glorifies Christ in all things. Follow Charles Spurgeon as he explores the actions, offices, and ministries of the third member of the Trinity, in these, his finest sermons on the subject of THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD.

"Without the Spirit of God we can do nothing; we are as ships without wind, or chariots without steeds; like branches without sap, we are withered; like coals without fire, we are useless; as an offering without the sacrificial flame, we are unaccepted." Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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The Suffering of Man
& The Sovereignty of God
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sermons from the
book of Job
answers the
question of why
Christians suffer.
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