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The Suffering of Man and the Sovereignty of God

"And there came a messenger unto Job..." v. 14
"While he was yet speaking, there came also another..." v. 16
"...there came also another..." v. 17
"...there came also another..." v. 18

With lightning swiftness and unrelenting fury, tragedy after tragedy unleash themselves upon the man who has become the epitome of suffering for all time-Job. But why? For what reason? Follow Charles Spurgeon as he charts God's sovereignty through the bitter waters of human suffering, in these, his finest sermons from the book of Job.

"There are no evidence of being without God, since trials come from God. Job says, 'When He hath tried me.' He sees God in his afflictions. The devil actually wrought the trouble; but the Lord not only permitted it, but He had a design in it. Without the Divine concurrance, none of his afflictions could have happened. It was God that tried Job, and it is God that tries us. No trouble comes to us without Divine permission. All of the dogs of affliction are muzzled until God sets them free." Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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